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Kenya: A battle for Bungoma Senatorial seat – By-election December 2013

Posted by African Press International on December 4, 2013


The Search for votes  by Candidates  in the ongoing  campaign  in the Bungoma  County Senatorial  seat  by-election slated  for   December 19  have reached fever  pitch even before the  official campaign period  by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries  Commission – IEBC  begins in earnest.

It is  not therefore  surprising that  political  observers and   pundits  have been  filing diverse  reports about  the by-election which  is slated to be one of the most grueling  political fights  ever to be witnessed in Bungoma County in  recent years.  While there are  four candidates   cleared by IEBC to  contest, there is no question that the real fight in this  race  will be  between  the former immediate Senator  Moses Masika   Wetang’ula   of Ford Kenya in the  Cord Coalition  and Musikari Nazi Kombo  of New Ford Kenya  in the Amani Coalition.

At the outset, this  titanic  battle   started much earlier  than the  real election  fight  because  when   Justice Francis Gikonyo of the High Court  sitting in Bungoma nullified Wetang’ula ‘s  election  word went around that Wetang’ula  had committed  and Election  offence of  bribery hence  would be  barred  from  participating  in the by-election.

But it turned water under the  bridge as the same  judge  later  clarified     his ruling, that  he   had not  barred  anyone. Unfortunately  Musikari Kombo and his supporters  got so excited  that they seemed to have been carried away by  the initial decision  of the court following which  they made all and sundry here in Bungoma   believe that Wetang’ula    would  not be  on the ballot  after all  and that  Kombo was set for  a  landslide  field day  and victory  against  former Bumula Mp Bifwoli Wakoli and  Journalist David Makali.

Bungoma political reviewers argue that, the by-election will not be between Kombo and Wetangula. It will be far much bigger than the two. It is likely to pit former PM Raila Odinga and his CORD brigade, against President Uhuru’s Jubilee. CORD shall be fighting two wars, to return the only CORD principal and CORD’s leader of Minority in the senate, and to confirm its firm hold on Western Kenya. Jubilee on the other hand shall seek to cement its upper house ‘tyranny of numbers’ and to prove to CORD that it is pulling the rug from right under its feet in Western.

The general  perception and   consensus   among   majority of the voting Public  in  the County  is that Moses Wetang’ula   is   a victim of vendetta   by the Jubilee Government which has always viewed  him   with suspicion particularly because of  his sometime  hard and uncompromising stance on  a number  of  issues in Governance, land  matters and most of all and  his surprise move to   join   Raila  Odinga and  Kalonzo’s  Cord Coalition in the runner-up to the   2013  General Elections.

The two main contenders , Moses Masika  Wetang’ula  and Musikari Nazi Kombo   have been holding  meetings  and caucuses  to drum up support  for their candidature   in different parts  of the County, but the measure  of what kind and level of support or following  that they are likely  to get from  voters was demonstrated on the subsequent  days when the candidates presented their  nomination papers to the IEBC  and thereafter  addressed Public rallies  at the legendary Posta grounds  in Bungoma.

Kombo was the first one to present his papers after which he addressed a poorly attended public rally at the grounds where  apart from   motor cycle boda boda  riders  who escorted him the whole way from Webuye, and  a trickle  of by standers  he was  accompanied by two members of Parliament, Bungoma Woment Representative Reginalda Wanyonyi and Webuye East Mp Eng. Alfred Wekesa Sambu plus NFK  County Representatives. It was however surprising that  Mps from Kombo’s New Ford Kenya Party skipped the event and have been lukewarm  in their expected support for Kombo whose campaign is being spearheaded by their own  NFK Party Leader Eugene Wamalwa.

Wetang’ula  on his part presented his papers  the following day after Kombo’s  presentation  and immediately thereafter  convened  a well  attended  mammoth  public rally at the Posta Grounds which was  graced  by his co- principals  in Cord Coalition, Raila  Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka  and attended by eight Senators, Twenty Five Members of Parliament and  over Sixty County Representatives drawn from across  the political divide, the region  and  the Nation at large.

