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The deferral of the ICC case against President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto fails to get enough votes at the UN today

Posted by African Press International on November 15, 2013

The United Nations Security Council has rejected the request by the African Union to grant a deferral in order to allow Kenya‘s President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto to give more of their time to the running of the country.

It now remains to be seen what action the AU will take because it had decided that if deferral is not granted, the AU member states may pull out of the Rome Statute that established the International Criminal Court.

During the vote at the Security Council, 8 countries abstained while only 7 voted for the deferral. To win a vote at the UNSC, one requires to get 9 votes and no veto.

Mr Kenyatta’s case is set to start on February the 5th 2014 while Mr Ruto’s case resumes next week on the 21st November 2013.

There are many analysts now who say there is a possibility that Mr Kenyatta may not turn up when his case starts, Those who want him well, however, fear that if he does not meet up the ICC will issue a warrant of arrest, something many say will not be good for the country. These group is encauraging the president to atten the trial.


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Kenya Politics: President Kenyatta – Do not fire Charity Ngilu for the sake of creating a position for Musalia Mudavadi

Posted by African Press International on November 10, 2013

By Korir – API

Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Housing Charity Ngilu has been censured by Parliament and her fate delivered on the hands of President Kenyatta with a demand to show her the door. Many are asking if it is a witch-hunt against the Cabinet Secretary because of land issues that some leaders want to be swept under the carpet of corruption.

If Ngilu’s actions, as pointed out by the Parliamentary Committee, qualify for her sacking, let the president act, but not for the purposes of aiding another politician to grab her present Cabinet position. The President should not forget that Musalia Mudavadi was his competitor during the last Presidential elections. People do not forget when they are defeated. Giving him a cabinet post now is simply digging his own hole that may work against him in 2017 Presidential elections, unless he does not intend to run for the seat when the time comes.

Mudavadi is one of the leaders who has continuously stated that the ICC trials against President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto should continue in the Hague.

Appointing former Deputy Prime Minister, Musalia Mudavadi to the Cabinet in order to win votes in the Bungoma by-election pitting former Cabinet Ministers Musikari Kombo and Moses Watengula  – who just recently lost his Senatorial seat by court order) will amount to appeasing the voters of Bungoma. The court determined that the voting that gave Wetangula the Senate seat on the 4th March elections was fraudulent.

Musalia Mudavadi was Uhuru’s competitor during the March 4th Presidential elections and he lost badly. President Uhuru Kenyatta should be firm on such dirty politics of accommodation of a men and women who were rejected by the voters in their own backyards during the last elections.

Recently, on his tour to Western province, one member of Parliament tried to sway the president by asking him to share with Mudavadi the March 4th cow which he won and slaughtered. The president told the Member of Parliament that the cow belonged to all Kenyans and was not there to be shared between him and Mudavadi.

Responding directly to calls by Western leaders for him to share goodies with UDF leaders since it was a partner in the Jubilee government, President Kenyatta said the “cow” belongs to all Kenyans.

According to the Standard media of Kenya this is the way President Kenyatta responded to calls to give Mudavadi a job: “There is something mheshimiwa (Mumias West MP Johnson Naika) said and I want to correct him. He said I have slaughtered a cow and I should ensure I have shared a piece with my brother. I wish to correct him by saying there is no Uhuru’s cow. The cow is for all Kenyans, 40 million of us. There is no cow for an individual. We need to ensure that the government provides services to all Kenyans irrespective of race, religion, tribe or gender,” he said.

The only way for meaningful success and good politics in the country is for the leaders who lost in the last elections to work together with the chosen leadership until the next elections and if they still want leadership, come back and contest.

Mudavadi and others who lost during the last election should, therefore, support President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President Ruto for now and stop asking for goodies..



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ICC sets a new date for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s trial

Posted by African Press International on October 31, 2013

The International Criminal Court‘s Trial Chamber V(b) has set the trial’s commencement in the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta to February 5th, 2014. The case was to start on the 12th November 2013.

The trial judges noted that the Defence and the Prosecutor were in agreement on postponing the date.

