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Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence today

Posted by African Press International on December 12, 2013

The Standard Kenya writes;

“The heads of states who have already arrived include Democratic Republic of Congo Head of State Joseph Kabila, Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his first lady, Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Gabon’s president  Ali Bongo. Also in attendance are President Ian Khama (Botswana), President Salva Kiir (South Sudan), Goodluck Jonathan (Nigeria), Joyce Banda (Malawi) and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Others include former President Mwai Kibaki, Former first lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and former Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga. The visiting dignitaries joined an estimated 60, 000 people at the stadium. Millions of Kenyans are also following the proceedings at the stadium from home through live radio and television broadcasts. On Thursday night, President Uhuru graced the hoisting of the Kenyan flag at Uhuru gardens, an occasion akin to another one on December 12, 1963, which was presided over by his father, founding President Jomo Kenyatta. Uhuru planted a tree close to another one that was planted by the founding President at independence 50 years ago.”


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Kenya patriotic song in Kiswahili: Tushangilie Kenya by Thomas Wasonga

Posted by African Press International on July 29, 2013

Kenya is a country consisting of 42 different tribes, each tribe with their language, customs,  and traditions. Kiswahili language that unites them is the National language while English is the official language. This is a patriotic song sang in Kiswahili urging the Kenyan populace to put their efforts into loving the country and working for preservation of peace. love and unity for all.

The country has so far had 4 presidents including the present one. The first president was Jomo Kenyatta, followed by Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki and now Uhuru Kenyatta being the fourth president. Uhuru is the son of the first president Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.


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Kenya: Press statement by Nyanza Council of Church Leaders

Posted by African Press International on July 28, 2013

We the Church Leaders in this Region view the turn of event of some other Jubilee Leaders trying to taint the Good Name of our former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga that he wanted to overthrow the Government, those were analogue tactics of old reign to divide the attention of people of Kenya, Former Prime Minister  has done a lot in this Country  and he is a man of Peace all along.

We want Jubilee Government to fulfill their pledges they made to Kenyans during their campaign.

Beside that, he was the Co-Principal with the Former President H.E. Hon. Mwai Kibaki.  He should be given same treatment as the Former Head of State.

Now we are appealing to Jubilee Government, to accord him respect he deserve as the Former Prime Minister, and the six Government Vehicles should remain in his custody. By History, Kenyan people are more free because of the suffering of His Father and Himself, by steering freedom of speech and devolution, that now created County Governments.

We want a united Kenya, not confusion and suspicion among the leadership of this Country.

Let Government to give maximum Security to Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Former Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka for the great work they have done and maintaining peace in Kenya.

The Government Spokes Person Muthui Kariuki should not speak with a lot of bitterness while trying to address issues of Government. He should not be too personal.

God bless Kenya.

Signed on behalf of Nyanza Bishops By:

Bishop Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede


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1.June 2013: Kenyans in Norway celebrate “Madaraka Day” – Kenya’s self-rule Day

Posted by African Press International on July 7, 2013

Kenya defeated the British colonialist after waging freedom war led by the MAU MAU group. The British gave in 1963 granting the Kenyan‘s self-rule in 1.June 1963. Full Independence was achieved on the 12th December 1963.

The party was organised by the Association’s Board members. Many Kenyans and friends of Kenya attended the celebration that went on throughout the night, until the early hours of Sunday morning.

The party was a great success, thanks to the Association’s Board Members who ensured that everything ran smoothly.

Interview with Mr Makosir – Chairman of the Association:

Mr Fred Makosir is the Chairman of the Association of Kenyans in Norway. Here, he speaks to API during Kenya’s Self-rule Day (Madaraka Day) celebrations held in Oslo, Norway on the 1st of June 2013.

The Kenyans and friends danced the night out enjoying the freedom that was achieved through hard work. Many fighters died for Kenya to gain independence.

Part 1

Part 2 – Competition – beer drinking…….

Kenya’s first president was Jomo Kenyatta followed by Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki and now the fourth was elected on March the 4th this year 2013. He is president Uhuru Kenyatta who is the son of the first president Jomo Kenyatta.