Commenting on the  massive attendance and speeches  made at the Posta Grounds Rally by local and visiting politicians, Professor Charles  Kibanani Ngome  of  Masinde Muliro  University  of Science and Technology in Kakamega said that there was no doubt that Wetang’ula   had an upper  hand  and  early head start arising from the apparent mishandling of the Election  petition  filed  against him by  Kombo .

In  the meetings and caucuses, the candidates have been targeting key voter rich constituencies  and  minorities  with hope that these groups  will tilt the scales particularly  against  opponents who are  seen to command massive following  of the predominant Bukusu Luhya sub-tribe.

Webuye East Mp Alfred Sambu and Kombo   has spent a lot of time  persuading  the Tachoni,  a large non-Bukusu  Luhya sub-tribe to rally behind his candidature, but the Tachoni   Elders  led by their Chairman  Wasilwa Wasike   said  that they are against the decision by their MP   to support Kombo  when the issues that have always affected the tachoni have been completely ignored by Kombo.

In a recent meeting in Webuye,NFK leader Eugene Wamalwa said that as the party leader, what he is interested in is to see NFK reclaim the seat, which he said it won, but was denied through electoral fraud. “We are aware CORD campaigns will be about pure propaganda, painting NFK as a Jubilee project, and we are ready for it. The people of Bungoma should know the by-election would be about reclaiming an NFK win that was stolen in the March 4 general elections through fraud. It will be a contest between NFK and Ford Kenya and people should stop hiding behind larger coalitions,” said Wamalwa.

Political observers aver that the contest between Kombo and Wetang’ula, if it comes to be, may go down in history as the toughest and most bruising political battles in Luhya-land since independence.

In a recent political rally at Bungoma posta ground,CORD  leaders came out to paint Jubilee as a coalition that has no interest  to Western people, after locking out the region in major political appointments through what some leaders from the region now refer to as “politics of exclusion”.

There has been some disquiet among the western region people who the Jubilee administration has sidelined the community when it comes to appointments to various senior public offices on   appointment of Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries to parastatal heads and even diplomats, there is a feeling that Jubilee gave the Luhya community a raw deal, perhaps in punishment for the minimal support the coalition got in the last elections.

But recently Webuye East Mp Alfred Sambu in a meeting stated that  President Uhuru  is committed   in reviving the long dead Webuye panpaper mills. This is likely to cause jitters among CORD top brass.

Analysist aver now it is a ripe time for the government  to dangle carrots and throw goodies to the residents of Bungoma in a bid to sway them the Jubilee way. It will not be surprising if some ministry sprang up and the position thrown to someone from the Bukusu soil, or some diplomatic position or senior government office thrown our way.

Virtually all industries in the county are on their death-beds, this could be another good political target by the Jubilee strategists. Governor Lusaka, elected on Amani Coalitions New Ford Kenya (NFK) will be a key link by the Jubilee government in penetrating the county. He is said to have been part of the president Uhuru’s team when he visited China.

He was on hand to welcome Deputy President William Ruto to the region and led the other MPs present in declaring willingness to work with the Jubilee government. Being the governor and in charge of the county’s resources, and coming from a coalition friendly to the government, Lusaka is said to have roots in Tachoni region  has instructed his people to drum up support for Kombo in the senatorial campaigns. But Lusaka has denied that is has remained neutral in the by elections campaigns.

Raila troops  on the other hand are seeking to whip anti-government sentiments, that are already evident on the ground. The Raila,Musyoka,Wetangula  brigade are of the fact that only one Luhya, and a lady for that matter, was appointed to the cabinet. It is also seeking to play the ‘stolen election’ card on the community  the loss by CORD to Jubilee in the March 4 polls elections, believed to have been controversial.

Other  factors that have influenced  the senatorial race  in the county is number of candidates in the race, the battle is  between the candidate backed by Jubilee and that backed by CORD. Amani Coalition has three out of nine MPs and one MP, Hon. John Serut won as an independent candidate. The Amani MPs as well as Hon. Serut  has thrown  his weight behind the Jubilee-backed candidate.

In the last elections, even Amani affiliate parties could not agree on a single candidate, with NFK fielding Kombo and Musalia Mudavadi’s United Democratic Front (UDF) fronting Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi.



