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Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia condemns killing of MP

Posted by African Press International on December 8, 2013

MOGADISHU, Somalia, December 6, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/– The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, has strongly condemned the killing of Mohamed Warsame Feisal, a Member of the country’s Federal Parliament.

Mr. Warsame was killed this afternoon in Mogadishu when an improvised explosive device planted in his vehicle detonated. At least three others are reported to have been injured in the attack.

“I condemn this killing in the strongest terms,” SRSG Kay said. “Somalis yearn for a better future. Their Members of Parliament play a vital role in building that future.”

SRSG Kay offers his sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Warsame, as well as to the Federal Parliament of Somalia, and wishes those injured a quick recovery.



Mission of UN in Somalia


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Kenya; Berieved Nyakach Mp Aduma Owuor is to be sued by his political opponent Erick Ouma Okeyo

Posted by African Press International on November 15, 2013


Berieved Nyakach Mp Aduma Owuor is to be sued by his political opponent Erick Ouma Okeyo over his utterances in parliament this week that Okeyo is deeply involved in insecurity in the constituency.The mp recently lost both parents in a barbaric arson attack in what many believe was a retaliatory response.

Nyakach is marooned by cattle rustling activities and since his election early this year the Mp formed a vigilante group to stump out the vice but no meaningful success has been seen because he has been doing it without the involvement of  local police and other government agencies all of which he has dismissed as very complacent and allegedly operate as part of the entrenched conduit.Other stakeholders are however of the view that the Mp shouldn’t tire but continue engaging with the local police if anything is to be achieved.Last month the Mp took a cattle rustling victim and dumped the body at the Regional Commissioners office a move which shocked many but the Mp remained adamant and  justified that he had no option but to do exactly that.

Back to the claims in parliament, Okeyo hurriedly convened a press conference where he described Owuors claims as cowardly,hollow and shocking.”I sympathise with the Mp for the most tragic manner in which he lost his dear parents and ive personally and elsewhere conveyed my heart-felt condolences to him, while he remains my political opponent i do not ascribe to the view that our political battles transcend the borders of the personal relationship”, Okeyo told journalists. “Even as he continue to mourn the death of his parents he’s expected to observe basic standards of decency,decorum and utmost respect to the law and others”, he thundered.

Still on the remarks in parliament, he concluded by saying that those are abuse of parliamentary privileges and  demonstration of how a legal coward the mp is.Okeyo has lined up  very influential legal team led by Prof Tom Ojienda and justice Richard Otieno Kwatch to take up the matter. Owuors late parents will be buried on 23 Nov and a major fundraising where Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Odhiambo Kidero is the Chief guest is slated on the 19th at All Saints Cathedral Nairobi.




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Kenya Politics: President Kenyatta – Do not fire Charity Ngilu for the sake of creating a position for Musalia Mudavadi

Posted by African Press International on November 10, 2013

By Korir – API

Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Housing Charity Ngilu has been censured by Parliament and her fate delivered on the hands of President Kenyatta with a demand to show her the door. Many are asking if it is a witch-hunt against the Cabinet Secretary because of land issues that some leaders want to be swept under the carpet of corruption.

If Ngilu’s actions, as pointed out by the Parliamentary Committee, qualify for her sacking, let the president act, but not for the purposes of aiding another politician to grab her present Cabinet position. The President should not forget that Musalia Mudavadi was his competitor during the last Presidential elections. People do not forget when they are defeated. Giving him a cabinet post now is simply digging his own hole that may work against him in 2017 Presidential elections, unless he does not intend to run for the seat when the time comes.

Mudavadi is one of the leaders who has continuously stated that the ICC trials against President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto should continue in the Hague.

Appointing former Deputy Prime Minister, Musalia Mudavadi to the Cabinet in order to win votes in the Bungoma by-election pitting former Cabinet Ministers Musikari Kombo and Moses Watengula  – who just recently lost his Senatorial seat by court order) will amount to appeasing the voters of Bungoma. The court determined that the voting that gave Wetangula the Senate seat on the 4th March elections was fraudulent.

Musalia Mudavadi was Uhuru’s competitor during the March 4th Presidential elections and he lost badly. President Uhuru Kenyatta should be firm on such dirty politics of accommodation of a men and women who were rejected by the voters in their own backyards during the last elections.

Recently, on his tour to Western province, one member of Parliament tried to sway the president by asking him to share with Mudavadi the March 4th cow which he won and slaughtered. The president told the Member of Parliament that the cow belonged to all Kenyans and was not there to be shared between him and Mudavadi.