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President Kagame attended inaugural ceremony of President Uhuru Kenyatta on 9th April in Nairobi

Posted by African Press International on May 11, 2013

President Kagame attended the swearing-in of Kenya’s fourth and youngest President, Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto at Kasarani Sports Complex in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi on the 9th of April.

The son of Kenya’s founding father, Jomo Kenyatta, President Kenyatta served as deputy Prime Minister, Minister for trade, and Finance Minister under outgoing President Mwai Kibaki. 51 year old Kenyatta won the March election with 50.07% of the vote.

In his inaugural address, President Kenyatta said he would govern for all Kenyans.

“We will leave no community behind… Where there’s disillusionment, we’ll restore hope, I assure you again that under my leadership, Kenya will strive to uphold our international obligations, so long as these are founded on the well-established principles of mutual respect and reciprocity.”

He promised that the new government would abolish maternity fees in its first 100 days and children starting school next year would receive laptops.

Among the other African leaders present for the inauguration were South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni. American civil rights activist Jesse Jackson was also in attendance.

Uganda’s President Museveni, who is the current IGAD President delivered the key note address where he highlighted that the ICC is an instrument of the west that is inherently biased against Africa.

“I want to salute the Kenyan voters on one other issue – the rejection of the blackmail by the International Criminal Court and those who seek to abuse this institution for their own agenda. They are now using it to install leaders of their choice in Africa and eliminate the ones they do not like.”

After the swearing-in, President Kenyatta then treated Heads of State and other dignitaries to a Luncheon at State House.



Adapted from Kagame’s site

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President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled his government structure yesterday – Appointment of Cabinet Secretaries to follow

Posted by African Press International on April 19, 2013

Uhuru Kenyatta takes oath of office as Kenya's fourth president on April 9, 2013. Photo/AFP

Uhuru Kenyatta taking oath of office on the 9th of April 2013  as Kenya’s fourth president.

President Kenyatta yesterday unveiled his government structure reducing the number of ministries from 44 to 18.

To manage the restructuring, the president some was forced to put together some of the ministries that was created by the former government.

During former President Kibaki‘s second term in office, the Grand coalition expanded the number of ministries to create room for cronies and party loyalist as a result of 2007-2008 post election violence. The violence erupted and more that 1000 people were killed when Raila Odinga refused to concede defeat forcing the formation of a coalition that saw him get the premiership under President Kibaki. This time around Raila Odinga did the same – refused to concede and instead went to the Spreme Court in his effort to unseat the New President Uhurur Kenyatta. He lost the petition and Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the Fourth President of  Kenya.

Here is a summary of the Ministries created by the President and his deputy:


  1. Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government.
  2. Ministry of Devolution and Planning.
  3. Defence
  4. Foreign Affairs
  5. Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology
  6. The National Treasury
  7. Health
  8. Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure
  9. Environment, Water and Natural Resource
  10. Land, Housing and Urban Development
  11. Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
  12. Sports, Culture and the Arts
  13. Labour, Social Security and Services
  14. Energy and Petroleum
  15. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries under which are the Department of Agriculture, Department of Livestock and Department of Fisheries
  16. Industrialization and Enterprise Development
  17. Commerce and Tourism which has the Department of Commerce and Department of Tourism
  18. Mining

While unveiling the structure, in a press statement, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that the lean government structure of 18 ministries will be effective.

“In exercise of the authority vested in him by the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and in conformity with the expectations of a lean and effective structure, President Kenyatta officially released the list of ministries and state departments that will form the National Executive,” read the statement.

It is reported that under the Presidency, there will be the Executive Office of the President and Deputy President with two ministries that include the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.

Other ministries include Defence; Foreign Affairs; Education which will have the Department of Education and Department of Science and Technology; The National Treasury; Health; Transport and Infrastructure which will have the Department of Transport Services and the Department of Infrastructure; Environment, Water and Natural Resource; Land and Housing and Urban Development. This structure will also contain the Office of the Department of Justice and Attorney General.

The Kenyans now wait to se who will be named to head the ministries. The Cabinet secretaries will reflect the face of Kenya. Minority groups will be catered for as promised by the prsident during his inauguration.




