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Update on the Michelle Obama tape, the airing date and the Imam’s birth dacument on Mr Obama

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

Four things had to be done in order to be sure the Michelle Obama tape is aired and the Imam’s document on Mr Obama is delivered to genuine officials without API experiencing the same problems that has obstructed us every time we have chosen the airing date.:

1. To get reliable MBOs who would not give in to demands from those against the release of the tape.

2. The cleaning of this WordPress site so that our enemies do not use the information on the site to attack API in their efforts to discredit the tape.

3. To get a new website that the enemies will not influence. One website owned and paid for by API.

4. Organize to create a reliable link in a new web site to enable trusted readers to link in andlisten to the tape because of their unwavering support the gave to API when the enemies were busy scaling API down to the ground.

Those readers who have followed what we have been doing in the past 4 days do know that we are almost ready to ring the celebration bell.

The Michelle Obama tape seems to have given hope to many Americans who disagree with Mr Obama. This only makes us in API to be even more determined to release it now that we seem to be overcoming the obstacles that were put before us by our enemies who made sure we were shut down three times., leaving us with no Internet site to release information in connection with the tape

Those who were against the release went a long way to block US, but now it is our turn to be the masters. We are finalising our release plan of the tape and the delivering of Imam’s document to the authorities. API has worked hard for a number of days now in closing all the loopholes so that the tape may come out before or by thanksgiving day if nothing dramatic takes place.

The tape release by the MBOs – the two Media Broadcasting Outlets, one in the US and the otherto focus on the Canadians,chosen will do the airing simultaneously. API will arrange a link in the new website so thatall registeredreaders may link in and listen to the tape a few hours before the public airing by the MBOs.

The Link in our website will be coded in such a manner that it will not be possible to download without a special code. This is done in order to avoid people downloading and sending it around before the MBOs have aired the tape. The coding system is also meant to keep away the detractors who would like to get the information and distort it before it is aired in full.

After the airing of the tape, the coding will be removed so that all the readers will get the opportunity to download it.

The releasedepends on the completion of our new website and we think we are able to complete and have it ready any time from now. Our detractors will not be able to stop us this time, because we have done our homework well.

During the launching of the new website, API will also transfer this WordPress site to the new web site’s host. Our new host supports WordPress and this makes us happy because we will be able to continue using WordPress templates in our new site where we will get the opportunity to have comment box and other necessary templates.

By Chief Editor Korir

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The story of a Kenyan Bishop who predicted Barack Obama election victory

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

  • By Leo Odera Omolo

To many readers, this story could sound like a fiction, but it is indeed a true report about a Kenyan priest who accurately and precisely prophesied the election victory of the US President-elect two years ago.

Bishop, Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede, the head of the powerful church in Kenya made the prediction in August 2006 when the former Illinois Senator visited Kenya. Few people believed him as the time, and even some of his foes described him as a man of seized by pipe dream.

And while addressing a huge congregation outside his ultra-modern Church, located near Nyalenda peri-urban area on the main Kisumu-Nairobi road one afternoon, Bishop Ngede told his audience to the disbelief of many, that he had a dream for them. He had said that God has whispered to him that the then youthful US Senator with the Kenyan family background is destined for much bigger things..

The Bishop earned the wrath of his foes who maintained that his predictions were mere wishful thinking and that an African-American citizen stands no chance of clinching the US presidency in the near future. But the Bishop his ground repeating the same message in his weekly sermons in the church and before huge crowds usually gathering for his open-air crusades.

The prediction came only a few days after Senator Barrack Obama jnr had visited Kisumu City where be and his wife Michelle Obama had gone for an HIV/Aids test and made an extensive tour of his Alego-Kogelo ancestral home. The Bishop was one of the members of the Obama Local Welcome committee.

On the eve of November 3rd and 4th, Bishop Ngede led a team of close to ten Bishops, priests, pastors and clergymen from all denominations of churches who converged at the Kogelo Village home of Mama Sarah Obama, the US President-elect step grand mother and kept night prayers vigil for two consecutive nights until the results of the US Presidential race were announced resulting in Barrack Obama Jnr resounding victory over his rival Sen John MCain.

Highly respected and credited for his spiritual healings, the soft-spoken Kenyan priest said he was looking for funds to enable him and a large number of Kenyan archbishops, bishops, priests and pastors to charter a plane load full of eminent people and high priests from Kenya to attend Obama’s installation ceremony in Washington on January 20,2009.

The Kenyan Bishop had also predicted the election victory of Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga in the highly disputed presidential election results, which resulted in Kenya being engulfed in fire. Following post-election violence between January and March this year. The Bishop still maintains that Raila had won the presidential race against the incumbent President Mwai Kibaki with landslide majority of close to one million votes. But the Prime Minister’s was deliberately robbed of what the Bishop terms as his God’s given victory due to hidden satanic powers of corruption.