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Kenya: Governor Kidero dismisses his critics

Posted by African Press International on September 1, 2013


Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero has dismissed claims by critics that hes about to ditch ODM.Speaking in his Asumbi rural home in Homa Bay county  during a prayer session to officially  open a newly built state of the art  house for his wife Susan Mboya daughter to the late Thomas Joseph Mboya, Kidero said that hes a staunch party member and those peddling the said rumours are punchered politicians who are jittery with his political resilience.

“I will remain in ODM and also work with the government for our people to benefit economically”, he thundered amid applause from the enthusiastic crowd. Some section of ODM members particularly those from Luo Nyanza region have been on endless campaign onslaught spreading malicious propaganda that Kidero had ditched the party due to his percieved closeness with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kidero recently accompanied the head of state to China where multi billion contracts were signed but failed to accompany his party leader to the U S A  where close to ten Cord Governors were invited in July. Political pundits opine that Kideros critics seems to be un fair to him arguing that theres no way he can operate in isolation without working closely with the President if hes to deliver.

The city council of Nairobi is heavily indebted as a result of entrenched corruption by cartels who have been operating there with glee for decades and some of them are highly connected and to stump it out you need a good will from the government of the day. Sources further confided to the press that President Uhuru courtesy of Kidero has agreed to waiver some of the council debts to cushion it from financial crisis. Former Homa Bay MP Oluoch Kanindo is also of the opinion that Kidero resilient political graph, sterling track record in the cooperate sector and succession in Luo politics are to blame for the prevaling scenario. Some senior Luo politicians are abit bitter that they dont get the much needed attention in various forums they share with Kidero yet they view him as a political novice.

“Kidero should be adviced to have a thick skin because what we are seing now is just but the beginning”,Kanindo said during an interview.”What do you expect from a man with untainted record and massive charisma,his critics must be ready for a rude shock in the near future”,Kanindo conluded.

In the ODM circles Kidero is said to be having a rapport with the party leader Raila Odinga but some three senior politicians in Luo Nyanza who are said to have been behind Railas failure to state house as result of shoddy nominations and strategy  in 2007 and 2013 are the ones orchestrating malice and blackmail to clip his political wings.Its interesting to note that the said politicians were seen literally camping in Kidero offices and homes begging for campagn funds in the last polls which they religiously recieved.

According to a top ODM politician the three politicians enjoys the party leaders ear and therefore even the party elections being craved for to make the party more vibrant seems to be a distant dream. “Its like the party is their personal property they run it like a shop”, he quipped.




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Kenya patriotic song in Kiswahili: Tushangilie Kenya by Thomas Wasonga

Posted by African Press International on July 29, 2013

Kenya is a country consisting of 42 different tribes, each tribe with their language, customs,  and traditions. Kiswahili language that unites them is the National language while English is the official language. This is a patriotic song sang in Kiswahili urging the Kenyan populace to put their efforts into loving the country and working for preservation of peace. love and unity for all.

The country has so far had 4 presidents including the present one. The first president was Jomo Kenyatta, followed by Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki and now Uhuru Kenyatta being the fourth president. Uhuru is the son of the first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.


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Kenya: Press statement by Nyanza Council of Church Leaders

Posted by African Press International on July 28, 2013

We the Church Leaders in this Region view the turn of event of some other Jubilee Leaders trying to taint the Good Name of our former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga that he wanted to overthrow the Government, those were analogue tactics of old reign to divide the attention of people of Kenya, Former Prime Minister  has done a lot in this Country  and he is a man of Peace all along.

We want Jubilee Government to fulfill their pledges they made to Kenyans during their campaign.

Beside that, he was the Co-Principal with the Former President H.E. Hon. Mwai Kibaki.  He should be given same treatment as the Former Head of State.

Now we are appealing to Jubilee Government, to accord him respect he deserve as the Former Prime Minister, and the six Government Vehicles should remain in his custody. By History, Kenyan people are more free because of the suffering of His Father and Himself, by steering freedom of speech and devolution, that now created County Governments.

We want a united Kenya, not confusion and suspicion among the leadership of this Country.

Let Government to give maximum Security to Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Former Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka for the great work they have done and maintaining peace in Kenya.