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Nyanza church leaders are urging President Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto to implement devolution

Posted by African Press International on April 14, 2013

Nyanza Council of Church Leaders say that the New Government under President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto should fully support the devolved system of Governance.
They are also saying the new Administration should enable the County Leaders in the 47 Counties across the Country to carry their Constitutional mandate without interferences from any external forces as was pledged during the swearing-in on Tuesday of the new leaders in the Presidency.
They further appeal to the new Administration to embrace Nyanza Region in his Development plan despite its political affiliation because it is also part and parcel of this country.
They pledge that they will support and work with the new Administration since it is the Government of the day.
What is now important in the Country is for the new President and his team to fully help in uniting the Country so that it to be one Nation especially after the just concluded intense political campaigns witnessed in the recent past in various parts of the Country.
They urge the new Government to strive to deliver and fulfill its various pledges to Kenyans which they made when they were campaigning as contained in the Jubilee Coalition manifesto.
The Country now needs the element of Peace and tranquility so as to help it prosper under the new system of Government, hence the need to promote peace in various parts of the country
There is also need to heal and reconcile various communities after those vigorous political campaigns prior to the just concluded General Elections and this therefore calls on the New Government to ensure the Country is united while it takes shape.
The group fear that the new government may ignore Nyanza region because the voters there did not show support for President Uhuru and Deputy President Ruto during their campaigns and the voting. The people of Nyanza voted overwhelmingly for their own “crown prince Raila Odinga“, as believed by them,  a man who failed to win the presidency after so much thirst to take over the Presidency, – and now failing in his third attempt.. All his critics believe that he will never be president because the next presidential elections will be in August 2017, and that time will find him clocking 73 years old. This was his last chance. He is was prime minister during the Kibaki’s last term in office. He got the job due to pressure on Kibaki by the International community after the 2007/2008 post-election violence.

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Kenya: Civil societies threaten to take outgoing Kenyan president Kibaki to court

Posted by African Press International on April 10, 2013

  • By Godfrey Wamalwa, Kenya
Civil societies in Kenya are up in arms against the direction of outgoing president Mwai Kibaki on county commissioners. They are particularly angered by the directives that Governors will work under county commissioners. Led by the secretary of Jukwaa La Katiba Bungoma County Mr. Phillip Wanyonyi Wekesa terming the direction as unconstitutional. “The constitution of Kenya is the supreme law of the republic and binds all persons including outgoing presidency and all the state organs at both level of governments.”Wanyonyi lamented
Speaking to journalist at Bungoma Town Phillip maintains that the sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and can only be exercised in accordance to the constitution of the republic of Kenya.
He further added that the appointment of county commissioners is unconstitutional and in bad faith and an affront to devolution and governance in general.
“The kenyan people may exercise sovereign power directly or through democratically elected representatives as it was done on 4th. March2013:he said .
According to the civil society,introducing provincial administration through back door is unconstitutional and unaccepted and are now preparing to take the outgoing presidency to court after handing over for misuse of power by making unconstitutional appointments and creating a separate government other than a government established democratically by the people of Kenya said Mr. wekesa.
Article 3.section 1. Every person has an obligation to respect,uphold and defend this constitution. In this respect the outgoing presidency Hon. mwai kibaki has violated the law of the land he swore to protect. The sovereign power is delegated to all state organs and the provincial administration is not recognised by the law.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s swearing in

Posted by African Press International on April 9, 2013

President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s inauguration speech



On behalf of the Kenyan people, I welcome all of you to Kenya. Karibuni Sana!

Let me also acknowledge with gratitude and respect the distinguished service of my predecessors.

President Mwai Kibaki, a true statesman and a great leader who over the past 10 years has laid a firm foundation for the future prosperity of our country.

Asante sana Mzee. Shukrani nyingi sana.

I pay tribute also to former President Moi who is with us today and thank him for his years of leadership and dedication to our nation. Asante Mzee!

With humility and respect, I acknowledge and pay tribute to the memory of my father, the late founding father of our nation, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

May he and his fellow architects of liberation in Kenya and Africa as a whole rest in peace with the knowledge that this generation is committed to fulfilling their dreams for our nation and our continent.

