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Domestic Violence: Why Is It Still Allowed?

Posted by African Press International on July 2, 2008

By Catherine Mills

I have been asking myself this same question for more than 12 years now, due to my own experience of it.

Having done my thesis on the subject I honestly believed I knew it all.

How could any woman allow this?? I used to ask myself.

No, it will never happen to me.!!! But it did.

All the words in those books were useless in the real world.

All the advise was futile because those who wrote on this subject had never been inside a secret Gestapo family court in their lives.

If they had, they were gagged from speaking out anyway.

I have remained quiet for those 12 years until my children were 18 and free from gagging orders etc.

Now, it is time to speak out the truth as to :

Why it happens, ??

Why it is even rewarded in the court system,??

Why is it allowed to continue??

Why it will never end with the law as it is now,??

Domestic violence goes back thousands of year when women were first enslaved by the Changos about 5,000 years ago.

The institution of marriage was later created to make sure the women were financially dependent on men.

Women and children became possessions of men.

Men were considered the more powerful and bit by bit women were demonised by the church as it gathered power over all people.

Violent men are really weak in themselves and only know how to get their own way through violence.

Men have been conditioned for thousands of years to take and take from women at will.

Women were equally conditioned to give and give without question, always putting themselves last in the family.

Today, we are at a stage in evolution where both are realizing that there is a new way to wards equality.

Not the equality used in the propaganda machine either, where women are being taught that they have equal opportunity so why are they still complaining??

This new equality recognizes women as the nurturers and men as equal helpers who feed their partners on all levels and encourage them to fulfill their full potential.

Inside each man and each woman is a God and a Goddess.We are now balancing both inside each of us and in society too.

Women should come first as a strong woman is then able to look after all the family.

Putting children first is not the answer in my thinking.

The mother must be strong in herself before giving birth and must be well looked after following the birth.

There are now men who suffer violence in relationships too. No wonder.!!!

Women see that to get to the top violence is often used.

Also, violent men are rewarded by our system so some women feel, well if he can do it so can I.

When I say violent men are rewarded I mean that when an abused woman comes forward for help from the system, many agencies become involved and she is led into a false sense of security.

Whatever self esteem she had when she left her abuser is soon knocked out of her by those who claim to protect her and the children.

The latest word from court experts is that Womens Aid is a feminist group led by Germaine Greer and ALL women there, put women up to making these accusations.

That is a big generalization to make and a dangerous one.

Social workers use a woman’s vulnerability against her.

Suddenly she finds herself more abused by their use of reverse psychology and mental torture that Hitler would be proud of.

For me it was different as I recognized the game plan and abuse quickly but for others with no qualifications, what chance do they stand.

As it is all done in secret and we are not allowed by law to utter a word under threat of prison and our children being returned to the abuser or put into care for someone else to abuse them more, we stay quiet. This suits the system perfectly.

For myself I certainly did not make it all up or follow instructions from woman’s aid or anyone else either.

Why would I leave the home I paid for and go homeless for 12 years to stay safe and keep children safe.

Hardly something one does for fun???

So , the court orders assessments etc, and almost all men guilty of violence are rewarded with contact to children.

Now, I ask you?? What message is that to send out to the abused mother and children??

To the abuser it says…wow….I still have control here.!!!!

The Judge is allowing me to get away with this and I can persecute her and the children every time at contact.

I give you an example from my own case. My ex did not want contact but his lawyer advised him to ask for it as he would look better in the eyes of the Judge for the case of violence.


So, there it is, it is not actual quality time with children they seek but permanent control and the system gives it to them as a present for their wrong doing.

So little Johnny is dragged by the hair if so ordered by the Judge to have contact with a violent father.

This child learns to quickly identify that this violence is rewarded and is thus confused.

He remembers his Mum promised to keep them all safe and suddenly he is being handed over to an abuser.

Then the blackmail begins.

If Johnny says” I do not want to go with violent parent,”then his mum will be locked up in prison for not forcing him into violence.

