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Kenya; Berieved Nyakach Mp Aduma Owuor is to be sued by his political opponent Erick Ouma Okeyo

Posted by African Press International on November 15, 2013


Berieved Nyakach Mp Aduma Owuor is to be sued by his political opponent Erick Ouma Okeyo over his utterances in parliament this week that Okeyo is deeply involved in insecurity in the constituency.The mp recently lost both parents in a barbaric arson attack in what many believe was a retaliatory response.

Nyakach is marooned by cattle rustling activities and since his election early this year the Mp formed a vigilante group to stump out the vice but no meaningful success has been seen because he has been doing it without the involvement of  local police and other government agencies all of which he has dismissed as very complacent and allegedly operate as part of the entrenched conduit.Other stakeholders are however of the view that the Mp shouldn’t tire but continue engaging with the local police if anything is to be achieved.Last month the Mp took a cattle rustling victim and dumped the body at the Regional Commissioners office a move which shocked many but the Mp remained adamant and  justified that he had no option but to do exactly that.

Back to the claims in parliament, Okeyo hurriedly convened a press conference where he described Owuors claims as cowardly,hollow and shocking.”I sympathise with the Mp for the most tragic manner in which he lost his dear parents and ive personally and elsewhere conveyed my heart-felt condolences to him, while he remains my political opponent i do not ascribe to the view that our political battles transcend the borders of the personal relationship”, Okeyo told journalists. “Even as he continue to mourn the death of his parents he’s expected to observe basic standards of decency,decorum and utmost respect to the law and others”, he thundered.

Still on the remarks in parliament, he concluded by saying that those are abuse of parliamentary privileges and  demonstration of how a legal coward the mp is.Okeyo has lined up  very influential legal team led by Prof Tom Ojienda and justice Richard Otieno Kwatch to take up the matter. Owuors late parents will be buried on 23 Nov and a major fundraising where Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Odhiambo Kidero is the Chief guest is slated on the 19th at All Saints Cathedral Nairobi.




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India: Kerala Police honoured

Posted by African Press International on October 28, 2013

Kerala police has been selected for the Asia-Pacific information security leadership Achievement award 2013 for its innovative and timely initiatives in ensuring cyber security.

The award will be handed over to state police chief K S Balasubramaniyam at Trivandapuram. The award was meant for the initiative of the police to spread awareness on cyber security, investing their time and energy to monitor and educate the people of different segments of the society.




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Terrorism or what? Shooting near President Obama’s office

Posted by African Press International on October 4, 2013



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Law Society of Kenya condemns killing of a lawyer

Posted by African Press International on September 29, 2013


Law society of Kenya Bungoma chapter chairman Andrew Kituyi has condemned the killing of Peter Wanyonyi, an advocate representing Musikari Kombo in a petition challenging the election of Moses Wetang’ula as the county’s senator in the March polls.

Speaking during a fund-raising for the slain lawyer,the chairman noted that Bungoma county has been experiencing attacks leaving residents suffer from serious injuries and some killed yet no explanations has been given by the government in its investigations despite our persistent inquiries.

Mr.Kituyi call upon the police to speed up the investigation in the murder of the advocate for the culprits linked to his death to be brought to justice.

He however cautioned Bungoma residents to remain calm for police to carry out investigations and called on the public to provide the officers with information leading to the murder suspects for their arrest.

He also warned the public, politicians and other leaders in the region to desist from speculative utterances of the advocate’s killing which would be harmful leading insecurity threats.

Police bosses in Bungoma have come under sharp criticism from area residents over the recent spate of killings in Bungoma.
residents  say that the security agents led by Bungoma county commissioner Mohamed Maalim and police commandant Charles Mutinda are not doing enough to install order and assure residents of security.

Meanwhile police in Bungoma have arrested three people of Somali origin before they deported them to Nairobi.According to police sources the three were arrested in Bungoma hotel after reports from the public.



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Kenya: “Police reforms are vital and it would be disastrous if they were diluted at the 11th hour,” said Amnesty International’s deputy director for Africa Sarah Jackson

Posted by African Press International on September 27, 2013


Human rights violations will worsen if the Government persists with attempts to amend key laws that regulate the police, a watchdog has warned.

Amnesty International (AI) on Tuesday said proposed amendments by Inspector-General David Kimaiyo to the reform package, which has been approved by Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku, will weaken it and eliminate safeguards that regulate the force.