I would like to thank all my worthy opponents in the recently completed presidential election. Every one of you helped define and make stronger our democracy. Because of you , Kenyans had real choices. Because of you , Kenyans felt free to exercise their sovereign will. Thank you all.

In an open and free democracy , there is a vital role for a vibrant opposition that helps to hold the Government to account. Kenya is such a democracy , and as President I will respect that role just as I will champion the right of every Kenyan to speak their mind free of fear of reprisal or condemnation.

Fellow Kenyans,

Our nation has now successfully navigated the most complex general election in our history. Our journey began three years ago, with the promulgation of a new constitution , and ended eleven days ago, with a landmark Supreme Court decision. Ours has been an unusual story.

An unconventional path. We have been praised and criticized in turn – depending on who was telling our story. Yet while some watched the unfolding national events with skepticism, resigned to what they believed was the inevitability of chaos , others , the vast majority, looked upon our nation with a tempered hope; cheering us on not only because they believed in us but because they knew that if Kenya succeeded they too would succeed.

For all that has been said of our nation , the records of history will attest to a number of undeniable facts.

They will outline the long queues we made, the long hours we waited to vote and the historic voter turnout of these elections.

They will detail the decisions that the Kenyan media made – the professionalism and responsibility with which they acted.

They will remind us of the fact that we embarked on a feat that few other countries have attempted , holding six elections simultaneously.

They will call our attention to the fact that the youth were meaningfully engaged in the entire electoral period and that the political consciousness of Kenyans was at an all-time high.

They will list and honor the individuals, institutions and service organizations that played a strong role in this defining chapter of our nation’s history.

They will contrast our accomplishments , with the fact that Kenya ventured into multi-party politics only 20 years ago further strengthening and entrenching our democracy.

When the records remind us of these truths , we will recognise that at the end of the day , it is the indomitable spirit of the Kenyan people ; their commitment to peace ; their desire for progress and their respect for the rule of law – that was the true headline of this election story.

Where systems failed, Kenyans did not. Where decisions were delayed and ambiguity prevailed , Kenyans were patient – seeking and waiting for clarity. Where issues arose to stir up dissent , Kenyans exercised restraint ; peacefully sought redress and submitted themselves again to the constitution and the rule of law – united in the belief that God’s judgment would guide that of men.

Today , I am humbled and honoured to accept the mantle of leadership that the people of Kenya have bestowed on me. I will lead all Kenyans – those who voted for me – and those who voted for our competitors – towards a national prosperity that is firmly rooted in a rich and abiding peace in which unity can ultimately be realised.

Peace is not simply about the absence of violence. It is defined by the presence of fundamental liberties and the prevalence of economic opportunities.

We will not settle for a perfunctory peace that is disrupted every five years by an election cycle. Rather , we are calling and working towards a permanent peace, through which democracy is glorified rather than undermined. A peace that fosters unity.

Indeed, national unity will only be possible if we deal decisively with some of the issues that continue to hinder our progress. It will come through job creation.

It will be founded on economic growth. It will be strengthened by a globally competitive education system : by the building of more schools across the nation and by ensuring that we have well thought out curricula that prepares our children for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

It will be upheld when all citizens are able to access affordable healthcare and protect themselves, and their children , from preventable diseases that still wage war on our populace.

It will be strengthened through the promotion of public-private partnerships and through the creation of a friendly and enabling environment for business.

It will be reflected in our men and women working side by side as equals to move our country forward.

It will be realised when we become a food-secure nation by investing in and modernizing the agricultural sector by equipping it with the relevant information and technology that it needs to grow.

It will be confirmed when the rights of all citizens are protected through legislation that upholds the spirit of our constitution. When women and young people are both seen and heard at the decision-making table, at national as well as devolved levels of government. When all communities in Kenya are confident that they have a Government that listens to and addresses their needs.

Achieving peace and strengthening unity will be the goal of my Government. This work begins now. We welcome all Kenyans to hold us to account.

Within the first one hundred days – we will ensure that maternity fees are abolished and that all citizens of Kenya are able to access government dispensaries and health centres free of charge.

Within the first one hundred days , we will develop a framework to direct the 6 billion Kenya Shillings previously allocated for the election run-off towards establishing a new Youth and Women Fund that will be open to the youth and women from every part of this country.