Mr Kenyatta’s defence team had, on 24th October 2013 requested the Chamber to vacate the initial date which was the 12th November 2013. The Prosecution accepted the date saying that certain factual matters that the defence has raised makes sense and merited further investigation.

While postponing the date, the court expressed deep regret that repeated adjournments of the trial delays justice for all parties involved. The court has urged the parties to speed preparations so that no further postponement are necessitated.




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Deputy President William Ruto addressing the Press in Movenpick Hotel – The Hague, Netherlands on 15th Oct. 2013

Posted by African Press International on October 15, 2013

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto held a press conference today in Movenpick Hotel, Hague where he emphasised that he and President Kenyatta needed to be given time to run the country and hopes the court understands their constitutional obligations.

Mr Ruto told the media that if the court accepts their request not to be present in court at all times during the trial, then they will not see any reason to pursue the request to the United Nations where they want a deferral – having the case suspended until they are out of office.

, The Kenyans meeting Deputy President William Ruto and Journalist Arap Sang at the ICC, the Hague on the 15th of October 2013 at the end of the day’s trial.

The day went on smoothly with the 3rd witness struggling to explain herself when taken to task by Ruto’s lawyer who started her cross-examination.



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Nairobi: President Kenyatta addressing the Nation says the siege has ended, declares 3 days of mourning

Posted by African Press International on September 25, 2013

Westgate Mall siege has ended. Many People lost their lives. President Kenyatta addresses the Nation and declares 3 days of mourning.


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Journey from the ‘Ocampo Six’ to ‘Bensouda Three’: ICC Kenya case set to begin on the 10th September 2013:

Posted by African Press International on September 4, 2013

The case starts on September 10th, this year against Mr Ruto and Mr Sang. This will be forllowed by Mr Kenyatta’s case in November starting on the 12th.

Many say the journey from Ocampo six to Bensouda three has been hard and bumpy. Some witnesses have chosen to withdraw leaving the prosecution in problems of looking for new witnesses as replacement. When Muthaura’s case was being considered, it turned out that the strongest witness against him had decided to withdraw leaving the prosecution no choice but to withdraw the case.



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Kenya case: President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Trial is scheduled to commence on 12 November 2013

Posted by African Press International on June 20, 2013

Situation: The Republic of Kenya

Case: The Prosecutor v. Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Today, 20 June 2013, Trial Chamber V(B) of the International Criminal Court (ICC) set the new date of for the commencement of the trial of Mr Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. The trial is now scheduled to commence on 12 November 2013.

On 26 April 2013, the Trial Chamber determined that the Defence should be gr= anted additional time to prepare for trial due to the delays by the Prosecution in disclosing its evidence. The Trial Chamber invited the Defence to submit observations as to the estimated time it needed to adequately prepare fo= r trial. After receiving these observations, and responses from the Prosecution and the Legal Representative of Victims, the Judges decided to formally vacate the 9 July 2013 date scheduled for the trial’s opening. The new date was set taking into account the Defence’s need for adequate time to prepare its case as well as scheduling and logistical considerations.

Mr Kenyatta is charged, as an indirect co-perpetrator, with five counts of c= rimes against humanity consisting of murder, deportation or forcible transfer, rape, persecution and other inhumane acts allegedly committed during the post-election violence in Kenya in 2007-2008.


source: ICC


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President Kenyatta holds talks with Egyptian President in Addis Ababa , May 26, 2013

Posted by African Press International on May 27, 2013


President Uhuru Kenyatta meets Egyptian President Mohammed Mosi on the sidelines of the African Union (AU)summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.




 Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Mohammed Morsi of Egypt have today committed to consult and work closely in matters of mutual interest both at the continental and global arena.

Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Mohammed Morsi of Egypt have today committed to consult and work closely in matters of mutual interest both at the continental and global arena.

At a meeting on the sidelines of the African Union (AU) summit, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the two leaders stressed the need for Africa to speak in one voice and look for African solutions to challenges facing the continent.

On economic issues, the two leaders agreed to strengthen existing bilateral cooperation with a view to boost trade and investment between the two countries within the framework of COMESA and the African Union.