If he still refuses, chances are he will be put into care where Social Services will make sure he has contact with violent father.

“Mum can walk the streets”as my Judge said to me.

The law must be obeyed.

Now, here is the confusing part.

If a mother stays in a violent relationship the Social Services will say she is allowing her children to be emotionally abused and take the children into care unless she leaves the abuser.

Then she decides to leave and the Social Services still take the children claiming she is unable to protect them herself as the ex might come to her new home and abuse them.

This is a no win situation. There is no escape as the law now stands.

So every week or so Johnny goes into the energy field of violence and carries it home like an unseen plague, where he begins to abuse his Mum and siblings first and then society.

Little by little the next generation of violence begins all over again and the woman asks herself- why did I bother going for help???.

She then tells other women not to come forward to be completely crucified by a system that proclaims to protect her and others.

I know of pedophiles and child abusers who still get contact.

Supervised at first, but then money comes into play and as in my case I ended up having to supervise contact myself.

So, the message is clear. NO ESCAPE.!!!!!!!

Thus it is clear that violence full stop is just propaganda.!!

Putting safe rooms in homes creates a prison within a prison.

Abused people should be allowed a new life in a new place.

Plus plenty of support and help to empower themselves so it does not happen again.

Mothers must empower their children to be strong inside on all levels.

Girls must see that they are not second class.

This is difficult as the legal profession is still extremely “old boys club”and full of pomp and many men are deluded into thinking they are above the rest of us.

Why is it allowed to continue then you ask??

One of the main reasons is the secrecy of the courts and the truth remaining hidden.

Also, violence creates vast wealth for the system.Peace does not.

Those who come forward are strong people and the system dislikes this trait and does everything to break that spirit.

For myself, I was told I was too powerful for a woman. So, what does that tell you.??

Men and women are used against each other in the system which makes billions from their misery.

Lawyers drag the cases out for all it is worth.

Rarely do they advise properly and treat many of us like dirt.

Psychologists and psychiatrists make huge sums of money for writing a pile of rubbish, or worse still, as in my case, a report was written up based on 5 minutes with psychiatrist, because he had all the information from my ex.

I know,!! the mind boggles.

I sat there in court not knowing who they were talking about.

I was labeled an alcoholic, a witch, a cult member etc.I mean, I pinched myself to see if it was all real and it was.

When I began making notes in order to correct these discrepancies I was ordered to put my pen down and stay quiet or go to jail for 3 months.

No, my lawyer did not speak up for me either.

He was only interested in the money he had received and was quite happy to hang me out to dry.

Also, in line for wealth are care homes and foster parents receiving 400 per week per child.

Many of the care homes are owned by ex social workers in fact.

As long as violence is rewarded because it creates vast wealth for the old patriarchal system then nothing will change.

Why would they want to change.????

There are some very gentle and peace loving men in society now and they should be honored and respected accordingly, as they feed and support women on all levels and help them nurture the next generation into peace.

These are the real strong men not macho fools.!!!!

Abusers should have to earn their right to contact.

Children should not be forced into it or bribed by social workers either, because then children feel they have been tricked into a situation where their own natural instinct said danger.

As long as we allow the people we gave power to with our votes, to continue to use OUR money in the manner above, then domestic violence will continue to increase like it is at the moment and women will become just as violent too.

Simply because that is the real agenda of our government.!!!!

The only thing that matters to the old system is power and money and control.

The only people that are listened to are dead people!!! Too late then.!!!

I hope that by shedding a new light on this situation, we, as a society will see how we are paying our Government with our tax money to actually condone violence because it is more profitable.

Justice Must Be Seen, To Be Done.



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Kenyans in Sweden and the Kenyan Embassy in unhealthy relationship

Posted by African Press International on July 2, 2008

Herebelow are the stories on what takes place in Stockholm, Sweden. Kenyans there and the Kenyan Embassy have clashed, if one is to believe what the stories say.

