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Malawian Judge to rule on Madonna’s adoption case!

Posted by African Press International on November 13, 2006

A judge in Malawi is rule on the adoption of a Malawian child that singer star Madonna took out of Malawi recently.

The child was in an orphanage when the singer spoted him and started the process of adopting him.

The father to the child had no objection to the adoption because, as he says he wants his son to get a good life.

Human rights groups, however, took the case to court to block the adoption.

The child is already out of Malawi staying with Madona and her husband. The boy is one year old.

Judge Andrew Nyirenda will now rule on whether the High court should hear the case and whether an additional plaintiff should join the suit, reports Kenya’s Daily Nation.

67 activist groupsbegan the suit to challenge the adoption.

The Nation reports that, “all parties have been heard and the courts has reserved its ruling because the Malawi Human Rights Commission also applied to be part of the case and the judge wants more time before he can make an order, according to Mr Dzonzi representing the Malawian Human Rights Consultative Committee, which initiated the suit against Madona’s interim adoption of David Banda.”

The singer initiated the adoption in October when she visited Malawi.

Her adoption was given high priority and this is why she is facing protests. The activists are claiming that the adoption did not follow the normal procedures because it was a superstar adopting the child.

According to the activist challenging the adoption, they see this as favourism because the adoptee is a superstar. They want equal treatment in all adoption cases no matter what status the adoptee has at the time the adoption takes place.

By Korir, African Press in Norway (APN)

Source of the story. Daily Nation, Kenya

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