Within the first one hundred days, we will put measures in place to ensure that all students , joining class one next year , within the public school system receive a laptop. We made a promise to our children and we will keep it because we believe that early exposure to technology will inspire future innovation and be a catalyst for growth and prosperity.

Fellow Kenyans,

My government will immediately begin the process of supporting devolution and enabling county leadership to carry out their constitutional mandate and fulfill the pledges they made to the Kenyan people.

Let us all be clear – supporting devolution is not a choice , as some claim it to be – it is a duty. A constitutional duty. One that I have sworn to uphold. Our constitution does not suggest devolution , it demands it. I urge all Kenyans to be persistent, pragmatic, patient and non-partisan , as we pursue the promise of devolved governance.

Fellow Kenyans,

Dealing with unemployment will be a priority for my government. We are committed to creating jobs and opportunities for our people – especially our young people.

We will do this, by creating an enabling environment for the private sector.

We will harness the gifts and talents of our youth , in order to make sports and entertainment providers of profitable livelihood and to make Kenya a global leader in these areas.

We will make the procurement process faster, more accessible, and transparent. We will simplify the process of starting and running a business , in order to make it friendly and cost-effective to do business in Kenya.

We will expand electricity generation, extend the transmission network and ensure that electricity supply is more consistent and reliable.

We will build on the accomplishments of the last administration in infrastructure , by increasing accessibility through roads and rail networks , as well as increasing digital connectivity.

To the private sector, my promise to you , is that we will create an enabling environment , so that you can play your part in creating employment and fostering economic growth.

Fellow Kenyans,

For too long our nation has exported jobs that should rightly belong to our citizens. We have focused on exporting primary products , instead of promoting value addition and manufacturing finished goods thereby creating jobs and improving our standard of living.

Today, I pledge , that my administration will work towards diversifying our economic base. We will support the manufacturing industry and support all enterprises , both local and international, that strive to create finished goods using local labour and materials. I also pledge , that this Government, as the largest buyer of goods and services will take the lead in supporting local industry , by buying Kenyan first.

I have consulted with Parliament and on the 16th of April, I will address both Houses and announce a detailed government program and legislative agenda.

Fellow Kenyans,

One of the biggest challenges to national unity is the feeling of exclusion in the decision making process, hence our desire and need for devolution. That notwithstanding, my commitment to Kenya is that our national Government shall and will reflect the true face of Kenya , with the clear understanding that as we bring decision making and services closer to the people , the integrity and solidarity that binds us as citizens of one nation , must not only remain , but must be strengthened.

I am equally committed to ensuring that interests of women, and the interests of young people are represented in my government. A department in my office will be dedicated to ensuring that the interests of these groups not only inform every decision I make as President , but also those of every department and government ministry.

Our doors will always be open. We will never turn a deaf ear to the needs of any person or group. We will leave no community behind.

Fellow Kenyans –

To achieve these goals and to achieve Vision 2030 – we must be responsible stewards of our natural resources.

In light of this – my commitment and the commitment of the Government will be to support the National Land Commission as they seek to provide the land answer. My government will strive to work with all actors to ensure that the issue of land will never again be a contentious or a divisive subject but rather that land will be seen as what it truly is, a factor of production.

I also promise that we will exploit our natural resources in a way that benefits the current generation while safeguarding the interests of generations to come. I want to assure all Kenyans that we shall use all the money that comes from natural resources for development programs.

Fellow Kenyans

We will ensure that the harmony we are striving for extends to the environment. It is our heritage. It is our duty as guardians and custodians of that heritage to protect it for future generations. Indeed, my government will strike a decisive blow against all those that threaten it.

My fellow Kenyans, poaching and the destruction of our environment has no future in this country. The responsibility to protect our environment belongs not just to the Government, but to each and every one of us. We will do all this, and more.

Where there is uncertainty , we will revive confidence in the governments ability to protect its citizens. Where there is disillusion – we will restore hope. Where there is opportunity denied – we will open new frontiers, and through our actions , we will renew our faith in government as an instrument of good.