If the stories are true, the Kenyans and the embassy should sit down and iron things out instead of publicising hate that will cause division among Kenyans in Sweden. We believe that the Kenyans in Sweden do not necessarily agree in all that is happening and all of them therefore must not be basketted into one corner.

Some Kenyans support the Embassy while others would like the Embassy to act differently when issues affecting Kenyans surface.

AfricanPress International brings to the readers the stories as they are published by ksb in Stockholm..

By Chief Editor Korir, API

________________Stories from Sweden_______________

Johnny Under Attack On Just A WomanComment

Johnny, your article left me wondering! You watered down all what I thought was good by making a sensitive comment. I could not stop asking myself weather you are new on the planet earth! It is like you were dropped from Mars recently.

You wrote: take it easy with the Ambassador as she is just a woman trying to do her things. I consider this as pure male chauvinism, prejudice and adverse view against women. If Purity is weak as an Ambassador, it is not because she is a woman. Remember that a woman is an adult female human being.

A female is no less superior to a male. Johnny, the current world has moved from such thoughts. Your comment was embarrassing and degrading. I never thought I would live to read/hear such from a Kenyan living utomlands (assuming that we are role models to those who are back home). Even old people at home know that it is sensitive to make such a comment against women.

I have never met the Ambassador, neither have I entered the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm. I have read a lot about their inefficiency, but I cannot make a conclusion as to whether Purity is weak or not. You asked Osewe to take it easy on her. If Osewe is dissatisfied with her performance, as a Kenyan, he has rights to express his dissatisfaction.

Gone are the days when Kenyans used to say Kanu ni baba na tena ni mama even when we all knew it was not. Women, as human beings are supposed to carry out their duties just like their male counterparts.

As a woman, I demand that you apologize to all women. This is a sensitive issue and can not be taken lightly.

Chebet Keter

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Is Mr. Petersson Under Intimidation By KenyaEmbassy?

Dear Kenyans in Stockholm,

I am really shocked by what I have just read on Ksb, to hear that the kenya embassy is so disturbed and backing away from me.. as per there knowlege and thinking that iam behind giving information to be published or written in Ksb blog, I really apologise very muchsorry is all I can say!!!! for your attentioniam not part and parcel of that propaganda, malice,attacks and allegations that are being displayed by Osewe on, first of all i would like to inform all the people working in the kenya embassy especially the ambassador Purity Muhindi and Daniel kotutand the rest that you should know that i have no clue and intention whatsoever to attact the Kenya embassy in anyway ,as i believe you cannot kill the cow that gives you milk in any way.

I mean, does it make sense, knowing that you are being attacked and iam coming in smilling and asking for help???I could not even at first called to talk to anyone at the embassy for helpas i do until todaybut iam doing so.cause iam not aware of all these propaganda and malice.. cause i am not part of any. and to my knowlege i have never written any letter to anyone or blogger to accuse the ambassador or her staff.and i have not requested anyone to do so on my behalf. I was misled by OSEWE to send him my photo that he had suggested would be sent to Prime minister Raila , only to see it on his blog. I have no clues of what is going on there as iam not part of it, I am blind and what ever i am fed with i take it direct to my mouth as i dont know who to believe and who to listen to .

As i remember i HAVE BEEN in good contact with the ambassadorand the staff all along..and i should like it to continue like that and with respect. Infact we used to communicate on the same issue with the ambassadorand we have been as i should say in good excellent contact and she gave me good advice that i was following until when i had this romours that the embassy roof is on fire, that was being lit by Osewei believe and i trust that the ambassador is not just sitting there and her team just drinking ketepa chai as was displayed on KSB, and by the way at office hours who does not take a cup of coffee at work or even ciggaret at break timeeven clay drinks coffee in the office and i have never seen or had that Clay was in the blog because he was drinking coffee at working hours, AND YET HE IS SELF EMPLOYED ,and by the way those who dont understand why we drink coffee between working hours, its cause its quality time.heh.. heh..its known all over the world not only at the Kenya embassy here in stockholm, i mean my fellow kenyans who dosent take coffee?

