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If, by some wild stretch of the imagination, a tape exists that would incriminate Obama, it will do us absolutely no good now. In fact, it would only cause great turmoil and perhaps even violence.

Posted by African Press International on November 4, 2008

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To Mr. Korir,

Are you kidding me? If you think that the alleged tape will have some kind of impact NOW, as to whether Obama becomes president of the USA, you know nothing about our electoral system and Constitution.

Our only recourse, if such a tape is released AFTER THE ELECTION (which is now!), would be to impeach the newly elected president, if indeed Obama is elected. And the impeachment would not happen because Obama’s political party, the democrats, are in control of our Congress. “Articles of impeachment” would have to be introduced in Congress and accepted by the Speaker of the House for consideration. If Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would not consider “Articles of Impeachment” against George W. Bush, introduced by Congressman Kucinich a few months ago (based on Bush’s alleged violations of our Constitution and war crimes), then Speaker Pelosi would LAUGH at any Republican who tries to introduce Articles of Impeachment for Obama. There is no way. We will be stuck with Obama for four gruelling long years, just enough time for him to do optimum damage to our economy, our court system, and our Constitution.

Yes, thanks very much, Mr. Korir, for either misleading Americans, or for not releasing the tape YOURSELF (never mind FOX), either the tape itself or a transcript. If you had put it on your own website October 15th or whenever you supposedly had it, every single news medium in America would have picked it up and you’d be a huge celebrity. My guess is you don’t have a tape, otherwise, you’d have capitalized on it and would have been a hero, at least to half of the American people.

So, you shot yourself in the foot either way, one because if there is no tape you will now lose all credibility with your readers (so good-bye advertisers and other ways to make money), or two because if there is a tape, it is of no use now and you are an anti-hero, you will not be celebrated, you will not make the millions of dollars you could have made just by releasing the tape and having all sorts of media attention for your website and for yourself. Logic dictates, Mr. Korir.

In other words, API, your bluff has been called. If, by some wild stretch of the imagination, a tape exists that would incriminate Obama, it will do us absolutely no good now. In fact, it would only cause great turmoil and perhaps even violence. For you to insist it still will help us is like telling someone to shut the barn door after all the horses have already escaped. It’s of no use.

As for me, I’m still praying for a miracle because God is America’s only hope now. And He may not be so willing to help us since we’ve offended Him with having legalized abortion since 1973, with allowing homosexuality to infect our culture and even our children in public schools, and other sexual immorality, our entertainment media propagating all kinds of immorality, for our betrayal of Israel, for any human rights abuses that have occurred as a result of our imperialism under President Bush, and for all sorts of offenses that God has put up with from our once Christian nation for way TOO LONG. He is perfectly justified if He gives us a Marxist, jihadist supporting, tax gouging, economy killer, baby killer, homosexual proponent for president. If Obama wins, the USA is clearly going to suffer the judgment of an Almighty and Righteous Judge. If McCain wins, then God is having mercy on us for a little while longer so that we can repent of all our sinful ways. It’s really that simple.
We shall see what God will do.

Mr. Korir, if you’ve been lying to your readers, you need to ask God to forgive you. If you have been telling us the truth, then I will owe you an apology. My guess is, there is no tape and you need to get right with God. Jesus is coming in our lifetime. Be ready.

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API instructs attorneys to prepare lawsuit against Fox News Network, as the Michelle Obama tape gets ready toair


API Comment to the writer of the above commentary:

Please be assured that all we are doing is to be sure we do not land into trouble when the tape is released. We are getting loopholes sealed so that we are not sued by any person or persons, once the tape becomes public property. In the last hour, we have been studying the following :

“US Laws on – Illegal wiretap – Possession and Publication”.

Chief Editor Korir

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How much money did Obama donate to Raila Odinga’s Presidential Campaign? Some Kenyan leaders accused in the Waki report for using campaign money to finance Murderers

Posted by African Press International on November 4, 2008

The Waki report in Kenya has foundKenyan leaders guilty as financiers of murder after last year’s Kenya Presidential elections that saw Raila Odinga fail to win the highest seat in the country. He later settled down to the Premier position after many people died struggling to have him as the President. Many Kenyans were dislodged from their homes by people financed by some politicians to cause chaos and deaths in the country.