Responding directly to calls by Western leaders for him to share goodies with UDF leaders since it was a partner in the Jubilee government, President Kenyatta said the “cow” belongs to all Kenyans.

According to the Standard media of Kenya this is the way President Kenyatta responded to calls to give Mudavadi a job: “There is something mheshimiwa (Mumias West MP Johnson Naika) said and I want to correct him. He said I have slaughtered a cow and I should ensure I have shared a piece with my brother. I wish to correct him by saying there is no Uhuru’s cow. The cow is for all Kenyans, 40 million of us. There is no cow for an individual. We need to ensure that the government provides services to all Kenyans irrespective of race, religion, tribe or gender,” he said.

The only way for meaningful success and good politics in the country is for the leaders who lost in the last elections to work together with the chosen leadership until the next elections and if they still want leadership, come back and contest.

Mudavadi and others who lost during the last election should, therefore, support President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President Ruto for now and stop asking for goodies..



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MP Kajiado North constituency Hon. Manje Kajiado speaks to API on Kenya cases going on at the ICC

Posted by African Press International on October 25, 2013

The Member of Parliament for Kajiado North constituency Hon. Manje says he does not support immediate pull-out by Kenya from the Rome Statute that established the ICC. The Kenya Parliament is now ready with a bill that if passed and ascended to by the President will free Kenya from the claws of the ICC. This, however, will not take place immediately, but in a year’s time. Any pull-out will not affect the ongoing Kenya cases. He also says the ICC should be critical on the witnesses who are in court with suspect evidence with, most of it, hearsay!



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At the ICC doorsteps praying: Kenyans and Kenya Members of Parliament/Deputy President Ruto and Sang

Posted by African Press International on October 17, 2013

The Deputy President William Ruto and Journalist Arap Sang together with other Kenyans and Members of Parliament pray at the ICC after the day’s trial proceedings were adjourned to the next day.

Some of the members of parliament: Kenya Members of Parliament From Left to Right: Hon. Benjamin Washiali, Hon. Mary Emaase Otucho, Hon. Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau and Hon. Hassan Abdi Dukicha all at the ICC to give moral support to Deputy President Ruto and Journalist Sang during their ongoing trial. 17th, October 2013 Kenya Members of Parliament From Left to Right: Hon. Benjamin Washiali, Hon. Mary Emaase Otucho, Hon. Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau and Hon. Hassan Abdi Dukicha all at the ICC to give moral support to Deputy President Ruto and Journalist Sang during their ongoing trial. 17th, October 2013


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At the International Criminal Court: Kenyan leaders present to give Ruto and Sang Moral support

Posted by African Press International on September 12, 2013

Kenyan leaders were present in the Hague when the ICC case commenced against the Deputy President William Ruto and Mr Joshua Arap Sang on the 10th of September. The case has however been adjourned to the 17th of september because the prosecution failed to have their first witnesses ready for the court.

Kenya Case at the ICC – Honourable MP Aden Duale Speaks

Kenyan leaders at the ICC to give moral support to the accused persons

Kenyan leaders at the ICC to give moral support to the accused persons

Lawyer for Mr William Ruto, Mr Karim Khan addressing the Press

The Hague: Kenya member of Parliament addressing the media



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Kenya: Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero & Hon. Member of Parliament Rachel Shebesh’s slapping

Posted by African Press International on September 6, 2013

Kenya: Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero says it was not him slapping Nairobi Women Representative Rachael Shebesh after an altercation in his office.

Shebesh was among county of Nairobi workers who stormed Kidero’s office on Friday afternoon demonstrating demanding a pay rise. After the incident Kidero while addressing a press conference denied slapping Hon Shebesh.

Kidero told the media “I was in my office but I don’t remember or have any recollection of slapping anyone. All i know is that a group of people about 30-40 tried to force themselves into my office led by a Honourable Member of Parliament“,.

After his address to the press he went to Central Police Station to record a statement about the incident.

When other senior officers have slapped people, they have lost their job. Kidero may now have extra problems on his hands. Election petition against his election in March this year as the Governor of Nairobi County filed by Mr Waititu is yet to be decided by the High Court.

You can watch the video of Kidero ‘slapping’ Shebesh here below:

Here the Nairobi Governor Kidero slaps Hon. Member of Parliament Nairobi County Rachel Shebesh

Here the Governor denies having slapped her

This is cruelty against women. Would he have dared slap a male member of parliament?