So anyway, for me please i would like to be cleared away from this issue cause i have said nothing to nobody and i never authorised nobody to do anythingthe only thing i did was the way i do it, to call the embassy and ask for help thats all and thats my limits.. read my lipssorry to anyone who could have thought iam behind this i mean who dosent know himm.. i ask for apology of being mistakenlets keep in touch like usual and i respect thatbutdoisay

By Peterson Murimi Kinyua in Sweden

This text is unedited and is being published as sent via email by a KSB damu.

June 30, 2008 Posted by makozewe | Uncategorized| | No Comments

I am not so good in writing and I think I should start doing more practice. The points you raise about Petersson are very good because as Kenyans in Sweden, we don’t have to accept every situation uncritically even when our Constitution is being violated.

I am one of those Kenyans who think that the Embassy could do more to play a role whenevera Kenyan has problems which the Embassy can address. If you commit a crime in this country, there is little the Embassy can do especially if the Swedes have evidence. But at least, the Embassy can show interest in the case by attending the trial and helping legally. If you go to prison, it’s up to you.

On the Petersson case, I don’t think he ceased being a Kenyan because of Swedish citizenship. Once a Kenyan, always a Kenyan. But I think that the law should be followed and if by law he cannot be deported to Kenya because he is stateless, he should stay in Sweden as a stateless person.

I don’t understand why some people are saying that the Embassy has nothing to do with this thing. May be the Swedes don’t know that he is no longer a Kenyan and it is the Embassy to tell them and to explain that it is not possible to use the Kenyan Passport. What is the big problem with telling them this? The Swedes are now more likely to listen to the Embassy than the Kenyan on this issue and if the Swedes follow the law as some people say, then they should also follow the Kenyan law and leave the Kenyan alone.

I am just wondering if he arrives at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport then he says he is stateless. What will happen if the Swedes have his Kenyan Passport? This is where I think the Embassy could help. He was Swedish, the Kenyan law says he is stateless while the Swedes think he is still Kenyan. This is where the problem is. I don’t see why it is difficult for the Embassy to educate the Swedes about the Kenyan Constitution especially if the Embassy knows that the passport the Swedes want to use is not valid.

I think the Ambassador is not the person to go for. The real person is the one who takes care of immigration issues and I think it’s some woman who came here recently. She needs to tell the Swedes about what the Kenyan Constitution says in the Petersson case. I think this is the way to go.

Osewe, thank you for bringing these issues up because I could not have known about this case. I open KSB every day to see what’s up and it gives me a good break. Excuse me for my ignorance but I did not know that my son who was fathered in Sweden is Kenyan. I have been to all the Kenyan blogs managed by Kenyans in Stockholm and I still think that KSB is the blog to watch. It brings the issues then others begin to discuss them. Keep up the good work although take it easy with the Ambassador. She is just a woman who is trying to do her things.

By Johnny

Thanks for your compliments. Good article although we take issue with your comment that the Ambassador “is just a woman”. It sounds sexist in this age of gender parity, equality debates and gender sensitivity at different levels. The Liberian President is the first woman president in Africa and we think this is good and positive. Purity may have her own weaknesses but she need not be undermined on the basis of gender. It reeks of gender bias.

By Okoth Osewe, Sweden

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The Fundamental Dynamic In The PeterssonCase

A cursory reading of the Petersson Murimi case as presented at KSB could easily betray three major fault lines in the thinking of the cursory readerthat KSB is attacking the Kenyan Embassy for no apparent reason, that KSB is putting undue pressure on the embattled Ambassador Purity Muhindi and that KSB is anti-Embassy because of a constant string of critical articles that have found expression at the blog site.

Before he was stripped of his citizenship, Mr. Petersson was a Swedish national with Kenyan roots. Statistics from the Swedish Immigration Department show that over 600 Kenyans have taken up Swedish citizenship while tens of applications by Kenyans seeking to become Swedes are still pending.