The Government Spokes Person Muthui Kariuki should not speak with a lot of bitterness while trying to address issues of Government. He should not be too personal.

God bless Kenya.

Signed on behalf of Nyanza Bishops By:

Bishop Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede


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USA: Angered Kickboxing Champion in a Brawl Over Raila Odinga-led CORD Governors Visiting Memphis

Posted by African Press International on July 28, 2013

—–Main mrssage—–
From: Anthony Elmore []
Sent: 28. july 2013 16:56
To: ‘African Press International’ and many others
copy: many
subject: Kenyan Governor visit cause Bickering in Memphis, Tennessee


Dear African Press International

How are you?  It has been a while since we last communicated.  We are still working at developing the “Safari Initiative.”  I was in Kenya in May of 2013.  On July 29, 2013 4 Kenyan governors will visit Memphis, Tennessee.  The Governors visit is a direct result of our “Safari Initiative” proposal.  A group of Kenyan appropriated our ideas in regards of the “Safari Initiative” and put those ideas in the banner of the “Ramogi Economic Forum.”  In our age of “Social Media” it is not good to steal ideas or mislead or misdirect others. 

Kenya Governors will be in Memphis tomorrow on July 29, 2013.  They are not coming to Memphis with “Clean hands.”  The backstabbing, political bickering that you have in Kenya is quite different in America.  Before they even arrive in Memphis they backstabbed me, defaulted on an agreement and they are political in nature.  This group has cause fights in Memphis before they make the 1st speech in Memphis.

Please read my News Release. We wrote a letter to the Kenyan Embassy in America and this nonsense will reach the Kenyan President.

Mr. Thomas Mwangi will you please forward our News Release to the Kenyan Press


Here below is a press release – in full – sent out to the media by the Kickboxer Mr Elmore who is critical about the visit accusing those who organised the trip to Memphis: Kickbox Champ in Brawl Over Kenya Governors Visit to Memphis



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Kenya: Trouble at Nzoia Outgrowers Company

Posted by African Press International on June 9, 2013

  • By Godfrey Wamalwa,Bungoma,4/6/2013
Cane farmers from Bungoma county are appealing to Ethics and Anti corruption commission to institute investigation against Nzoia ougrowers Company(NOCO)Chairman Joash Wamang’oli over the disappearance of sh 10million under shade circumstances.
The irate farmers led  by Makarios Wanyama muse they alleged that  Mr.wamang’oli and his directors cannot account for 37million shs belonging to farmers.
They have also sold off all tractors brought by the former prime minister hon. Raila Odinga. Sources have also claimed the farmers files got lost to confuse them from getting the correct payments of their cane proceeds and this also gave way for them not to complain about illegal deductions.
He blamed the managing director and chairman for not giving right information on the disappearance of the records leading to the  farmers suffering and poor pay.
“Wamang’oli and his cronies are now planning to sale NOCO ‘s  land and all property with their ill  intention to wound up the farmers company to an Asian tycoon Mr.Shkhimandakh from Kisumu ”lamented farmers.
Farmers have joined the workers calling for the removal of the chairman saying that he has failed to clear the  accumulated debts.
Their representatives maintain that not all farmers benefited from the million company because its employees tampered with the records leaving out most of them in financial cold.
Mr Wanyama commenting on the controversy between workers and management said it requires sanity to reach a lasting solution which will be only arrived if graft team probe the officials behind the loss of money.
Documents availed to weekly citizen show massive corruption and non-payment to staff and farmers retention money.
However, Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula has vowed to bring fight tooth and nail and bring those behind the million scandal to book. The senator assured cane farmers that the outgrowers firm will not be sold.


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Labour Day celebrations held in Nairobi attended by President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto

Posted by African Press International on May 2, 2013

Labour Day Celebrations in Kenya grazed by Hon Kenyatta and Hon Ruto. The two leaders, President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto were in a jovial mood. This was their first 1.May Labour day celebrations as President and deputy president respectively.

They watched parades performed by workers from various unions passing the dias. The president, in his speech to the workers raised minimum wages by 14 percent.