He told this writer that his Church headquarters in Kisumu that he was a happy man because all his dreams have come true. He also said that he was very happy that Kenya was now peaceful following the formation of a grand coalition government between the Kibaki’s PNU and Raila Odinga’s ODM parties.

The Bishop predicted that the grand coalition would last until the next election in 2012 despite of some teething problems. We are praying to our Almighty God to bring peace and tranquility and to help our nation heals from the brink of bloody tribal clashes.

Bishop Ngede’s message was that Kenyan politicians should consider themselves a true nationalist and stop preaching destructive parochial and ethnic gospel of hatred. Kenya, he added, is a land of plenty. There is sufficient room for every Kenyan to work hard and prosper. If Kenyans turns to a God-fearing society, which is devoid of political marginalization of those conceived to be political foes. Let our leaders work together. They bshould talks less and work harder; he added.

Born in 1942 at Kawese village in Mayanye sub-location, East Kolwa, Location East Kisumu district, Bishop Ngede took his early education at Kadiju Primary School. He later moved to Rabuor Secondary School.

He joined the then Lonrho East Africa at its subsidiary of Westland Motors as a motor vehicle mechanic and was briefly trained in Tokyo, Japan on how to handle Toyota vehicles. Upon his return he was promoted to supervisory and later joined the management of the same firm.

He and other faithful founded the Power of Jesus Around the world Church in 1964. This is the largest indigenous church with well over 1400 fully paid pastors spread all over East Africa. The church has grown threefold ever since its inception in 1962 attracting thousands of followers in Nyanza and all other parts of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and even to a far field as the DRC Congo

He was made a full church minister in 1977 after a series of training in theology in the US and Canada. He also attended an advance course at the Advance School of Ministry in Sandiego, Califonia He later underwent further studies at Victory BIBLE college International, Canada and later at the Jackson Ville Theology Seminary in Florida, USA.

In April 1995, Bishop Ngede and his other colleague defused what was considered as a volatile and fluid situation pitting the government of the then President Daniel Arap Moi and members of the radical Luo community. It was heading for head-on coalition between the government and the locals when the Bishop brokered for peace.

In the company of the then Nyanza Provincial Commissioner, the group consisting of ArchBishop Mathews Ajuoga of the Church of Africa Anglican Bishop, the Rt. Rev Francis Abiero Mwai and Bishop Joseph Ogutu of St. John Gospel Everlasting Church and others visited Moi at his Kabarak home in Nakuru and discussed wide-ranging issues relevant to peaceful co-existence of all Kenyans.

The visit resulted in the formation of the now defunct Nyanza Church and State Cooperation on Development. This was followed by a series of presidential tours of the hitherto marginalized region. Moi later performed the official opening ceremony of the ultra modern Church of the Power of Jesus Around the World in Kisumu City which was constructed with multimillion dollars..

The Bishop who is very close to the Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga is also credited for having brokered peace between the Prime Minister and the retired President Daniel Arap Moi in 1999 and 2000, which resulted in the brief merger between KANU and the NDP into a coalition government before the 2002 general elections.

Speaking to this writer at the weekend, Bishop Ngede said that Obama victory and his eventual accession to the throne of one of the most powerful nation on earth would benefit Africa. Many American tourists, and others who wished to know the President-elect family background would be streaming into the country, and we must be prepared to expect a big influx. Other African nations also stands to benefit.

Bishop Ngede said he would continue praying for peace and tranquility not only for the US and Kenya, but for the whole world so that the mankind can live in peace and harmony.


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Male Circumscision to stop HIV – Kenya

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

Male Govt launches male cut as HIV preventive measure

Written By:Catherine Achienga

The Ministry of Health has officially launched voluntary male circumcision as part of its comprehensive national HIV prevention strategy.

One billion shillings has been set aside to facilitate acquisition of materials for the programme over the next two years.

Six districts in Nyanza province have been earmarked to kick start the Programme before it is rolled out to other parts of the country.

Years of simultaneous studies carried out in Uganda, South Africa and Kisumu in Kenya proved male circumcision reduces HIV infection in men by 60%.

The findings are endorsed by the World Health Organization.

The ministry of health on Monday took the bull by the horns and officially endorsed voluntary male circumcision to be integrated as part of its existing prevention programmes by giving national guidelines as well as a launching a clinical manual.

However the ministry is quick to caution against the notion that male circumcision is the answer to the rapid spread of HIV.

In addition family health international has received a 1.5 trillion shillings grant from the Bill Gates Foundation to establish a male circumcision consortium over the next 5 years.