According to the Kenyan Constitution, a child born of a Kenyan father resident in Sweden automatically becomes a Kenyan citizen unless the parents convert the child into a Swedish citizen through an application. If you are a Kenyan male and you father a child with a white Swedish woman, your child is a Kenyan, not a Swede unless you change citizenship.

In light of the emergent confusion that is creeping into the case of Mr. Petersson and presentations by a handful of Purity’s sympathizers who have taken contact with KSB, two factors which, in legal terms, constitutes the loci standi in the situation needs to be straightened. This will also help palpable readers and observers alike in appreciating the interest with which KSB has been driving publicity of this case.

According to Swedish law, a person who converts himself or herself into a Swedish citizen does not lose his/her previous citizenship. However, according to the Kenyan Constitution, a person who takes up another citizenship automatically loses his/her Kenyan citizenship. In simpler terms, people with Kenyan roots who have taken up Swedish citizenship are legally non Kenyans. These former Wananchi have to apply for visas at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm if they want to travel back home to visit their relatives.

Once in Kenya, Swedes of Kenyan extraction can only stay there for a maximum of three months after which they need further permission to continue residing in Kenya. When the visa expires, the Kenyan police have a right to hunt down these former Kenyans and deport them to their countries because the expiry of their visas converts them into illegal aliens in Kenya. This practice is not unique to Kenya. It is the standard procedure in many countries around the world.

When you arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with a former Kenyan, he or she will have to line up together with foreign nationals entering the country while Kenyan passport holders will make a mlolongo on a different desk officially RESERVED for Kenyans. The point is the samethat persons who are not holders of Kenyan passports are not regarded as Kenyan citizens but as foreigners whose nationalities are emblazoned on their passports. They are given different treatment at the Airport while they are also expected to leave the coutry when their visas expire.

The case of Petersson Kinyua is two-pronged. On the one hand is the unknown crime(s) he might have committed to warranted withdrawal of his Swedish citizenship while on the other is the question of violation of the Kenyan constitution by the Swedish authorities who want to deport him to Kenya although he is not, by law, a Kenyan citizen.

In the Petersson reports, KB has mainly been concerned with the violations and not the crimes because the Swedish law should be competent enough to deal with the crimes.

For KSB, when dealing with the indeterminate issue of where Petersson needs to be deported, the crimes he may have committed to warrant the stripping of his citizenship are undermined because the act of stripping him of his citizenship also made him Stateless as per the Kenyan Constitution with the consequence that he cannot be deported to any country in the planet unless such a country is ready to accept him as a stateless person.

For this reasons, Kenyans posing as voices of reason and who are on the frontlines in attacking Mr. Petersson because there is “very little” information about his crimes are missing the point KSB is trying to get across.

We don’t support criminals simply because they have Kenyan roots. At the same time, Kenya is our country and we will not sit by and watch our Constitution (even in its colonial state) being raped by an advanced capitalist country simply because we have a lame duck Ambassador who is too lethargic to intervene by defending our Constitution and questioning the deportation of the former Kenyan using a valid Kenyan Passport.

Walambaji of Ambassador Purity can continue singing her songs of praise and absolving her from responsibility in the name of freedom of expression. But, if you ask KSB, we are dealing with a case of Western domination of third world countries because if Mr. Petersson was a former American, there is no way the Swedes could have been in procession of a valid American Passport of a person who had lost American citizenship and then proceed to deport him to America under whatever circumstance.

If the Swedes awarded Mr. Petersson citizenship, they should also deal with his current situation as a stateless person because this is their creation. It is shocking that a Kenyan providing platform for empty attacks on Mr. Petersson and lapping Ambassador Purity is actually regarded as Mr. Petersson’s best friend who should be joining forces to prevent Mr. Petersson’s pending and illegal deportation. We might be wrong but this is betrayal of the highest order and Kenyans should take note of the snakes in our midst. While condemning Petersson for having strayed in the world of crime, every patriotic Kenyan has a responsibility of defending the country’s Constitution from abuse by a European power. This is the fundamental message KSB is trying to send to our esteemed readers.