“Police reforms are vital and it would be disastrous if they were diluted at the 11th hour,” said Amnesty International’s deputy director for Africa Sarah Jackson.

“The police have been acting as if they are above the law for years and the Government must honour the commitments it made after the post-election violence and carry through these reforms,” she added.

The National Police Service (Amendment) Bill 2013 and National Police Service Commission (Amendment) Bill 2013, which are meant to clarify the responsibilities of the IG and National Police Service Commission, give the Inspector-General more powers.

The Bills are likely to be tabled in Parliament this week. However, Amnesty has warned this would put the powers of the police boss at greater risk of political interference.

The police boss will not be obliged to act on the recommendations of an oversight authority if the Bills pass.

The NPS Act required the police boss to act on the recommendations of the Independent Policing Oversight Authority.

However, that section has been deleted in the proposed amendments. “This really is a case of one step forward, two steps back. What promised to be a badly needed shake-up is unlikely to deliver on the key goal of a professional and accountable police service,” said Mrs Jackson.

She said the amendments would affect the independence of the IG as the police boss would be appointed by the President and Parliament.

The Bills also seek to allow police to use firearms to protect property and to stop someone charged with a serious crime from escaping or stop anyone helping them to escape, a proposal which has alarmed AI.

“These additional grounds are contrary to international standards on use of force and may facilitate unlawful killings,” said Mrs Jackson.

Kenyan police have been on spotlight since the 2007/8 post-election violence despite the amendment.




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Guinea’s police: Police are trying to garner more community support

Posted by African Press International on September 17, 2013

Police are trying to garner more community support

CONAKRY,  – After a group of youths pillaged a restaurant in Guinea‘s capital, Conakry, in mid-August – raping three women, according to the owner – workers there decided not to pursue the case with local authorities for fear of reprisals.

“We told our staff, ‘Let’s just be glad we’re alive and leave it alone’,” said a restaurant manager who wanted to be identified only as Ibrahim. “Withimpunity as it is in Guinea, pursuing this with the police would just expose us to more danger. We’ve got no protection.”

With sentiments like these pervasive throughout the country, convincing Guineans that the police are there to serve and protect them will require a massive conversion effort. That is one objective of a new community policing programme being established under wider security sector reform efforts, following a recommendation by a joint ECOWAS, UN and African Union commission.

The UN Development Programme, European Union (EU), and the US government are funding different aspects of the initiative.

Another objective is to boost the status of the police in a former military dictatorship where, for decades, the army eclipsed its civilian counterpart. Gendarmes largely took the place of police, observers said. Guinea’s police are poorly paid, work in difficult conditions, and lack proper vehicles and communications equipment.

The police, along with soldiers and gendarmes, have a reputation for mistreating civilians. Human Rights Watch, which has investigated alleged abuses by Guinea’s security forces, says they have long been implicated in extortion, theft, kidnapping, racketeering and use of lethal force with “near-complete impunity”.

Throughout Guinea’s history, the police were “like an enemy to the people”, said Mohamed Koumadian Keïta, the mayor of Conakry’s Matoto District. He was among the Guinean officials who travelled to Burkina Faso in July to learn about the community policing programme there.

All this must change, said Daniel Oularé, coordinator of the programme at Guinea’s security and civil protection ministry. “‘Community police’ is not a new police force – it’s a new way of operating. From now on, this will not be a police known for brutality. It will be a police force that serves the public, respecting rights and upholding values like integrity, professionalism and loyalty.”

Little faith

The situation is ripe for change. A local aid worker told IRIN about a 14-year-old girl who had recently gone to the police – with the encouragement of her family – after she was gang-raped. In the past couple of years, as people have learned about their rights, they have become more inclined to turn to their local authorities, the aid worker said.

Policemen and gendarmes are also working with aid groups to protect therights of minors in trouble with the law.

But in general, Guineans have little faith in the police as protectors.

The owner of the looted Conakry restaurant said she planned to buy clubs and other weapons, and that she would add layers of brick and barbed wire to the wall around her building. She and other Guineans IRIN spoke to said they would sooner count on personal guards or neighbourhood self-defence groups for security than the police.

“They show up late, if they show up at all, and usually they’re after money,” one said.

Guineans IRIN spoke with said that, when it comes to security, they feel largely on their own. It is common to hear people say: “The state is absent.”

