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Congo rebels to hold rally in seized territory

Posted by African Press International on November 23, 2008

Written By:AP,Posted: Sat, Nov 22, 2008

Congo’s rebel leader is expected to hold his first public rally Saturday in the territory his fighters seized during a lightning advance last month in the eastern part of the country.

Rebel spokesman Bertrand Bisimwa said leader Laurent Nkunda’s rally will take place at a stadium in Rutshuru, the biggest town under the rebels’ control. Rutshuru is about 45 miles north of the provincial capital, Goma.

Fighting between government forces and Nkunda’s men surged in August, creating a humanitarian crisis that has uprooted more than 250,000 people from their homes and prompted the U.N. to approve more than 3,000 more peacekeepers for the troubled Central African nation.

Nkunda says he is fighting to protect Congo’s minorities, especially ethnic Tutsis, from Hutus who fled to Congo after Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

But critics say he is more interested in raw power and accuse his forces of committing multiple human rights abuses. Congo’s army and other militias have also been accused of pillage, rape and extra-judicial killings.

Many civilians in the east see Nkunda as a puppet of Rwanda, which invaded Congo twice in the 1990s to eradicate the Hutu militias but got sidetracked in a quest for mineral wealth.

In late October, Nkunda’s fighters advanced just north of Goma, forcing Congo’s army into a humiliating retreat. The rebels called a unilateral cease-fire, but sporadic clashes with the army and pro-government militias have continued.

Rebels seized the main road running north from Goma to Rutshuru, enabling Nkunda to join his previously isolated stronghold of Kitchanga with a rebel zone further east along a volcanic mountain chain that straddles the borders of neighboring Rwanda and Uganda.

Most of the area is rural pastureland, and its greatest value lies in giving rebels a stronger hand to force the government to negotiate.

Today, rebels are digging in, collecting road taxes and replacing some town officials with their own people. Congolese rights groups say the rebels have also been forcibly recruiting young men and children into their ranks.

The U.N.’s 17,000-strong peacekeeping mission has been criticized for failing to stop the violence. And Congo’s president has said the 3,100 additional troops proposed by the U.N. would not be enough to halt the unfolding disaster.

New York-based International Rescue Committee said sexual violence was on the rise against women and girls at the sprawling camps at Kibit, just north of Goma, that house around 60,000 people.

The agency said women and girls were being raped “both in and around the camp.”

Late Friday, a group of aid agencies said they had conducted a survey showing that around 63 percent of the people displaced in the latest fighting had become separated from one more close relatives.

They said over 26 percent had lost contact with a child and 17 percent with a husband or wife.

“Many of those we surveyed have no idea if their children, spouses and other close relatives are alive or dead,” said Brendan Gormley, chief executive of Britain’s Disasters and Emergency Committee.

Looting soldiers tried to rape one woman and fatally shot another at a refugee camp on Thursday night. Tumayini Kahumba, 20, was fatally shot as she slept next to her mother and two siblings in a tent, uncle Jean-Dieu Bansi said.

“When the soldiers got here, they wanted to rape a woman. She screamed a lot and the people woke up to help her. They (soldiers) began to shoot in the air to try to spread the crowd. They were also looting,” Bansi said.



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God loves America and will bless the American people with the truth that is to come

Posted by African Press International on November 23, 2008

God loves America and the Glory of the Lord will be upon the American people as wecontinue together on this long journey in searchfor thetruth in God’s mighty name.

We all met here on the net just because of the American elections. For me, in API, I truly feel I now know some of youeven if we have not met.

Many of you have been kind enough and very trusting to support me through the hardships API and I have been through and some of you have walked an extra mile to give me their personal details among them, work telephone numbers, home telephone numbers, cell phone numbers,and even most importantly, your own photographs,family photos included. This has really touched my heart and given me strength to continue with what I am doing and together with you, we will reach our goal.

Some people have not understood why the Michelle Obama tape has not been released by now. It is important to understand and put yourself in my shoes. It is not simply to release a tape that may invite danger to one’s life and that of the family members. Precautions must be taken and that is what has been done in the last few days after realising how dangerous the situation may become because it is going to affect the lives of manypeople, those for and against the way the results of the American elections is taking the nation.

The tape exists. I know some people have reached a point where they are almost loosing faith in all this now that it has taken over one month before the tape has been released, but they have to understand that I am not thinking of America only, but also of what will really happen to me or othersthereafter. I know all these will change my life drastically because of the tape’s sensitivity and the fact that API recently experienced how people can really do evil things to stop the truth from coming out when API’s enemies managed to set up a huge propaganda machine that silenced API’s news outlet for some days. If people are ready to go a long way to close one’s sites by putting in a lot of effort, we must not forget that such people are also willing and ready to hurt others.

In order to save API from much trouble, API decided to recall all published articles on the Obama’s and review them, remove all negative comments so that when the tape is released, API will not be forced to use time defending unnecessary comments by enemies of truth but get time to focus on defending the truth in connection with the tape.

The release of the tape had been scheduled for this weekend. Friday night or today Saturday night. API has used more time than expected in cleaning the site so that when the tape is aired we do not have to worry about the contents in our site. We know the enemies will try the best they can toclose us down immediately the tape is aired, and for this reason, we are using time to tighten things and close all the loopholes that may be there so that when the airing takes place, we will, together with all lovers of truth, rejoice and praise the good Lord for having given all of us the strength to be patient as we have since the 15th of October.

API is almost cleaned up now. Most of you may have followed what is happening on the site now and in the past two days.

Immediately the site is totally cleaned up, we willannounce our roadmap to all our readers.

By Chief Editor Korir,

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