Let me reiterate that even as we work together to promote inclusion, open new frontiers and create new opportunities, we will not tolerate those who continue to threaten the peace and security of our citizens. Criminals, cattle rustlers, drug barons and agents of terror , who disrupt the peace of our society will be met with the full force of the law and the strength of Kenya’s Security Forces. On this matter, we are resolute.

To our men and women in uniform, I say, this nation is indebted to you. You continue to lay down your lives in service, protecting Kenyans from threats both external and internal. My government will continue to work with you and do all that is in its power to support you as you continue in your noble duty.

To our sister countries in the region- we understand that our future is joined to yours. Our peace is linked to the security and stability of the region.

We deployed our armed forces to Somalia because terrorism and piracy affects all of us. Indeed in the last two decades, Kenya has invested immense diplomatic energy and resources in the quest for a stable Somalia.

Our commitment to fight terrorism and eradicate piracy will remain a central pillar of my government’s policy on peace and security.

As President , I will work with, the international community to strengthen its support for IGAD and the AU peace process in Somalia because a stable and prosperous Somalia – is in the interest of all nations.

My fellow Kenyans –

The future of Kenya depends not only on our National Unity but also on deepening our bonds with our brothers and sisters in East Africa and Africa as a whole. It is with this unity that we will prosper and truly deliver on the promise of independence and liberation from our colonial past.

My administration is therefore committed to regional trade and cooperation and will continue to strengthen ties through the free movement of people , goods and investment , including the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade within the EAC. My goal is to see the continued growth of our community towards ultimate integration.

As Kenya celebrates its Jubilee year of freedom and independence, Africa too marks slightly over 50 years since the fall of colonialism. The breakaway from colonialism has not been easy. Indeed it has been fraught with great challenges and setbacks. Without fail however, the trajectory of our recent history, in Kenya as in Africa, has been one of great hope, renewed progress and palpable determination.

Africa, Ladies and Gentlemen, is on the rise. Kenya sees herself as an integral part of this exciting awakening. The great renaissance spoken of a mere 20 years ago is upon us. Across the continent evidence of renewal and growth is everywhere, built on the bedrock of rising self-confidence, a growing educated, youthful population and God given abundance of natural wealth and resources.

To the Nations of Africa and The African Union – we assure you that in Kenya , you will continue to have a partner and an ally. If we stand together in solidarity I am confident that we will find the strength to thrive and innovate solutions that work for us. Of course, we join you in continuing to insist on relating with all nations as equals- not juniors.

As partners, not subordinates. In our history as nations, we have seen some of the most ardent promoters of ideals of national sovereignty and democracy sometimes fail to live by the principles they espouse, but let us remember that their failure does not justify ours.

To the nations of the world – we acknowledge that in this age of globalization , all of us are interdependent. Our economies are interconnected as indeed are our people. I pledge to continue cultivating the relationships we have had with our traditional partners and I say to all developing and developed nations who desire a deeper and more mutually beneficial relationship with Kenya: We are ready for partnerships, we are open for business and we invite you to invest in our country.

I also want to remind the International Community that for the last fifty years, Kenya has been one of the most engaged members and one of the most prolific co-authors of international treaties and instruments.

I assure you again that under my leadership, Kenya will strive to uphold our international obligations, so long as these are founded on the well-established principles of mutual respect and reciprocity.

Central to our continued contribution to the international community, will be the understanding that the world is made up of many countries, cultures, political experiences and world-views.

We must remember that no one country or group of countries should have control or monopoly on international institutions or the interpretation of international treaties. While each state has a right to its own view, it must respect the fact that it holds just one view amongst many in the community of nations.

Fellow Kenyans, Today , work begins.

The time has come, not to ask what community we come from but rather what dreams we share. The time has come not to ask what political party we belong to but rather what partnerships we can build. The time has come to ask , not who we voted for, but what future we are devoted to.

Fellow Kenyans we must move forward together. Let us remember that although we may not be bound together by ethnicity, or cultural practices or religious conviction – our kinship rests solidly upon the fact that we have all been adopted by Kenya’s borders; we are all children of this nation, we are all bound to one constitution which calls us to rise above our individual ideologies and march to our national anthem.