The two leaders in particular noted the need to enhance cooperation in tourism which is a major source of foreign exchange for the two countries.

Noting that Egypt is a key tourism destination attracting millions of visitors each year, President Kenyatta expressed confidence that Kenya would benefit from close cooperation with Egypt.

President Morsi said his Government was supportive of Kenya’s peace initiatives and hailed Kenya for the frontline role it has continued to play in search for lasting peace in the Horn of Africa region especially in Somalia.

President Kenyatta also held talks with the President of Malawi Joyce Banda and Ghanaian President John Mahama.

During the meeting with President Banda the two leaders hailed the cordial relations between Malawi and Kenya and explored ways of strengthening relations between the two countries for the mutual benefit of their people.

Noting the two countries shared common interests within the COMESA and the Great Lakes Region, the two leaders agreed to work together to promote African unity, peace and development.

President Kenyatta and President Mahama also discussed ways of strengthening the two countries’ economic, social and political cooperation noting that the two nations shared a common history and had a lot to learn from each other.



source StateHse.


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President Uhuru Kenyatta speech at the AU Summit {FULL VIDEO}

Posted by African Press International on May 25, 2013

AU headquarters; Ethiopia – Addis Ababa

President Kenyatta of Kenya speaking at the African Union Summit. His father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was one of the founding fathers of the Union 50 years ago.



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Kenya: MPs urged not focus on salary increment at the expense of service delivery

Posted by African Press International on May 19, 2013

President Uhuru Kenyatta has appealed to Members of Parliament not push for salary increment at the expense of serving Kenyans.

President Kenyatta said once the Members of Parliament deliver their pledges and the economy grows by double digits, Kenyans will have no problem paying them the salaries they want.

“We all made pledges to the people of Kenya and we should work together irrespective of party affiliation to deliver on those promises including growing our economy by double digits,” the President said.

The Head of State was speaking today when he presided over this year’s Chairman’s Prize Tournament at the Nyeri Golf Club in Nyeri town.

On sports, President Kenyatta reassured of this Government’s commitment to develop sports facilities across the country as a way of promoting sports.

Noting that sports are a major source of income and are employing thousands of people worldwide, President Kenyatta said his Government
intends to build a vibrant sports industry in which the country’s young people can earn a decent living.

“Indeed, players who excel in various sports are some of the best paid professionals whom you will find anywhere in the world,” President
Kenyatta said.

The President added: “As we seek to promote sports in the country, we must bear in mind that golf, and indeed other sports disciplines, are no longer
mere social events for recreation and entertainment.”

President Kenyatta called on Kenyans, particularly the youth, to embrace sports including golf both as a means of maintaining fitness and good
health as well as a source of income.

Saying one of Jubilee Coalition’s pledges was development of five modern medium-size stadia in selected regional headquarters in the country, the
President reiterated that his Government is fully committed to fulfilling that and other pledges made to Kenyans.

Towards this end, President Kenyatta said his Government is already in the process of finding ways and means of improving the general sports
infrastructure in the country.

“We will do this in the full realization that excellence in sports cannot be achieved without proper infrastructure and equipment,” President
Kenyatta said.

He, therefore, said his Government will be seeking resources and engaging all stakeholders with a view to ensuring that the country’s aspirations as
a sporting nation are realized.

On the proposal to develop a public golf course in which members of the public who cannot afford the membership of golf clubs can play, the
President said that relevant plans and arrangements toward the development of the facility within Kasarani International Sports Centre have been

He assured Kenyans that his Government will expedite the necessary measures to ensure the public golf course becomes a reality.

In this connection, President Kenyatta fully supported the reclaiming of land that may have been grabbed and that was originally intended for
development of sports facilities.

Noting that the Government cannot single-handedly raise the resources needed to put in place the requisite sports infrastructure, the President called on corporate organizations to join the Government in the development of sports facilities in the country.

President Kenyatta, at the same time, challenged sports managers in the country to ensure the country’s reputation in athletics is replicated in
other sporting disciplines.

In particular, the President said there was urgent need to streamline the management of football which is the most popular sport in the country.