The Waki report recommends that leaders who financed the killings should by tried by the International Criminal Court.

The Waki committee has drawn up a list of names of politicians involved and handed it over to the then Kenya peace negotiator Kofi Annan. The names are in a sealed envelope and has not even been revealed to the President of Kenya Mr Mwai Kibaki.

Many leaders in Kenya are dead scared now. They fear that their names may be in the list and if they travel anywhere, they may be arrested on the request from the International court of Justice.

Let us not forget that those who donated to the politicians who were campaigning are also to blame becausetheir money mayhave gone to finance the killings.

What is Obama’s responsibility here? Did he fundRaila’s campaign? Did any of Raila’s campaign money go to finance the riots? These are questions that need answers.

We believe the right thing to do,if the leaders who used their campaign money tofinance the riots and killings,is to take them to court, and if that happens those who donated the money for their election campaign must be tried as well.

This will not leave Obama out if he donated money even if he is already elected President in the US. If Obama is elected the US President and he is among those who donated money to Raila’s campaign, he must be impeached and forced to step down from the US Presidency, if Raila’s name is found in the list held by Kofi Annan.

Let us not forget that there are many other American leaders said to have donated money to the Kenyan election campaign, a campaign that later turned many people into financed killers.

Can the people who donate money be held responsible and tried in the courts if the money they donate is used in buyingvoters turning them to killing machines??

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By Chief Editor Korir /API

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Posted by African Press International on November 4, 2008

The Kabugas of Kenya will have nowhere to run


In Summary

  • Conspiracy to suppress the Waki report in high gear

THE MOST EXCITING Presidential campaign in recent American history comes to a close on Tuesday with very strong prospects that Barack Obama will sit in the Oval Office.

The son of a Kenyan has been leading comfortably according to the pollsters.

If the projections are to be believed, Mr Obama will take the national popular vote by a 5 per cent margin over his rival John McCain, but sweep the all-important count of electoral college delegates.

A simple majority, 270 out of 538 delegates, is required. My own count indicates that Mr Obama will comfortably cross the threshold and end up with between 320 and 340 electors, to just about 200 for Mr McCain.

It has been of the hardest-fought US elections. Tempers have frayed; harsh words have been exchanged; negative campaigning, on both official advertisements and campaign rally rhetoric, has been at a premium.

Lies, slander and false accusations have become legitimate campaign practices, especially through the anonymous viral e-mails and SMS messages.

Sounds familiar? It is no surprise the text messages doing the rounds within some sections of the Kenyan community in the US: A ship from Kenya loaded with stones and equipment for uprooting railway lines has docked, awaiting the presidential election results.

Maybe its not a very good joke, trying to make light of the turmoil that afflicted Kenya after the December general election.

It could be a very tight race in the US, but whatever the outcome, it is inconceivable that stones will be thrown, railway lines uprooted or innocent people butchered on a mass scale.

Even if Americans are subjected to another Florida, the suspect count in that state that gave George Bush victory over Al Gore in 2000, it will not lead to the kind of violence that threatens genocide and dismemberment of the country.

Dr Kofi Annans services will not be required to broker a power-sharing deal between Obama and McCain. Whatever disputes that may arise will be settled in a civilised fashion.

The US may not be paradise on earth, and the polls will not be 100 per cent without flaws. But ultimately, the country has systems that work and dispute resolution mechanisms the people trust.

We may make jokes about exporting stones to the US in preparation for an election result that we do not like, but the likelihood here is that if Mr Obama loses, it will be because the American voters preferred Mr McCain and not because of any widespread rigging.

The jokes may also be in bad taste at a time when we are refusing to deal with critical aspects of our post-election chaos.

POLITICAL PLAYERS FROM BOTH sides of the divide, President Kibakis PNU and Prime Minister Raila Odingass ODM are conspiring to suppress the Waki Report which recommended an international tribunal to try the financiers and organisers of the crimes against humanity that Kenyans were subjected to as their leaders fought for power.

When the power-sharing agreement was hammered out, we supported it strongly because it was the only way to end the bloodshed and pull Kenya back from the brink of the precipice.

Some of us also warned that for the leaders, it was not so much an issue of come, let us a reason together; it was all about come, let us eat together.