That anthem reminds us of the fundamental principles upon which our prosperity must be built. It calls us to reflect on the power of peace; to recall the supreme value of freedom; to believe, once more, in the beauty of service and brotherhood; to aspire each day, to the dignity that results from hard work, and to contend for the hope that justice brings.

Brothers and sisters; Fellow Kenyans – let us move forward, together, in the spirit of our anthem and in the spirit of our constitution being confident that if we turn neither to the left nor to the right of our national values, we, as a people, will see the promised land of prosperity that our forbearers set out for.

God bless you, God bless the Republic of Kenya and God bless Africa.



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Kenya: GOVERNORS induction in Naivasha faces challenges

Posted by African Press International on April 3, 2013


The induction workshop for governors and their deputies in Naivasha kicked off on the wrong footing with the elected leaders walking out on the Transitional Authority last evening.

Drama unfolded at the Great Rift Valley Lodge, Naivasha where the meeting was going on as the irate leaders staged a protest.

The incident occurred barely an hour after President Mwai Kibaki had left the hotel after opening the high level meeting.

Earlier, a group of governors tried to meet the Head of State to express their worries and their problems facing them.

Later they headed into a closed-door meeting with the Transitional authority chairman and his CIC colleague over the impasse.

One of the governors was overheard complaining over the manner in which the authority was treating them noting that they should be accorded the respect they deserve.

Confirming the impasse, Machakos County governor Alfred Mutua said that there was no way they could work without funds.

He said that majority of them had been forced to use their personal vehicles and pay their drivers and security officers as there were no funds.

The former government spokesman noted that despite getting assurance from treasury of getting funds, the promise was yet to be fulfilled.

On the issue of the National flag, the governors in unison said that they would ignore the directive from the AG and fly the flag on their vehicles.



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Power Struggle in Kenya; Out-going Prime Minister Raila Odinga did not fully concede defeat, instead he claims the win was stolen from him, intimating that it could lead people to look for other means

Posted by African Press International on April 2, 2013

What means is Raila talking about that his defeat may lead people to resort to? Is it force like in 1982 coup attempt or is it like in 2007/ 2008 post-election violence that led to many deaths forcing the winner Kibaki to share power with him.

Kenyans are not interested in sharing power. The power sharing for five years was a headache.
Now the Supreme Court has finally declared Hon Uhuru Kenyatta as the in-coming president with Hon William Ruto as Deputy president.
Raila Odinga should now retire peacefully as is expected by nearly all Kenyans.


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The story of a Kenyan Bishop who predicted Barack Obama election victory

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

  • By Leo Odera Omolo

To many readers, this story could sound like a fiction, but it is indeed a true report about a Kenyan priest who accurately and precisely prophesied the election victory of the US President-elect two years ago.

Bishop, Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede, the head of the powerful church in Kenya made the prediction in August 2006 when the former Illinois Senator visited Kenya. Few people believed him as the time, and even some of his foes described him as a man of seized by pipe dream.

And while addressing a huge congregation outside his ultra-modern Church, located near Nyalenda peri-urban area on the main Kisumu-Nairobi road one afternoon, Bishop Ngede told his audience to the disbelief of many, that he had a dream for them. He had said that God has whispered to him that the then youthful US Senator with the Kenyan family background is destined for much bigger things..

The Bishop earned the wrath of his foes who maintained that his predictions were mere wishful thinking and that an African-American citizen stands no chance of clinching the US presidency in the near future. But the Bishop his ground repeating the same message in his weekly sermons in the church and before huge crowds usually gathering for his open-air crusades.

The prediction came only a few days after Senator Barrack Obama jnr had visited Kisumu City where be and his wife Michelle Obama had gone for an HIV/Aids test and made an extensive tour of his Alego-Kogelo ancestral home. The Bishop was one of the members of the Obama Local Welcome committee.

On the eve of November 3rd and 4th, Bishop Ngede led a team of close to ten Bishops, priests, pastors and clergymen from all denominations of churches who converged at the Kogelo Village home of Mama Sarah Obama, the US President-elect step grand mother and kept night prayers vigil for two consecutive nights until the results of the US Presidential race were announced resulting in Barrack Obama Jnr resounding victory over his rival Sen John MCain.