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“One on One” with Mr Elvis Nwosu, Member of Oslo City Council Parliament representing the Labour Party of Norway

Posted by African Press International on June 4, 2013

Mr Elvis Nwosu is a member of the Oslo City Council Parliament representing the Labour Party which is now in power in Norway led by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. - Mr Elvis Nwosu (left) together with the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg during the recently concluded Labour Party Annual General Meeting (2013) held in Oslo – Mr Elvis Nwosu (left) together with the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg during the recently concluded Labour Party Annual General Meeting (2013) held in Oslo

Mr Nwosu who is originally from Nigeria has lived in Norway for 22 years and is actively involved in politics. Recently he was re-elected to Council. He is also the leader of the Labour Party in Søndre Nordstrand region within the Oslo City Council. Nwosu is excelling in politics despite the many challenges immigrant politicians have to face due to culture, and traditions in Norway.

The country is now going to the General elections in September to elect members to the National Parliament. The Labour party has been in power for 8 years now and the Right wing parties have ganged up in this elections with the intention to dislodge them.

The Right wing parties – the Conservative party and the Party of Progress ( a radically right-wing party) are trying to put up a unified front in their effort to take over power.

Elvis speaks to African Press on his plans to change the face of the city of Oslo. He thinks the many beggars that roam Oslo streets mainly during the summer season – persons coming from Eastern European country Romania should not be allowed to engage in begging, but instead should seek normal employment.

He is also for change when it comes to prostitution that is rampant in the city. The laws that forbid prostitution which were passed some years back, according to Elvis, has helped many prostitutes to seek other avenues away from the illegal trade. Some Nigerian women who come into the country from Spain and France to engage in prostitution on a short-term basis now realise that the trade is illegal and punishable by law and this is helping them to seek guidance and help from the Norwegian authorities in their efforts to quit being sex slaves. Some have their lives destroyed because they are forced into the trade by criminals who stand to gain from their prostitution.


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Kenya: MPs urged not focus on salary increment at the expense of service delivery

Posted by African Press International on May 19, 2013

President Uhuru Kenyatta has appealed to Members of Parliament not push for salary increment at the expense of serving Kenyans.

President Kenyatta said once the Members of Parliament deliver their pledges and the economy grows by double digits, Kenyans will have no problem paying them the salaries they want.

“We all made pledges to the people of Kenya and we should work together irrespective of party affiliation to deliver on those promises including growing our economy by double digits,” the President said.

The Head of State was speaking today when he presided over this year’s Chairman’s Prize Tournament at the Nyeri Golf Club in Nyeri town.

On sports, President Kenyatta reassured of this Government’s commitment to develop sports facilities across the country as a way of promoting sports.

Noting that sports are a major source of income and are employing thousands of people worldwide, President Kenyatta said his Government
intends to build a vibrant sports industry in which the country’s young people can earn a decent living.

“Indeed, players who excel in various sports are some of the best paid professionals whom you will find anywhere in the world,” President
Kenyatta said.

The President added: “As we seek to promote sports in the country, we must bear in mind that golf, and indeed other sports disciplines, are no longer
mere social events for recreation and entertainment.”

President Kenyatta called on Kenyans, particularly the youth, to embrace sports including golf both as a means of maintaining fitness and good
health as well as a source of income.

Saying one of Jubilee Coalition’s pledges was development of five modern medium-size stadia in selected regional headquarters in the country, the
President reiterated that his Government is fully committed to fulfilling that and other pledges made to Kenyans.

Towards this end, President Kenyatta said his Government is already in the process of finding ways and means of improving the general sports
infrastructure in the country.

“We will do this in the full realization that excellence in sports cannot be achieved without proper infrastructure and equipment,” President
Kenyatta said.

He, therefore, said his Government will be seeking resources and engaging all stakeholders with a view to ensuring that the country’s aspirations as
a sporting nation are realized.

On the proposal to develop a public golf course in which members of the public who cannot afford the membership of golf clubs can play, the
President said that relevant plans and arrangements toward the development of the facility within Kasarani International Sports Centre have been

He assured Kenyans that his Government will expedite the necessary measures to ensure the public golf course becomes a reality.

In this connection, President Kenyatta fully supported the reclaiming of land that may have been grabbed and that was originally intended for
development of sports facilities.

Noting that the Government cannot single-handedly raise the resources needed to put in place the requisite sports infrastructure, the President called on corporate organizations to join the Government in the development of sports facilities in the country.

President Kenyatta, at the same time, challenged sports managers in the country to ensure the country’s reputation in athletics is replicated in
other sporting disciplines.

In particular, the President said there was urgent need to streamline the management of football which is the most popular sport in the country.

“We must improve the standards of soccer in the country so that our football teams can excel in the region, in the continent and beyond,” the
President said.

The Head of State added that there was also need to get people to enjoy football made in Kenya rather than just watching the English league.