“We must improve the standards of soccer in the country so that our football teams can excel in the region, in the continent and beyond,” the
President said.

The Head of State added that there was also need to get people to enjoy football made in Kenya rather than just watching the English league.

Similarly, the President said the standards of other sports also need to be raised including reclaiming the country’s lost glory in boxing, saying
additional support should be provided to the national rugby team that is making good gains internationally.

Said the President: “As we do this, we must not lose sight of the need to encourage and motivate our athletes in order to sustain our reputation as
the home of the world’s best athletes.”

Appreciating that the Chairman’s Prize tournament has been running annually since 1929, the President observed that the tournament is one of
the longest running sports championships in the country.

He pledged to continue supporting Nyeri Golf Club and thanked its members for supporting him to become the Head of State.

The President also took the opportunity to congratulate all elected leaders and urged them to deliver the pledges they made to the people of

Sports, Culture and Arts Cabinet Secretary Mr. Hassan Wario called upon sports federations in the country to put structures in place that will
ensure sporting talent is tapped and nurtured appropriately.

On his part, Nyeri County Governor Nderitu Gachagwa commended President Kenyatta for appointing to Cabinet technocrats with impressive track
records of performance, saying there was no doubt they will succeed in driving the economy to double digits growth rate over the next five years.



Source. statehouse


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Labour Day celebrations held in Nairobi attended by President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto

Posted by African Press International on May 2, 2013

Labour Day Celebrations in Kenya grazed by Hon Kenyatta and Hon Ruto. The two leaders, President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto were in a jovial mood. This was their first 1.May Labour day celebrations as President and deputy president respectively.

They watched parades performed by workers from various unions passing the dias. The president, in his speech to the workers raised minimum wages by 14 percent.


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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret enjoying themsleves at the Drama Festivals in State House Mombasa

Posted by African Press International on April 28, 2013

Finalists in 2013 Kenya drama festivals entertaining President Kenyatta and the first lady Margaret Kenyatta in Mombasa State House yesterday Saturday the 27th.April

Meet the narrator himself and listen to his personal story.

The young form two secondary school students impressed the President with his narrative as it touched on devolution message that the Jubilee manifesto has given priority.


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President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto has nominated cabinet secretaries

Posted by African Press International on April 25, 2013

< President Kenyatta with Amb. Raychelle Omamo

Kenya‘s President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto has nominated members of his cabinet. Those nominated now wait for vetting by Parliament.

The Kenyatta – Ruto government will have 18 ministries including two that fall under the offices of the president and the deputy president.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will be in-charge of the National Government while Deputy President William Ruto will be in-charge of the Devolved units. The two men are determined to have a lean government. The constitution allows the appointment of not less than 14 and not more tan 22 cabinet secretaries but they opted to have 18. This is avery good sign of things to come because by reducing the number to 18, they are thinking economics – the burden to the tax payer.

Here below are the nominees as cabinet secretaries:

  • Fred Matiang’i (Information, Communication and Technology)
  • Henry K. Rotich (The National Treasury)
  • James Wainaina Macharia (Health)
  • Amb Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs)
  • Adan Mohammed (Industrialisation)
  • Ann Waiguru (Devolution and Planning)
  • Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum)
  • Amb Raychelle Omamo (Defence)
  • Eng Michael Kamau (Transport and Infrastructure)
  • Phyllis Chepkosgey (East African affairs, Commerce and Tourism)
  • Prof Jacob Kaimenyi (Education)
  • Felix Kosgey (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries)
  • Prof Judy Wakhungu (Environment Water and Natural Resources)
  • Dr Hassan Wario (Sports, Culture and Arts)
  • Najib Balala (Mining)
  • Charity Ngilu (Lands, Housing and Urban Development)
  • Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services (Vacant)
  • Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government (Vacant)

Profiles of Kenya’s Cabinet Secretaries Nominees

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have today unveiled twelve more cabinet secretaries nominees to bring the number to sixteen out of the eighteen who will make up the new cabinet.Here are the 16 Cabinet Secretaries Nominees Amb Raychelle Omamo (Defence) Amb Raychelle Omamo (Defence)

Amb. Rachel Awuor Omamo, Ministry of Defence

Studied Law at the University of Kent at Canterbury in the UK.
Senior Counsel, has been an Advocate of the High Court of 27 years standing.