Our point of departure is where the Swedes got a valid Kenyan passport under Mr. Petersson’s name despite the fact that he is not a Kenyan citizen by law and why the Embassy cannot intervene to stop this illrgal deportation on grounds that Petersson is not a Kenyan.

The Embassy is the legal representative of the Kenyan government in Scandinavia and this case should have received exceptional treatment because it hinges on the blatant violation of the Kenyan Constitution by the Swedish authorities. Is the Kenyan Constitution a piece of toilet paper which the Swedes can use to wipe every shit with impunity under the very nose of the Ambassador or is it a legal and binding document which deserves respect by other powers? This is the fundamental dynamic of the Petersson case.

We have said before that Petersson may have been a holder of a Kenyan passport before he was awarded Swedish citizenship. Be that as it may, the unshakable position of the Kenyan Constitution is that he lost his Kenyan citizenship immediately he became a Swede and, by extension, his Kenyan passport which is legally the property of the Republic of Kenya. Regardless of whether he still had the physical procession of his passport, the document was invalid and cannot, under any circumstance, be used for travel so how comes the Swedes want to use it to deport Petersson to Kenya?

Our beef with the Embassy rotates around the question as to why the Mission cannot alert the Swedish government in writing about this position after they learnt about the case and why top Embassy staff are running away from phone calls loaded with querries about the matter. In Kenya, foreign diplomats continue to intervene, not just in cases touching on any aspect about their countries but also in Kenya’s internal politics.

We still remember how the American Ambassador to Kenya Michael E. Ranneberger, almost transformed himself into a Governor of Kenya following the post election violence, hosting a multitude of Press conferences, meeting top politicians to discuss a solution to the crisis, articulating US interest in a quick resolution to the crisis and basically telling Kenyans how to manage the crisis that our country got plunged in after PNU rigged the vote.

After the signing of the peace deal, the Swedish Ambassador to Kenya Ms Anna Brandt became active, suggesting that youths who were in police custody because of cases related to post election violence should not be released.

When the Kenyan budget was read a few days ago, Brandt was once again in the news commenting on the budget and making some very serious recommendations. When did Purity last comment on the Swedish budget and why can’t Brandt’s kind of comments provoke a tit for tat kind of reaction from Ambassador Purity? Is our Ambassador a lesser Ambassador or is it KSB that is running crazy?

In political terms, overt political interventions by Ambassador Ranneberger and Brandt were classic displays of Neo-colonialism, facilitated by the mental slavery of our leaders and people by Western imperialism which must always tell us what to do especially in times when they think we are in crisis.

If other Ambassadors in our country can call Press conferences at will to lay their country’s positions on the table regarding internal issues unfolding in our country, why has the case of Petersson been left to KSB to deal with?

We are not even asking the Ambassador to call a Press conference in Stockholm because that would be too extremist. The issue is why she cannot even communicate through diplomatic channels to throw light on this case with the Kenyan Constitution as her weapon.

Should Kenyans sit back and watch colleagues being bribed to be deported back home after governments have raped our Constitution or should we be calling on the representative of the Kenyan government to act in the name of protecting the country’s sovereignty?

Embassy sympathizers too blind to question the catalogue of weaknesses of Ambassador Purity since she assumed office may dismiss KSB as simply looking for publicity with this case. In the process of a rush to defend the Ambassador, some Kenyans are slowly slipping into sycophancy, an unfortunate development in our midst.

Any patriotic Kenyan should question why Petersson has to be deported to Kenya under circumstances that are already in the public lime light. The stripping of Petersson’s citizenship is evidence that Sweden has second class citizens so if you are a foreigner who took oath of allegiance before you got your Swedish citizenship, then what you have as proof of citizenship is actually a piece of paper called a Passport.