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Kenya: Presidential election petition – Supreme Court Judges ruled against Raila Odinga who wanted Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as President nullified

Posted by African Press International on April 30, 2013

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta i the elections on 4th of March 2013 went to court seeking to nullify the elections. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy President Ruto. The two were sworn in as president and deputy president on the 9th of april.

This leaves Raila in the cold. It was his third time trying to get elected as Kenya‘s president. When the next presidential elections come in 2017, Raila will be old to get elected since he will be clocking 73 years old.

Click here to read the ruling against Raila’s wishes to nullify the elections listed as nr. 1 and how Raila lost the the petition listed as number 2. : >

  1. – Kenya Supreme Court: Full Judgement on Presidential election petition – april-16-2013.pdf



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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret enjoying themsleves at the Drama Festivals in State House Mombasa

Posted by African Press International on April 28, 2013

Finalists in 2013 Kenya drama festivals entertaining President Kenyatta and the first lady Margaret Kenyatta in Mombasa State House yesterday Saturday the 27th.April

Meet the narrator himself and listen to his personal story.

The young form two secondary school students impressed the President with his narrative as it touched on devolution message that the Jubilee manifesto has given priority.


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Kenya’s former prime minister Raila Odinga’s police bodyguard loses gun to a prostitute in Kisumu after sleeping with her

Posted by African Press International on April 23, 2013

The incident is an embarrassment for the government.

It has been reported that the policeman identified as Mr Edwin Okinda was part of a group of policemen that had been providing bodyguard duties to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga when he visited Nyanza region. 

The police boss of the area Joseph ole Tito on Monday confirmed the arrest of the woman identified as Ms Maurine Adhiambo saying she was helping police with the investigations into the matter.

The gun stolen is a Ceska pistol, and had nine 15millimetre bullets according to the report from the police.

Reliable sources state that the officer whose firearm was stolen spent the night at Kisumu’s Dalc hotel with the woman in question and when he woke up in the morning, the woman and the gun was missing.

He spent the night in the hotel after carrying out his escort duties to the former PM who had visited Nyanza region that day.

According to Kenya media, the incident is an embarrasing event especially because CORD members of Parliament are trying to get Raila Odinga to parliament after losing the presidency to President Uhuru Kenyatta.  This is a very sad affair because the gun may now be in the hands of criminals in Kisumu.

The woman was on Tuesday arraigned in a Kisumu court charged with stealing the pistol and money from the police officer

Maurine Adhiambo was before the senior Principal Magistrate Samuel Atonga to answer three counts of theft. The first count, she is to answer is that of stealing a government-issued Ceska pistol valued at Sh150,000 from the officer while he was asleep

The second charge to answer is that of stealing 15 nine-millimetre bullets from the said policeman and the third charge is the cashe totalling  Sh23,000 cash.

It is reported that the police officer was charged last week for being careless and losing a government pistol and ammunition. The man may also face administrative discipline by his employer (the government) and lose his job.



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President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled his government structure yesterday – Appointment of Cabinet Secretaries to follow

Posted by African Press International on April 19, 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta takes oath of office as Kenya's fourth president on April 9, 2013. Photo/AFP

Uhuru Kenyatta taking oath of office on the 9th of April 2013  as Kenya’s fourth president.

President Kenyatta yesterday unveiled his government structure reducing the number of ministries from 44 to 18.

To manage the restructuring, the president some was forced to put together some of the ministries that was created by the former government.

During former President Kibaki‘s second term in office, the Grand coalition expanded the number of ministries to create room for cronies and party loyalist as a result of 2007-2008 post election violence. The violence erupted and more that 1000 people were killed when Raila Odinga refused to concede defeat forcing the formation of a coalition that saw him get the premiership under President Kibaki. This time around Raila Odinga did the same – refused to concede and instead went to the Spreme Court in his effort to unseat the New President Uhurur Kenyatta. He lost the petition and Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the Fourth President of  Kenya.