In Conakry’s Simbaya Marché neighbourhood, known as a haven for thieves, Mabinti Bangoura said state security officials “have abandoned us into the hands of criminals”.

Guinea’s police lack competent and trained personnel, whether for public security, legal matters or maintaining order, Philippe Van Damme, head of the EU delegation in Guinea, told government officials at the launch of a pilot training project meant to support police reform efforts. The EU-supported project will run for 18 months in Conakry’s Ratoma and Matoto districts and in N’Zérékoré, in Guinea’s Forest Region.

A survey of police personnel in Ratoma and Matoto was conducted to learn about their capacities and functions to help guide training, said Marc Dubois, coordinator of the EU pilot. It showed that seven percent were illiterate. “Some can’t read or write but that doesn’t mean they can’t be effective in relating with their communities and helping improve security,” he said.

Events in Guinea going back to citizen uprisings in 2007 have shown the police incapable of maintaining order, Matoto mayor Keïta told IRIN. “We’ve got to bring this [community policing] to Guinea because right now there is no security for the people,” he said.

Community buy-in needed

Keïta said communication is essential, but there must also be trust. “The criminals do not live in the bush – they live right here among us. For now, people are afraid to point them out. There is no support system. We must bring the population and the police together so the people will work with them, inform them, so the population can participate in their security. This can never happen if people do not trust the police.”

As part of the project, the NGO Coginta meets with residents to hear about their experiences with, and perceptions of, the police.

Keïta said that in rural areas, communities have traditional mechanisms to ward off theft and other crimes. “We have done community policing – just not calling it by that name,” he told IRIN, saying Guineans can restore security by returning to these community methods.

Officials working on the project say the plan is to establish neighbourhood committees that can help stop problems at their source. Oularé said there would also be ways for citizens to report poor performance by police officers. “The police will now be accountable to the people,” he said.

For community policing to work, said Conakry resident Chaïkou Baldé, the people must be convinced the police will provide protection. “For now, they are used to police taking their money or detaining people arbitrarily. The key to success here will be human resources.”

np/aj/rz  source

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Kenya: Human Rights group plans to petition the Inspector General of Police over the conduct of an army officer

Posted by African Press International on August 29, 2013


A lobby group in Bungoma”centre for human rights”led by its chairman Philip Wekesa have threatened to petition the Inspector General of police and Kenya military disciplinary committee over the conduct of an army officer based in Mariakani.

This resurfaces a week after API exposed a story highlighting the plagues of a traumatized Bungoma housewife was undergoing after the army officer demolished her house and later justice became her enemy.

The group claimed that the officer has used his rank to oil senior officers both in military and police force after he was accused of palatial demolition/arson against his wife.

James Machasio a corpral at Mariakani camp was accused on April 9th 2012 vide OB No.18/9/4/2012 against demolition and arson.

According to charge sheets seen at Webuye police station,Mr.Machasio was to be arraigned in court of law to act as a deterrence to other public officers who defiles their crown of power.

It is said that the officer collaborated with his senior military officers to defy the order as stated earlier in the charge sheet.

A police officer at webuye police station who spoke to this writer on condition of anonymity said that they were intimidated by officer Machasio if they dare to institute any criminal proceedings against him.Another officer said that the army boss had his brother at the force who was a close friend to several commanders in Kenya and no action could be taken against him.

In a rejoinder a human rights activists who wished not be named for fear of security has also threatened to move to the officer of director of public prosecutions to have the case reviewed in order to have justice granted to the traumatized woman.



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Marriage can be a bed of prickling thorns.

Posted by African Press International on August 9, 2013


Jacinta  Nabucha, a mother of one,living in Bungoma, thought married life was a bed of roses and without any hesitation, she threw her towel into the ring. She was soon to learn a few tips that marriage can also be a bed of prickling thorns.

She left her parent just to delve into marriage, but today with nobody to turn to and nowhere to call. Narrating her ordeal to this scribe, she says that things worked well for the first 12 years of their marriage but in subsequent things have been very tough for her.

In the middle of the year 2012,a man she knew as  her husband under unclear circumstances ran amok and demolished her house before transporting all her properties including utensils, beds and other belongs to the  house of his cousin for the safe custody.

Her middle-aged husband,James Machasio Musundi  working in Kenya Defence in Mariakani,prior to this,is said to have developed a habit of idling and insulting her on petty disagreements.