By Okoth Osewe, Sweden

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Kenyan Threatened With Deportation Goes Public WithIdentity

“Conspiracy Theory” between Kenya Embassy and Swedish Authorities To Deport The Kenyan Open Up Amid Tomb-Like Silence By Top Embassy Cats About The Case

The situation of a Kenyan who has been facing deportation to Kenya after his Swedish citizenship was stripped by authorities here continue to oscillate between deportation to Kenya and dumping in Tanzania under new and mysterious circumstances.

Because the campaign to stop his deportation has entered a critical stage, the Kenyan has decided to go public with his plight and identity because he now believes that circumstances surrounding his deportation may be a conspiracy between the Swedish authorities and unscrupulous officials at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm.

Mr. Petersson Murimi Kinyua, the Kenyan, cannot understand why the Swedish police is offering him money so that he can accept to be deported from Sweden. When the deportation first ran into problems on Thursday 19th June, the Swedish police offered him 6,200kr if he could accept to be deported without resistance but when the plan failed after the legal aspects of the problem were brought before the Swedish authorities by concerned groups, the Swedes changed strategy.

They understood the difficulties of deporting the Kenyan back home because of his citizenship status and instead increased the amount he could be given so that he could be deported to Tanzania from where he was advised that he could cross over to Kenya but he refused.

Several things do not add up. Why does the Swedish government want to dump Mr. Petersson in Tanzania after failing to deport him to Kenya and even prepared to bribe him so that he can remain calm during deportation? Why is he not being charged before a court of law so that the crimes he may have committed can be scrutinized? Why has he been stripped of his Swedish citizenship in such a hurry and what criminal offences is he facing?

While answers to these questions are still not forthcoming, another issue is why the Kenyan Embassy has been unable to intervene on his behalf. According to Tonny Nilsson and Stefan Tilling, two police officers who are constantly in touch with the Kenyan and who are in charge of the case, the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mrs Purity Muhindi needs to contact them and explain why Mr. Petersson cannot be deported to Kenya and that such a contact would have a big impact on the case because it would officialize the fact that Mr. Petersson will not be accepted by the Kenyan government if he is deported to Kenya. KSB has phone numbers of both policemen.

The question which arises then is why the Embassy is foot dragging on making contacts with the police officers even after they have been informed about what they need to do by several interested persons and groups including the Kenyan himself and KSB. Mr. Daniel Kottut, the First secretary whom I spoke to about the matter, is either away from his phone or selects the phones to receive at the Embassy. The Kenyan Ambassador has been nonchalant while her Deputy, Jenifer Vivian Awuor has equally been out of reach.

The conspiracy element between the Swedish authorities and the Kenyan Embassy comes about because the Swedes have, in their custody, a valid Kenyan Passport belonging to the Kenyan when the Kenyan Constitution dictates that Mr. Petersson should have lost his Kenyan citizenship (and his Kenyan Passport) when he took up Swedish citizenship.

The question is why the Embassy has refused to take contact with the Swedish authorities to enquire about the validity of the Passport with a view to annulling it because it is currently illegal for Kenyan citizens to hold two citizenships because the colonial style Constitution has not be changed.

If the Kenyan had the Passport before he became a Swedish citizen, then the matter is very simple. The Kenyan Constitution dictates that the Kenyan government should have cancelled the Passport making it invalid for travel. As we write, the Swedes have no other legal travel document to use in deporting the Kenyan apart from the Passport.

Once the Passport has been cancelled by the Kenyans (who could do it through the Immigration attaché at the Embassy in collaboration with the Kenyan government), the deportation of this Kenyan will be permanently blocked as circumstances surrounding the case are investigated. The question is: Why has the Embassy failed to do its duty with one key official even avoiding answering certain phone calls related to the case?

