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Kenya at the crossroad: Was Raila Odinga cursed by his Dad?

Posted by African Press International on October 29, 2017

Was Raila cursed by his father Jaramogi Odinga Odinga? Read the post below found on WhatsApp!

"Thank you Dennis Itumbi. I have read your long post but your conclusion reminded me something which you didn’t go further into details.

When Raila stormed with hired goons into Ford Kenya Delegate conference which his father was chairing and started heckling him almost putting everything to a stand still his father who was irritated told him "Amolo, shut up! and tell those youths to go away".

Unfortunately Raila insisted to be heard, in his mind Raila thought his father was too old to be the chairman and Ford Kenya leader and wanted to inherit him by force.

With that in mind his goons continued shouting his father down with all blessings from Raila and that’s when Jaramogi got more furious told Raila this.

"Amolo it’s good that you have found it worth to disrupt this conference.

Remember, I started this struggle since independence, way before you were even born.

I have fought Kenyatta and Moi but never succeeded, am still struggling now to be the president of Kenya up to now.

I want to tell you this, if your intention is to sink me down for a take over you will also struggle until your sunset days trying to be the president, and you will never be.

That’s the curse Raila is struggling with, in short Raila will never be president #RWNBP.

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