She was the First Woman Chairperson of the Law Society of Kenya
First woman Ambassador of Kenya to France, Portugal, The Holy See and the Republic of Serbia and Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Kenya to UNESCO.

Rayechelle has made substantial contribution to the advancement of the rule of law in Kenya and to the development of legislation and policy, for example:

Member of the Task Force on the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Kenya;

Member of the Task Force on the Review of Landlord and Tenant Legislation;
Assisting Counsel to the Ndungu Commission:

She was the Jurist of the Year 2002. Adan Mohammed (Industrialisation) Adan Mohammed (Industrialisation)

Adan Mohammed – Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development

Born December 1963 in Mandera.

Adan has worked for Barclays Bank for over 15 years in different parts of the world.  He has been the CEO of Barclays Kenya for a period of 10 years that has seen the Bank grow from strength to strength.  In recognition of his contribution, Barclays Group recently promoted him to the role of Chief Administrative Officer with responsibilities for 10 countries in Africa.

Prior to Barclays, he worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for a period of 7 years in London where he trained as a Chartered Accountant.
An MBA graduate of Harvard Business School in the US, Adan is also a First Class Bcomm degree graduate from the University of Nairobi.

Adan is married to Nafisa and has 5 children. Ann Waiguru (Devolution and Planning) Ann Waiguru (Devolution and Planning)

Anne Waiguru – Ministry of Devolution and Planning

Ms Anne Waiguru has an academic background and experience in economic and public policy. She holds a Masters degree in Economic Policy from the University of Nairobi, and, has specialized experience in public finance, financial management systems, public service reform and capacity building, and, governance.

Ms Waiguru is the Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS), and, Head of Governance at the National Treasury.  She served briefly as a Senior Public Sector Manager/ Assistant Vice President, at Citigroup NA. Previously, Ms. Waiguru served as a Technical Advisor in the Cabinet Office, Office of the President. This position was initially seconded by the World Bank (DC).

In the last two years, Ms Waiguru has led her IFMIS team at the National Treasury to win three Awards for exemplary performance in the Public Service. She was also nominated two years ago, as one of the Top 40 Under 40 women in the country, the only nominee at the time from the Public service.

Ms. Waiguru has been published, and has served as the Alternate to the Permanent Secretary/National Treasury in the Public Procurement oversight Authority Advisory Board, and, the Women Enterprise Fund Board. Ms Waiguru is a proud mother of three sons, Ian, Don and Wabu aged seventeen (17), fourteen (14) and nine (9) respectively. Dr Hassan Wario (Sports, Culture and Arts) Dr Hassan Wario (Sports, Culture and Arts)

Dr. Hassan Wario – Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts

He is a Honorary Fellow of the International College of Dentists.

Previously has held several key positions such as:

President of the Commonwealth Dental Association
Head of the National Dental Unit at the Kenyatta National Hospital Felix Kosgey (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) Felix Kosgey (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries)

Felix Kiptarus Kosgey – Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

Mr. Koskei was born in 1964.  He joined University of Nairobi in 1987 and graduated with BSC Honours Degree in 1990. He did his MBA in Strategic Management in 2003 at the University of Nairobi.

He joined Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation in 1990.  In 2007 he joined Kenya Civil Aviation Authority as Manager Procurement where he served for 2 years.  In 2009, he joined Kenya National Highways Authority and rose through the ranks to become General Manager, Supply Chain and Support Services.

He has undertaken professional courses in Supply Chain Management offered by Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply having completed his graduate diploma.

He is trained in Road Asset Management Systems and Strategic Level Planning by University of Brunswick, Canada.  He also trained in Implementing successful and Effective Public Private Partnerships in University of Botswana.

