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Update on the Michelle Obama tape, the airing date and the Imam’s birth dacument on Mr Obama

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2008

Four things had to be done in order to be sure the Michelle Obama tape is aired and the Imam’s document on Mr Obama is delivered to genuine officials without API experiencing the same problems that has obstructed us every time we have chosen the airing date.:

1. To get reliable MBOs who would not give in to demands from those against the release of the tape.

2. The cleaning of this WordPress site so that our enemies do not use the information on the site to attack API in their efforts to discredit the tape.

3. To get a new website that the enemies will not influence. One website owned and paid for by API.

4. Organize to create a reliable link in a new web site to enable trusted readers to link in andlisten to the tape because of their unwavering support the gave to API when the enemies were busy scaling API down to the ground.

Those readers who have followed what we have been doing in the past 4 days do know that we are almost ready to ring the celebration bell.

The Michelle Obama tape seems to have given hope to many Americans who disagree with Mr Obama. This only makes us in API to be even more determined to release it now that we seem to be overcoming the obstacles that were put before us by our enemies who made sure we were shut down three times., leaving us with no Internet site to release information in connection with the tape

Those who were against the release went a long way to block US, but now it is our turn to be the masters. We are finalising our release plan of the tape and the delivering of Imam’s document to the authorities. API has worked hard for a number of days now in closing all the loopholes so that the tape may come out before or by thanksgiving day if nothing dramatic takes place.

The tape release by the MBOs – the two Media Broadcasting Outlets, one in the US and the otherto focus on the Canadians,chosen will do the airing simultaneously. API will arrange a link in the new website so thatall registeredreaders may link in and listen to the tape a few hours before the public airing by the MBOs.

The Link in our website will be coded in such a manner that it will not be possible to download without a special code. This is done in order to avoid people downloading and sending it around before the MBOs have aired the tape. The coding system is also meant to keep away the detractors who would like to get the information and distort it before it is aired in full.

After the airing of the tape, the coding will be removed so that all the readers will get the opportunity to download it.

The releasedepends on the completion of our new website and we think we are able to complete and have it ready any time from now. Our detractors will not be able to stop us this time, because we have done our homework well.

During the launching of the new website, API will also transfer this WordPress site to the new web site’s host. Our new host supports WordPress and this makes us happy because we will be able to continue using WordPress templates in our new site where we will get the opportunity to have comment box and other necessary templates.

By Chief Editor Korir


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