Here is a summary of the Ministries created by the President and his deputy:


  1. Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.
  2. Ministry of Devolution and Planning.
  3. Defence
  4. Foreign Affairs
  5. Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology
  6. The National Treasury
  7. Health
  8. Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure
  9. Environment, Water and Natural Resource
  10. Land, Housing and Urban Development
  11. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  12. Sports, Culture and the Arts
  13. Labour, Social Security and Services
  14. Energy and Petroleum
  15. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries under which are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock and Department of Fisheries
  16. Industrialization and Enterprise Development
  17. Commerce and Tourism which has the Department of Commerce and Department of Tourism
  18. Mining

While unveiling the structure, in a press statement, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the lean government structure of 18 ministries will be effective.

“In exercise of the authority vested in him by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and in conformity with the expectations of a lean and effective structure, President Kenyatta officially released the list of ministries and state departments that will form the National Executive,” read the statement.

It is reported that under the Presidency, there will be the Executive Office of the President and Deputy President with two ministries that include the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

Other ministries include Defence; Foreign Affairs; Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology; The National Treasury; Health; Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure; Environment, Water and Natural Resource; Land and Housing and Urban Development. This structure will also contain the Office of the Department of Justice and Attorney General.

The Kenyans now wait to se who will be named to head the ministries. The Cabinet secretaries will reflect the face of Kenya. Minority groups will be catered for as promised by the prsident during his inauguration.




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Nyanza church leaders are urging President Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto to implement devolution

Posted by African Press International on April 14, 2013

Nyanza Council of Church Leaders say that the New Government under President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto should fully support the devolved system of Governance.
They are also saying the new Administration should enable the County Leaders in the 47 Counties across the Country to carry their Constitutional mandate without interferences from any external forces as was pledged during the swearing-in on Tuesday of the new leaders in the Presidency.
They further appeal to the new Administration to embrace Nyanza Region in his Development plan despite its political affiliation because it is also part and parcel of this country.
They pledge that they will support and work with the new Administration since it is the Government of the day.
What is now important in the Country is for the new President and his team to fully help in uniting the Country so that it to be one Nation especially after the just concluded intense political campaigns witnessed in the recent past in various parts of the Country.
They urge the new Government to strive to deliver and fulfill its various pledges to Kenyans which they made when they were campaigning as contained in the Jubilee Coalition manifesto.
The Country now needs the element of Peace and tranquility so as to help it prosper under the new system of Government, hence the need to promote peace in various parts of the country
There is also need to heal and reconcile various communities after those vigorous political campaigns prior to the just concluded General Elections and this therefore calls on the New Government to ensure the Country is united while it takes shape.
The group fear that the new government may ignore Nyanza region because the voters there did not show support for President Uhuru and Deputy President Ruto during their campaigns and the voting. The people of Nyanza voted overwhelmingly for their own “crown prince Raila Odinga“, as believed by them,  a man who failed to win the presidency after so much thirst to take over the Presidency, – and now failing in his third attempt.. All his critics believe that he will never be president because the next presidential elections will be in August 2017, and that time will find him clocking 73 years old. This was his last chance. He is was prime minister during the Kibaki’s last term in office. He got the job due to pressure on Kibaki by the International community after the 2007/2008 post-election violence.

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Raila Amolo Odinga is a man described by his critics as a king who never ruled

Posted by African Press International on April 10, 2013

This is a man who has tried on and on to get to top as the president of the Republic of Kenya. He never reached the top. There is no way he can ascend to power again after the failure to be elected president this year. The next elections will come when he is 73 years old.

Raila Odinga‘s thirst for power saw him struggle many times to be elected Kenya’s president. He tried to get the presidency 3 times but failed. During the recent inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta who defeated him in the presidential elections, Raila chose to be absent. Instead, he flew to South Africa two days before inauguration of Uhuru to nurse the wounds of losing the elections.



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An Open letter to President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and Outgoing Prime Minister Raila Odinga

Posted by African Press International on April 5, 2013

First ,I would like to Congratulate the President-elect Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta for being democratically elected as the fourth Kenyan President. That, I would like also to complement both of you for the job well done,for the well-organized campaign teams and more so for the peaceful election period.

I also take this glad opportunity to thank the peaceful citizens of our beloved motherland, especially the youth for showing tolerance and ignoring to be used by politicians to cause chaos and hooliganism. Also ,my special thanks to all Kenya media houses for preaching peace messages through out the campaign period. hence ,cheers to all wakenya wazalendo.

