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Madona’s health reportedly deteroriating – Is it due to African Vodoo?

Posted by African Press International on July 29, 2008

Superstar Madona

It has been reported that Modona’s health has deteroriated and doctors have not revealed what might be the cause.

Madona adopted an african boy from Malawi amid controversy and in the African way of looking at it there may be a curse from the village where she took the child from.

This, however, is only speculation, but unless doctors can say what it is that is causing Madona’s health to deteroriate, many may choose to believe that African vodoos may have taken action on the popular woman who made it to the African village and adopted a child without the blessing of many people in the region.

Madona is known for high-life partying and at times shocking behaviour in the world of fame.

Her choice of Africa when she decided to adopt a child has been criticised as misconceived by many who had a hope that if she wanted to help, the best way was either build an orphanage for the many kids that suffer the same fate as the boy she adopted from the area.

Her adoption has been characterised as that of a person who is selfish and one who used the adoption to continue building her image within the famous male-female circles.

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4 Responses to “Madona’s health reportedly deteroriating – Is it due to African Vodoo?”

  1. Whoever filed this post is either a racist or plain cruel, this lady is a GEM for the International Community-but some people outthere are actively trying to tear her DOWN.


  2. Maybe her spiritual Masters are finished with her.


  3. hammer said

    She is being terminated before being sent to kafhak beacuse of her slutty support of the erevrv yms and her bs in tzfs


  4. Anonymous said

    What?? leave her alone, its her karma alone thats affected, this speculation is nothing more than nasty gossip.
    use your media power to at least report on something fulfilling and uplifting please


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