Highly respected and credited for his spiritual healings, the soft-spoken Kenyan priest said he was looking for funds to enable him and a large number of Kenyan archbishops, bishops, priests and pastors to charter a plane load full of eminent people and high priests from Kenya to attend Obama’s installation ceremony in Washington on January 20,2009.

The Kenyan Bishop had also predicted the election victory of Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga in the highly disputed presidential election results, which resulted in Kenya being engulfed in fire. Following post-election violence between January and March this year. The Bishop still maintains that Raila had won the presidential race against the incumbent President Mwai Kibaki with landslide majority of close to one million votes. But the Prime Minister’s was deliberately robbed of what the Bishop terms as his God’s given victory due to hidden satanic powers of corruption.

He told this writer that his Church headquarters in Kisumu that he was a happy man because all his dreams have come true. He also said that he was very happy that Kenya was now peaceful following the formation of a grand coalition government between the Kibaki’s PNU and Raila Odinga’s ODM parties.

The Bishop predicted that the grand coalition would last until the next election in 2012 despite of some teething problems. We are praying to our Almighty God to bring peace and tranquility and to help our nation heals from the brink of bloody tribal clashes.

Bishop Ngede’s message was that Kenyan politicians should consider themselves a true nationalist and stop preaching destructive parochial and ethnic gospel of hatred. Kenya, he added, is a land of plenty. There is sufficient room for every Kenyan to work hard and prosper. If Kenyans turns to a God-fearing society, which is devoid of political marginalization of those conceived to be political foes. Let our leaders work together. They bshould talks less and work harder; he added.

Born in 1942 at Kawese village in Mayanye sub-location, East Kolwa, Location East Kisumu district, Bishop Ngede took his early education at Kadiju Primary School. He later moved to Rabuor Secondary School.

He joined the then Lonrho East Africa at its subsidiary of Westland Motors as a motor vehicle mechanic and was briefly trained in Tokyo, Japan on how to handle Toyota vehicles. Upon his return he was promoted to supervisory and later joined the management of the same firm.

He and other faithful founded the Power of Jesus Around the world Church in 1964. This is the largest indigenous church with well over 1400 fully paid pastors spread all over East Africa. The church has grown threefold ever since its inception in 1962 attracting thousands of followers in Nyanza and all other parts of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and even to a far field as the DRC Congo

He was made a full church minister in 1977 after a series of training in theology in the US and Canada. He also attended an advance course at the Advance School of Ministry in Sandiego, Califonia He later underwent further studies at Victory BIBLE college International, Canada and later at the Jackson Ville Theology Seminary in Florida, USA.

In April 1995, Bishop Ngede and his other colleague defused what was considered as a volatile and fluid situation pitting the government of the then President Daniel Arap Moi and members of the radical Luo community. It was heading for head-on coalition between the government and the locals when the Bishop brokered for peace.

In the company of the then Nyanza Provincial Commissioner, the group consisting of ArchBishop Mathews Ajuoga of the Church of Africa Anglican Bishop, the Rt. Rev Francis Abiero Mwai and Bishop Joseph Ogutu of St. John Gospel Everlasting Church and others visited Moi at his Kabarak home in Nakuru and discussed wide-ranging issues relevant to peaceful co-existence of all Kenyans.

The visit resulted in the formation of the now defunct Nyanza Church and State Cooperation on Development. This was followed by a series of presidential tours of the hitherto marginalized region. Moi later performed the official opening ceremony of the ultra modern Church of the Power of Jesus Around the World in Kisumu City which was constructed with multimillion dollars..

The Bishop who is very close to the Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga is also credited for having brokered peace between the Prime Minister and the retired President Daniel Arap Moi in 1999 and 2000, which resulted in the brief merger between KANU and the NDP into a coalition government before the 2002 general elections.

Speaking to this writer at the weekend, Bishop Ngede said that Obama victory and his eventual accession to the throne of one of the most powerful nation on earth would benefit Africa. Many American tourists, and others who wished to know the President-elect family background would be streaming into the country, and we must be prepared to expect a big influx. Other African nations also stands to benefit.

Bishop Ngede said he would continue praying for peace and tranquility not only for the US and Kenya, but for the whole world so that the mankind can live in peace and harmony.


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