Whipping thoroughly while narrating her trauma,Jacinta says whenever she questioned his weird behavior he could attack her with insults.

Since the two could no longer become compatible after palatial demolition,Jacinta took a new dimension by filing a report to Webuye Police Station under the officer commanding the station Richard Tuei.

In a letter in our possession dated April 9th 2012 vide OB No.18/9/4/2012 from the station recommended that James Machasio  has a case to answer in a court of law to act as a deterrence to other public officers who have little respect for the law.On April 10th ,the said arsonists undertook an oath to before a renown advocate in the area that he would construct the said house and to remit Ksh 20,000 to her per month as upkeep.

“There is no doubt that ugly scene has been one of the tormenting issue in my life,but it is me who has remained on the receiving end”she narrated her ordeal in the hands of her brutal husband.

Few months later,the authorities that the woman had  hoped would help her suddenly became enemies after her husbands late brother influenced by using all means at his disposal to have her justice denied.

According to the victim,despite of the issue being reported to police,no action has been taken.Efforts by various authorities to bring them together and work on the solution has not borne any fruits as it is alleged that the officer has used his military rank to oil the law enforcers and implementors.

She added that it would be of good help is Director of Public prosecution Keriako Tobiko to move in swiftly to have justice granted.



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Posted by African Press International on August 1, 2013


Residents of Oyugis Town and its environs are up in arms with the local police over what they term as conspiracy and laxity which has culminated to serious insecurity in the area. The town has been for last 6 months continuously witnessed spate of robberies,rape,killings and cattle rustling. Early this week they took to the streets to demand for immediate transfer of the area OCS a mr Shikoli an officer they allege is never found in the station and is ever shuttling pubs drinking with bunch of women at the expense of security of residents.

They further allege that for the Ocs to respond to a distress call one must part with something. ” I wonder what kind of officer we are having is it the wife or him the person incharge of Oyugis Police station”, wondered some residents who have of late formed a rapport with the wife in order for them to be assisted when there’s a problem. “Late last week there was a raid at  one of the Hotels and the residents alerted the police in time but they dint turn up and it only took the intervention of area mp Oyugi Magwanga is when they responded hours later to the chagrin of residents.

Last month a young lady was brutally attacked in Ringa at around 7am and an alarm was raised the Ocs and his team surfaced at 6pm in the evening.Two months ago a court prosecutor at the station was murdered in circumstances which are un clear to date. A magistrate in the same court is also said to have escaped death by a thread.

Early this week there was a huge demo which prompted the no nonsense Nyanza PPO Ole Tito to intervene. Even though they listened to the PPO who is industrious and is enjoying a rapport since he was posted to the province they urged him to transfer some clique of officers who they say are corrupt,are never in their stations and are ever glued in changaa dens with local prostitutes.

A  Boda Boda operative who has been tormenting the residents with glee thanks to his network with a clique of some corrupt officers was lynched by the residents this week, and before he succumbed he mentioned three of his conduit police officers.Oyugis police station is the only place in the entire country where a cash bail is never refunded and if you dare ask you may incur more trump up charges.




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Kenya: Police re-open rape case against Kimilili ward county representative.

Posted by African Press International on July 27, 2013


Police in Bungoma have reopened a rape attempt case  against Kimilili ward representative David Baraza.

The politician  was  accused  last month  of attempting to rape a room attendant at a popular hotel in Bungoma town with police forwarding the file to the director of public prosecutions.

A police source yesterday told the star that the director of public prosecutions had written back to the police to record two more statements of two key witnesses before Baraza is taken to court.

“We forwarded the file to the DPP and he has written back  advising that we record statements of  two more witnesses before we arraign the guy in court ,”said the police source.

Police are expected to record statements from a motorbike rider who came to save the room attendant

The  county representative popularly also known as Webuye Jua kali  is also a popular vernacular musician has since denied the incident.

The room attendant had told police that the politician had checked in the room with a female visitor who later left after some time.

Baraza is alleged to have then called the hotel room attendant to serve him claiming some “basics” were missing in the room. “As I entered the room he grabbed me and tried to throw me to his bed,” said the room attendant. ….



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Kenya: Cameraman based in Busia County assaulted by police officers

Posted by African Press International on July 12, 2013


A cameraman with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation based in Busia county was assaulted yesterday by Busia police officers.

Josephat Okiria who was covering learning activities at Railway Academy in Busia was assaulted by the school head Mrs. Lilian Juma as he tried to collect the footage. The camera worth sh150,000 was shattered.