Similarly, the President said the standards of other sports also need to be raised including reclaiming the country’s lost glory in boxing, saying
additional support should be provided to the national rugby team that is making good gains internationally.

Said the President: “As we do this, we must not lose sight of the need to encourage and motivate our athletes in order to sustain our reputation as
the home of the world’s best athletes.”

Appreciating that the Chairman’s Prize tournament has been running annually since 1929, the President observed that the tournament is one of
the longest running sports championships in the country.

He pledged to continue supporting Nyeri Golf Club and thanked its members for supporting him to become the Head of State.

The President also took the opportunity to congratulate all elected leaders and urged them to deliver the pledges they made to the people of

Sports, Culture and Arts Cabinet Secretary Mr. Hassan Wario called upon sports federations in the country to put structures in place that will
ensure sporting talent is tapped and nurtured appropriately.

On his part, Nyeri County Governor Nderitu Gachagwa commended President Kenyatta for appointing to Cabinet technocrats with impressive track
records of performance, saying there was no doubt they will succeed in driving the economy to double digits growth rate over the next five years.



Source. statehouse


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Kenya: Nyando rice farmers get a relief as government writes off Ksh.27M debt

Posted by African Press International on November 9, 2012

  • By  Dickens Wasonga, reporting from Kenya

As part of efforts to empower local farmers and to enhance their production capacities the government has announced it was going to write off sh.27 million that rice farmers in Nyando owed it.

Making the announcement soon after a meeting with the local Members of Parliament and the Nyanza PC Francis Mutie , the deputy commissioner of cooperatives Mr Phillip Gichuki said the decision to write off the debt will be a big relief to most farmers who have been struggling to scale up their production levels in vain.
The debt was part loans advanced to several farmers by the ministry of cooperatives over the years to boost their production capacities and was aimed at alleviating poverty levels in the area.
Local MPs have in the past lobbied the government to write off the debts to local farmers as it had done to tea and coffee farmers from other parts of the country.
Although they lauded the move by the government the area MPs led by Nyando MP Fred Outa asked the ministry to also consider writing off millions of shillings in debt owed to government by sugarcane farmers from the area as well.
Outa said doing so will enable the farmers to start production on a clean slate adding that the area has a huge potential for agricultural production which was remaining untapped due to high poverty levels.
The commissioner said the country was capable of producing enough rice to meet the country’s demand for the same but regretted that Kenya was still relying heavily on rice imports especially from Pakistan due to lack of financial muscle by most farmers.
Nyando which is prone to floods during heavy rains is known for production of rice in Nyanza and is leading in terms of sugar cane growing with at least three vibrant sugar millers operating from this sugar cane growing zone.

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Oparanya proclaims himself the rightful owner of Kakamega Governorial seat

Posted by African Press International on November 4, 2012

  • By Maurice Alal

Planning Minister Wycliffe Oparanya has said his intention to run for Kakamega County Governor’s seat in the forthcoming General Election will come true. The Minister said this when he launched Nyando Constituency Strategic Development Plan 2012 – 2017 in the larger Nyando district of Kisumu County yesterday.

Accompanied by area MP Fred Outa and aspirants for various elective seats Oparanya urged the residence to take Identification Cards ahead of the forthcoming General Election if they want ODM to triumph.

Mr. Oparanya pointed out what he referred to be his starling performance at the Planning Ministry as an added advantage that makes him the right man for the Governor’s job.

“In subsequent ranking of how ministries perform, the Planning Ministry under my watch is the only one that has bagged the first position twice in the last five years” said Oparanya.

The optimistic minister said he worked for 23year in various high profile private sector and financial institutions before joining politics in 2002 making him a good administrator.

He urged Kisumu county residents to keenly vet all aspirants for the Governor, Senate and MP seats among others in order to elect the right persons. Oparanya further warned them against the culture of handouts.

“Anyone giving you handouts is bribing you. You cannot trust someone who bribes his way to power.” he told the residents.

At the same time, Mr. Oparanya dismissed that some ODM members were planning to defect from the party to other regrouping parties that are baseless terming it propaganda.

“Those are wild dreams and allegations. I am in the ODM party to stay to the very end,” he stated categorically.

The Minister further assured ODM supporters that Western Region is fully behind the Prime Minister Raila Odinga whom he said has fought for the country to get a new constitution and was also detained.

The Butere legislator said Western people will not vote because of tribe but because the PM is the right man for the country’s top job.

“Some people have been eating eggs and now want to be president, where were they when Raila and other reformists were fighting for the nation?” Mr. Oparanya said.

The Minister also called upon Kenyans to unite and vote the PM come 2013 for a change they have been aspiring for.




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