The Honorable son of Jomo a.k.a “ Kamwana” and when I call you these names ,I call you with due respect as our beloved fourth President –elect whom I campaigned for, voted for and now happily celebrating your esteemed victory after the court verdict. Let me take this time to compliment you for being a charismatic energetic presidential candidate contender and for beating all other presidential candidates to remain a democratically elected president of The republic of Kenya.

The UhuRuto campaign was based on pillars of country transformation .Though, It is through the different presidential campaign trails we heard of analogue team, digital team , ICC criminals ,land grabbers ,reformers and non-reformers all said in the name of wooing the voters but not because they meant any good.I truly appreciate the sacrifices some have made to see Kenya where it is as of today under new constitution dispensation. It is now the time to keep no grudges but rather focus on matters of national building based on Jubilee manifestos that promised to see a complete transformation of a country to a strong economic prosperous nation.
Also, I wish to applaud you for your engagement with the country young leadership bearing in mind more than 70% of the Kenyan youth are unemployed, I remain hoping you will have a lean government that involves the youthful cabinet secretaries and in other government corporations. It is my believe a young talented cabinet with young digital fresh ideas from the young able men and women of Kenya will steer Kenya to the right direction towards achieving country blue print of vision 2030 and beyond.

  • Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga:

Bwana Raila, you are the true champion and have shown to be a true statesman in Kenya’s Democracy. For you have truly invested your time,energy and have sacrificed a lot for the democratic growth in our country.It is my hope and expectation that most of the fellow Kenyans will agree with me ,your acceptance for Supreme court of Kenya verdict was the most honorable act you did for the country.With all my due respect as I write this complimentary, I can’t imagine where Kenya would have been if you ignored the Supreme Court verdict. All the Kenyan institution you have fought for years to see them function could have gone in dismay. Thank you ,Bwana. Prime Minister for you will be remembered for such an honor of putting country first before your personal interest. As the late Prof.Saitoti said “There come a times when country interest are greater than our individual interests” I still share the same sentiments and thank you.

Mr. President Uhuru, I must applaud you for the patriotisms’ and pan –africanism. In the past few months to the election,on electioneering period till date the west countries namely U.S.A,U.K,EU and some other countries mostly from G8 having been making all kind of threats compromises and after the court verdict they were the first to send congratulatory messages that are too late – too little than needed.The best thing is ,we have known who is our real friend at the time of need. That,all the threats and consequences communicated through the media ,I am of the idea as you work from state house you now know who are the true Kenyan friends that means good for our country,especially after trying to impose a presidential candidate that they could turn to be a puppet of their own but mac yu we were more smarter than they thought and thankyou to my fellow Kenyans.
My kind and humble submission to the US,UK,EU leadership and all other countries at large is to realize Kenya is a sovereign Country,With a very mature democracy ,and if I may say with one of the best democracy in African continent.
That,Kenya has a democratically elected president and by so saying as-is on 4th march 2013, Kenya people have spoken and the Kenya people’s voice ought to be listened and respected. That, we need no lectures on maters of governance of our Country.Please note,If need be we will use the right diplomatic channels as it has always been.

May God bless our newly elected 4th government and their leaders.That even the ICC cases facing three innocent Kenyans will be inducted and May the Lord God give you wisdom and tenacity to serve our beloved motherland.


Murithi Benjamin Ikirima-B. Env Sc.
UNO -2005 awardee and 2011 Dr.Frist Humanatarian Awardee Florida .U.S.A




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Power Struggle in Kenya; Out-going Prime Minister Raila Odinga did not fully concede defeat, instead he claims the win was stolen from him, intimating that it could lead people to look for other means

Posted by African Press International on April 2, 2013

What means is Raila talking about that his defeat may lead people to resort to? Is it force like in 1982 coup attempt or is it like in 2007/ 2008 post-election violence that led to many deaths forcing the winner Kibaki to share power with him.

Kenyans are not interested in sharing power. The power sharing for five years was a headache.
Now the Supreme Court has finally declared Hon Uhuru Kenyatta as the in-coming president with Hon William Ruto as Deputy president.
Raila Odinga should now retire peacefully as is expected by nearly all Kenyans.


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