The consortium will be charged to conduct further research and training activities on the safest and most effective ways to provide voluntary male circumcision as a preventive measure to HIV. Adoption of male circumcision as a preventive measure will see Kenya make great strides in its war against the epidemic.



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Kenya’s vice President meets UK Parliamentarians

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

Musyoka meets visiting UK legislators

Written By:VPPS,

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka says Kenya will make far reaching Constitutional and Electoral reforms to ensure that democratic space is enshrined in the country for generations to come.

Mr. Musyoka said the country will also implement the Truth and Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) Act to help deal with historical injustices and bring about national cohesion.

The Vice President made the remarks on Monday at parliament buildings when he met a delegation of six British legislators of the House of Lords and Commons led by Mr. Nigel Evans of the Conservative Party.

He said the government understands the plight of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and every effort is being made to source for resources both locally and internationally to help complete the resettlement process.

On taxation of Members of Parliament, the Vice President said he was working with the MPs to come up to a consensus on how to handle the issue of taxation.

The Vice President acknowledged that MPs are currently being taxed on their basic salary of Ksh 200,000 at the rate of Ksh 53,000 per month and the bone of contention was on taxing their additional allowances.

Mr. Evans said the delegation which is in the country for a week visited the IDPs in Naivasha on Sunday.

He said the British Parliamentarians will continue to dialogue with their Kenyan counterparts to strengthen Democracy and Parliamentary reforms.

Speaking when the delegation visited Jikaze Self Help Group Satellite Camp in Maai-Mahiu, Evan said the UK government will continue to support the Kenyan government in ensuring that all IDPs in the country were resettled.

Evans said the British Parliament will continue to highlight the plight of Kenyan IDPs to the International community to ensure their needs are met.

The IDPs have come together and purchased 17 acres of land at Mai Mahiu using Ksh 35,000 given to them by the government.

Naivasha DC Birik Mohamed said the government in conjunction with other stakeholders was working round the clock to address various issues facing the satellite camps such as lack of water, health and other amenities.

The DC said the influx of IDPs from other parts of the country early this year had put a strain on various sectors including education, water and health in the district.

The IDPs through their spokeswoman Christine Ndinda appealed for more assistance to help them rebuild their lives.

Evans was accompanied by fellow parliamentarians Oanagh Sollivan, Mark Oater, Lord Dhalakia and John Sandwich.

Elsewhere, parliament may soon endorse a draft amendment clause in the standing orders of the house to allocate time for the Prime Minister to respond to member’s queries and issue government statements.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga said the bill which when entrenched into the constitution would compel the parliament to devote a 45 minute time frame for the premier make uninterrupted speech would be tabled on the floor of the house in two weeks time.

Odinga informed a press conference attended by a delegation of visiting Members of parliament from United Kingdom that the bill would entrench the premier’s position in the August house since the reintroduction of the post.

He said the grand coalition government was pursuing a reform agenda on institutional framework towards promotion of good governance and democracies to ensure that historical upheavals were addressed.

He assured the delegation led by conservative House of Commons member Nigel Evans that the long awaited new constitution would be realized next year since the constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill was ready for the exercise.

Odinga said the only hurdle dogging the ratification and subsequent implementation of the partly prepared document was the polarity arising over the choice of a parliamentary system and a presidential system of governance.

The premier said prime areas of concerns that needed consensus among the divergent political schools of thoughts were the devolution of power although the issue was partly resolved after the formation of the grand coalition system.

Odinga expressed confidence that the current administration had made remarkable strides in entrenching radical reforms in the land tenure systems adding that recommendations factored in the Kriegler and Waki reports would be fully implemented.

He said the government was “soon setting up a truth and reconciliation commission to address the historical discrepancies and injustices” that have bedeviled the nation to ensure that tenets of democracy and fairness were upheld.



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Obama’s win to boost Kenya’s image: Modi

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

Written By:Claire Wanja/ Rediff India

Caption: Modi observed that Kenya was a safe destination for investment

The victory of Democratic nominee Barack Obama will have its impact on Kenya, feels Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi, who toured Kenya and Ugandalast week, said at a meeting: “Each and every Kenyan feels Obama belongs to them. This simple feeling can generate tremendous energy to the Kenya society to work even harder, boost conference services and the country’s political image. The feeling of being Kenyan now has a high value and can change the country.”

Asserting that Kenya stood to benefit if it “generated these emotions into a powerful force that will provide a breakthrough for development of Kenyan society,” the Gujarat chief minister said that the two countries could work together to boost small-scale industries, infrastructure development, energy, Information and Communications Technology and mineral exploration.

Modi observed that Kenya was a safe destination for investment and that Business Processing Outsourcing was one of the areas it could partner with India.



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