He is married to Margaret and has 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls. Eng Michael Kamau (Transport and Infrastructure) Eng Michael Kamau (Transport and Infrastructure)

Eng. Michael S. Kamau – Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Born in 1958.  He is married with two children and has been in the Civil Service since 1981.  He was seconded to Moi University in Eldoret for seven years between 1990 – 1998.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Nairobi, Master of Science in Engineering from the University of New Castle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.
He has received extensive training in the field of engineering and management both locally and internationally.

His is registered as a Professional Consulting Engineer by Engineers Board of Kenya.  He is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya and also a fellow of the Kenya Institute of Management.  He is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

He has been a Permanent Secretary since October, 2007 and a key architect in the infrastructure upgrade in the last 10 years. Prof Judy Wakhungu (Environment Water and Natural Resources) Prof Judy Wakhungu (Environment Water and Natural Resources)

Prof. Judy Wangalwa Wakhungu – Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Holder of a PHD in Energy Resources Management.  She is currently the Executive Director of the African Centre for Technology Studies.

She is also Energy Advisor to the Energy Sector Management Program of World Bank and Advisor at the Legatum Centre at MIT.

She is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Management of Social Transformation Programme. Najib Balala (Mining) Najib Balala (Mining)

Najib Balala – Ministry of Mining

Born 20th September 1967.

He served in four (4) Ministries and best was Ministry of Tourism. He was elected President of UNWTO.  Was best Minister of Tourism in Africa by the African Investor.
He has Experience in Private Business.

He attended a leadership course at JF Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and also a course in Urban Management at the University of Toronto.

He served as Member of Parliament for Mvita for 10 years.  He is married to Najaah and have four (4) children – 2 girls, 2 boys. Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum) Davis Chirchir (Energy and Petroleum)

Davis Chirchir – Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

Mr.Chirchir has a depth of experience in project development, management and execution and is skilled in strategic analysis and financial management.

He previously served as a Commissioner at the Interim Independent Electoral Commission.
Previously General Manager at Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation he coordinated the restructuring of KPTC to create Telkom Kenya, Communication Commission of Kenya, Postal Corporation of Kenya and staff Pension Fund.

He also coordinated the privatization of Telkom Kenya and establishment of Safaricom.
Mr. Chirchir holds a Masters of Business Administration in International Management from Royal Holloway School of Management, University of London and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Physics from the University of Nairobi.

He is 53 years and married with four children. Phyllis Chepkosgey (East African affairs, Commerce and Tourism) Phyllis Chepkosgey (East African affairs, Commerce and Tourism)

Phillis Jepkosgey Kandie – Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism

Mrs. Kandie was born in Eldama Ravine, Baringo County 48 years ago. 
In 1986, she joined St. Mary’s University, Canada for her undergraduate where she attained a B.Com (Economics) Degree.  She then proceeded to Middlesex University, United Kingdom in 1991 and Durham University, UK for her MBA and further training.

She is married to Ambassador Julius Kandie and blessed with two children, Lawrence and Simon.
She is an investment banker and is currently engaged as a Director, Investment Advisory Services at Standard Investment Bank.  She has also served as a regulator within the Capital Markets, energy and agricultural sector.

Previously, she was a Business Advisory Consultant for the SME sector having consulted for the World Bank and European Union.

She has served in several Boards including the Kenya Revenue Authority. Charity Ngilu (Lands, Housing and Urban Development) Charity Ngilu (Lands, Housing and Urban Development)

Charity Ngilu – Ministry of Lands and Urban Development

Born in Machakos District in 1952

Worked for the Central Bank of Kenya and Chase Manhattan for 10 years
Managed family businesses for 8 years.

Served as a Member of Parliament for Kitui Central Constituency for 20 years
Served as Minister of Water, Irrigation where under her leadership increased the number of people accessing safe clean water from 17 million to 24 million in 5 years.

Served as a Minister of Health, where under her leadership patients living with AIDS accessed drugs, reduced malaria infection, reduced infant and maternal mortality
Holds a BA in Leadership & Management.

Married to late Eng Michael Ngilu
Has three (3) children Henry K. Rotich (The National Treasury) Henry K. Rotich (The National Treasury)

Henry K Rotich, Ministry of National Treasury 
Age: 44  Married with two sons.

  • Holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University.
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from University of Nairobi and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics (First Class Honors) from the same University.
  • Served at the Central Bank of Kenya, since 1994.
  • Head of Macroeconomics at the Treasury, Ministry of Finance, since March, 2006.
  • Work as an economist for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Nairobi.
  • Consulted as a short-term macroeconomic expert in the region – in Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda with the IMF’s East AFRITAC (in Tanzania) and Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute (MEFMI) in Zimbabwe.
  • Part of designers of macroeconomic convergence criteria of the proposed East African Monetary Union Fred Matiang’i (Information, Communication and Technology) Fred Matiang’i (Information, Communication and Technology)

Dr Fred Matiang’i Okengo, Ministry of Information Communication and Technology. 
Born in Borabu Married and has two children 

  • Taught at Egerton University and the University of Nairobi.
  • Consulted previously for among others the World Bank, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the United Nations Development Programme.
  • Immediate former Country Director of the Kenya Parliamentary Support Programme.
  • Leaving his current position as the Eastern Africa regional Representative for the Centre for International Development, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, the State University of New York. James Wainaina Macharia (Health) James Wainaina Macharia (Health)

James Wainaina Macharia, Health 
Age: 53 Married with two children 

  • Top in class for both “O” levels and “A” Levels (Kagumo High School, Nyeri).
  • Attained Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) University of Nairobi – 1983
  • Selected by Deloitte & Touche to train as a Chartered Accountant in London, UK.
  • Qualified CPA(K).
  • Holds MBA Degree from Henley Management College, UK.
  • Joined Standard Chartered Bank in 1989, rising to become Financial Controller in 1994.
  • Worked in Zambia as Managing Director, African Banking Corporation, and later transferred to Tanzania in the same position.
  • Group Managing Director with NIC Bank from 2005 to-date Amb Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs) Amb Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs)

Amb. Amina Mohammed, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Married to Mr. Ahmed and has two children.

  • Lawyer and diplomat by profession and has served in the public service since 1985.
  • Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme at Nairobi.
  • Former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.
  • Former Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations at Geneva.
  • Served in the Ministries of Local Government, Foreign Affairs and Justice. Prof Jacob Kaimenyi (Education) Prof Jacob Kaimenyi (Education)

Prof Jacob Kaimenyi (Education)

Prof. Kaimenyi was born in 1952. He is married with 5 children.He holds a PHD in Dentistry from the University of Nairobi. He isthe first inaugurated full professor of PERIODONTOLOGY at theUniversity of Nairobi.He is currently:a)Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs at theUniversity of Nairobi.b)A Member of the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Boardc)A trustee of Regina Pacis University College – A constituentCollege of the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF EASTERN AFRICA.He is a Honorary Fellow of the International College of Dentists.Previously has held several key positions such as:

President of the Commonwealth Dental Association
Head of the National Dental Unit at the KenyattaNational HospitalNominee for Cabinet Secretary, Education.

Other Appointments are;

1. Francis Kimemia – Secretary to the Cabinet

2. Lwarence Lenayapa – Comptroller of State House

The president has said that the two remaining ministries – the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services – will be filled in the due course. 


Source PPS


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President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled his government structure yesterday – Appointment of Cabinet Secretaries to follow

Posted by African Press International on April 19, 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta takes oath of office as Kenya's fourth president on April 9, 2013. Photo/AFP

Uhuru Kenyatta taking oath of office on the 9th of April 2013  as Kenya’s fourth president.

President Kenyatta yesterday unveiled his government structure reducing the number of ministries from 44 to 18.

To manage the restructuring, the president some was forced to put together some of the ministries that was created by the former government.

During former President Kibaki‘s second term in office, the Grand coalition expanded the number of ministries to create room for cronies and party loyalist as a result of 2007-2008 post election violence. The violence erupted and more that 1000 people were killed when Raila Odinga refused to concede defeat forcing the formation of a coalition that saw him get the premiership under President Kibaki. This time around Raila Odinga did the same – refused to concede and instead went to the Spreme Court in his effort to unseat the New President Uhurur Kenyatta. He lost the petition and Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the Fourth President of  Kenya.