The reporter was on his duty covering teachers strike as an industrial court issued an order to have teachers back in class.

According to the reporter who was accompanied by his colleague from west fm radio Caren Papai, they raised an alarm where officer in charge of crime Moses Kameli  working at Malaba police came in and gun pointed at the reporters to stop covering the school.

The journalist was arrested and placed in custody at Malaba police station but were denied a chance to file a report or any statement by the said officer. They were later released on a free bond.

According to sources, the officer had earlier engaged in love affair with the school head, an issue which residents have called upon Inspector General David Kimaiyo and Director of public prosecution to move in.

When area OCPD Lucas Ongari was reached for comment, the officer said no journalist has been arrested and he is not aware of the incident.



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Kenya: A Swiss National arrested while making a pornographic movie – girls were having sex with a dog in Mombasa

Posted by African Press International on May 11, 2013


Twelve women among them a foreigner have been arrested in Nyali, Mombasa after they were found shooting a pornographic movie with a dog. - Swiss Guy arrested in Kenya on charges of pornography Guy arrested in Kenya on charges of pornography

The women and the foreigner who police identified as a Swiss national were arrested at an apartment in Nyali and cameras used in the shoot were also confiscated from the scene.

Kisauni DCIO Shadrack Juma said the apartment operates as a brothel and police raided the place last night following a tip-off.

He added that the Swiss national arrived in the country as a tourist two days ago and is believed to have been engaging in the pornography business.

He said the eleven women and the foreigner arraigned in court where they will be charged with engaging in unnatural acts.



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Kenya: Woman involved in carjacking arrested

Posted by African Press International on May 9, 2013


Police ion Naivasha have arrested a woman who was involved during a carjacking incident and robbing a popular TV show comedians of ‘ Tahidi High’.

During the incident a carjacker who fell asleep while guarding his victim after his accomplices left to withdrew money using his ATM card was shot by police.

The thug had drank too much and fell asleep giving a room to the victim, a taxi driver Macharia Githogori, to untie himself and flee.

Macharia said that the thug had robbed the actors some alcohol and started drinking it before falling asleep and started to snore.

Naivasha Deputy OCPD Paul Korir said that the suspects were cornered by police at Malewa lodge in Naivasha through a tip off from a mobile services provider trying to commit a robbery.

Korir said that some of her accomplices managed to escape after spoting the presences of police officers in the compound and had launched a manhunt for them.

The police boss said that the suspect a woman will also face other charges of killing Githunguri District commissioner James Hungi Mugwe in Kiambu.





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Kenya’s former prime minister Raila Odinga’s police bodyguard loses gun to a prostitute in Kisumu after sleeping with her

Posted by African Press International on April 23, 2013

The incident is an embarrassment for the government.

It has been reported that the policeman identified as Mr Edwin Okinda was part of a group of policemen that had been providing bodyguard duties to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga when he visited Nyanza region. 

The police boss of the area Joseph ole Tito on Monday confirmed the arrest of the woman identified as Ms Maurine Adhiambo saying she was helping police with the investigations into the matter.

The gun stolen is a Ceska pistol, and had nine 15millimetre bullets according to the report from the police.

Reliable sources state that the officer whose firearm was stolen spent the night at Kisumu’s Dalc hotel with the woman in question and when he woke up in the morning, the woman and the gun was missing.

He spent the night in the hotel after carrying out his escort duties to the former PM who had visited Nyanza region that day.

According to Kenya media, the incident is an embarrasing event especially because CORD members of Parliament are trying to get Raila Odinga to parliament after losing the presidency to President Uhuru Kenyatta.  This is a very sad affair because the gun may now be in the hands of criminals in Kisumu.

The woman was on Tuesday arraigned in a Kisumu court charged with stealing the pistol and money from the police officer

Maurine Adhiambo was before the senior Principal Magistrate Samuel Atonga to answer three counts of theft. The first count, she is to answer is that of stealing a government-issued Ceska pistol valued at Sh150,000 from the officer while he was asleep

The second charge to answer is that of stealing 15 nine-millimetre bullets from the said policeman and the third charge is the cashe totalling  Sh23,000 cash.

It is reported that the police officer was charged last week for being careless and losing a government pistol and ammunition. The man may also face administrative discipline by his employer (the government) and lose his job.



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