Leadership and politics in Kenya is all about eating chiefs who hold in utter contempt the masses they claim to represent.

When the leaders conspire to kill the Waki Report, it is not so much in the interest of holding together the fragile peace, but out of self-interest.

It is no surprise that those most vocal against the recommendations are those that were directly implicated.

Other than unofficial lists that have been doing the rounds, the Waki list remains secret, but it is safe to assume that those fighting it so vociferously are those on the list, or at least those acting as mouthpieces for their principals.

We have always talked up forgive and forget as an enduring Kenyan value, but we forget that often, this is what leads to the impunity that in turn leads to cycles of violence, theft, grand larceny, rape, murder and other crimes by those in authority who are always confident they will never be called to account.

If we are to end that impunity and ensure that Kenya takes itself as a civilised nation, the Waki Report must be implemented.

Of course the Government will not implement it; not when the chief combatants sit together and pull business deals or mutual benefit in the Cabinet room, while still promising more killings if they are touched.

That leaves the other option broached by the Commission of Inquiry headed by Justice Philip Waki.

Political exigency will dictate that President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga opt to sit on the report, but the matter is not entirely in the hands of the Government.

Their permission is not required for the establishment of an international tribunal to try those involved. Remember Felicien Kabuga? I wonder where our murderers will run to.



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Kenya: An Obama presidency brings hope for development

Posted by African Press International on November 4, 2008

Kisumu (Kenya) On the eve of the U.S. presidential elections, Kenyans are elated at the prospect of an Obama win. Near Lake Victoria, where many of Obama’s paternal relations live, the excitement is palpable.

Small parties are already being planned alongside larger street carnivals, and a concert is being touted as an “Obama After Party” celebration.

Obama’s Kenyan relatives are making headlines. An alleged telephone call from Senator Obama to his half-brother Malik Abango made the front page of Taifa Leo, Kenya’s main Swahili-language daily, and the Nairobi Star reports the family will slaughter a bull “if Obama is elected.” The Star goes on to report that the family is so hopeful of an Obama victory that the bull in question has already been ordered.

Part of the excitement in Kisumu is related to the Luo identity of Obama’s late father, who Barack Obama met only briefly when he was a child. Senator Obama is referred to as “wuod Luo,” the son of a Luo, in t-shirts sold in the streets of Kisumu, the regional capital.

Ethnic politics play a large role in Kenya, which was convulsed by deadly violence after a disputed December 2007 election – widely criticized by international observers – edged out the opposition candidate, Raila Odinga, a Luo. In a power-sharing agreement resulting from African-mediated peace talks, Odinga is now Kenya’s prime minister, while his rival, Mwai Kibaki, continues to hold the post of president.

Enoch Odhiambo Mulure, a 47-year-old Luo trader from Sakwa, a town in Siaya district (where Obama’s father hails from), said he appreciates Obama because he focuses on policy, not ethnicity. “We Luos are hated. Kenyan politicians focus on ethnicity.” Mulure said. “I like that Americans discuss policy, like education Obama’s policy for education involves promoting the low man the jua kali [those who work in the “hot sun”]. I think he will pay attention to people like me.”

Fifty kilometers away from Kisumu in the village of Kogelo, site of the Obama family homestead, the prospect of an Obama presidency brings with it hopes for development. Rumors of an Obama homecoming to Kogelo abound, and some expectations for his contributions to the village run unrealistically high. The East African Standard reports one local trader as saying “Obama atajenga nyumba nyingi. Ataleta stima na pia mbolea.” (Obama will build many houses here. He will bring electricity and provide fertilizer.)

Journalists from major international media outlets are arriving in Kisumu to cover the Obama family’s reaction to the news of election results. Two large television screens are being set up in the village, and press conferences have been planned for later this week.

Street vendors, meanwhile, have made significant profits from selling Obama-related goods, including framed portraits of the senator and greeting cards in which the senator wishes students good luck on their exams one card reads “Yes, u can!” under a smiling photo of Obama. Another popular item available for purchase on Kisumu’s streets offers two regional heroes for the price of one: a clock featuring Odinga and Obama next to each other above the phrase “two great leaders.”


API/ – November 3, 2008.

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