Here is a summary of the Ministries created by the President and his deputy:


  1. Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.
  2. Ministry of Devolution and Planning.
  3. Defence
  4. Foreign Affairs
  5. Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology
  6. The National Treasury
  7. Health
  8. Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure
  9. Environment, Water and Natural Resource
  10. Land, Housing and Urban Development
  11. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  12. Sports, Culture and the Arts
  13. Labour, Social Security and Services
  14. Energy and Petroleum
  15. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries under which are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock and Department of Fisheries
  16. Industrialization and Enterprise Development
  17. Commerce and Tourism which has the Department of Commerce and Department of Tourism
  18. Mining

While unveiling the structure, in a press statement, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the lean government structure of 18 ministries will be effective.

“In exercise of the authority vested in him by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and in conformity with the expectations of a lean and effective structure, President Kenyatta officially released the list of ministries and state departments that will form the National Executive,” read the statement.

It is reported that under the Presidency, there will be the Executive Office of the President and Deputy President with two ministries that include the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

Other ministries include Defence; Foreign Affairs; Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology; The National Treasury; Health; Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure; Environment, Water and Natural Resource; Land and Housing and Urban Development. This structure will also contain the Office of the Department of Justice and Attorney General.

The Kenyans now wait to se who will be named to head the ministries. The Cabinet secretaries will reflect the face of Kenya. Minority groups will be catered for as promised by the prsident during his inauguration.




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Reports that ICC’s Bensouda wants to use Satellite images in President Kenyatta’s, and Deputy President Ruto’s case is abuse of the court process in the highest order

Posted by African Press International on April 15, 2013

It is fair to say the International Criminal Court does not have evidence against the recent democratically elected Kenya leaders, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto. This writer was at the ICC during the Confirmation of charges hearing and heard and saw what was happening.  We have said all along that the cases against the Kenyans should not have been confirmed and it seems the prosecution‘s pride is what matters here and being used to destabilise Kenya.

It is not late for the prosecution to withdraw the cases and let President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto, go about the business of running the country and Mr Sang to be in the comfort of his job as a Radio broadcaster.

When the court proceedings ended in 2011 during the confirmation of charges hearing, I had the opportunity to speak with one of the senior prosecutors in the Hague and she made it clear to me that the case against all the 6 Kenyans (before the 2 were acquitted) was a very weak one and further stated that if the courts proceeded with the cases, there was definitely going to be a hic-up one way or another in the months to come.

This has already happened. The two Kenyans, Mr Henry Koskey and former Police commissioner Ali were freed due to lack of evidence.

Recently, Mr Francis Muthaura‘s case fell due to witness number 4, a man who was promised comfort by those who induced him to give false evidence.

In the case of Kenyatta and Ruto, we see witnesses pulling out one by one. Those still on the prosecution’s list as witnesses will also pull out before the start or the end of the cases, because they are realising that their lies will be punished by God. Their continued stay as witnesses when they know only too well that they are lying and their lies may lock up innocent Kenyan leaders for many years, is tormenting their hearts and they should come out and admit their mistakes so that Kenya may move forward.

That is why we later published this story:  Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are being persecuted: Information to be made public in the next few months will clear them

It is sad that the case is still on due to prestigious behaviour of those handling it in the prosecution side.

The court should be able to see the facts, now that the prosecution intends to use satellite images which will not do any good to the cases because one will only see images of rowdy youth fighting one another, a move that does not place President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto in bad light at all and the prosecution knows this, only that they want to use the images to influence the court against Kenyatta and Ruto.

Resorting to the use of images is an indication of lack of genuine witnesses and evidence that can tie the Kenyan leaders to the crime. The case should be dismissed as soon as possible.

It is sad that Kenyan lives were lost during that post-election violence. The government should take the responsibility and pay compensation to the victims as a gesture of good will in order to enable the people of Kenya to fully reconcile and close the chapter of pain once and for all and move on as one people. This is possible with the new constitution and the newly elected leadership in the Counties and Nationally.


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