Last Thursday, the Embassy claimed that the Mission had written a letter to the Swedish authorities but that a copy of the letter could not be availed to Mr. Petersson because the Ambassador was away in Germany. What kind of communication transpired between the Embassy and the Swedes? There is fear that the Embassy’s inability to act on the case may be based on a communication that may have seen the Embassy give a go ahead for the Kenyan to be deported to Kenya.

When talking to KSB last week, Kottut insisted that the Embassy was dealing with the matter but when questioned on what the Embassy was actually doing, he ran out of answers and his voice started shivering on the phone before he went underground. Now, KSB cannot reach him and the receptionist has been left with the task of dodging phone calls on behalf of Kottut and company. Why?

An emerging theory is that the Embassy may have reached an agreement with the Swedish authorities on the Kenyan’s deportation before the matter came into the open and now, the Mission does not know what to do in the face of pressure. Unless the Embassy emerges from its spider hole to explain its position, suspicions and speculation (which may be right or wrong) will continue. If the Swedish authorities can approach the Kenyan with bribes so that he can help in his own deportation, could they have compromised the Embassy in some way? The Embassy is known to be corrupt and anything could have happened. What does our dear Lady Ambassador have to say, assuming that she is back from Germany?

By Okoth Osewe, Sweden

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Deportation Of Kenyan Aborts Amid Pressure On Swedish Gov

As the Kenyan was facing deportation, Daniel Kottut, the First Secretary, was reading old Newspapers at the Embassy, Jenifer Awuor, the Assistant Ambassador, was drinking Ketepa tea while Her Excellency, Purity Muhindi, was On tour in Germany on Tax payer’s money.

A Kenyan national who was stripped of his Swedish citizenship by the Swedish authorities escaped deportation that was scheduled for Thursday 19th June at through Arlanda International Airport.

A combination of pressure and personal resistance by the Kenyan worked to compel the Swedish authorities into stopping the deportation. The case touched on fundamental legal issues related to family re-union, issues which could not just be brushed aside if there was a serious attempt to alert the Swedish authorities about the major implications involved in the situation.

The Kenyan is a father of a 10 year old Swedish girl but when the decision to deport him was taken by the Swedish authorities, they ignored a legal provision in Swedish law that guarantees access by children to their parents as long as these parents are alive.

In the case of the Kenyan, the Swedish authorities were in the process of taking out a father of a young Swedish girl who had nothing to do with whatever wrongs the father had done. Growing without access to a living father within reach is deemed serious in Sweden and there is a Kenyan national who had to be transported to Sweden through the Swedish Embassy in Nairobi after he made a Swedish girl pregnant when the Swede was on holiday, sun bathing.

To underline the seriousness of the situation and using intelligence that was provided by the girl, the Kenyan was tracked down by the Swedish Embassy in Massai land, questioned about the Swedish lassie he had been kissing and made aware that he was a father because the Swede, who later spread her legs out for him under a powerful lust of tasting a Masaai actually got ballooned and produced a bouncing baby thereby converting the Kenyan into a father of a Swedish national.

The action that took place next is that the Kenyan’s travel documents were acquired and put in order, a ticket purchased by the Swedish government and the Kenyan put on a flight to Sweden, not just to join his girlfriend but also to begin taking his responsibility as a father of a Swedish citizen.

From this example, one can now imagine how the same government could support the idea of a father being taken away from Sweden simply because a silent decision had been taken by the Swedish authorities who believed that they would get away with the deportation.

The situation could have been different if the Kenyan has a history of mistreating the child or posing a danger to the security of the child because then, his fatherhood becomes a sense of insecurity rather than a guarantee of security. (Picture above: Daniel Kotut: Reading old newspapers at the office)

There are fathers who are classified as people who can never take responsibility for their kids because of mental or other problems. If these parents are to be denied access to their children, then the State has the onus of demonstrating to the court that this is the situation. In the case of the Kenyan, the decision

Drinking Ketepa Tea At Embassy

was reportedly influenced by the police who acted when the Kenyan’s lawyer was on holiday. Consequently, the 21 day period of appeal elapsed without an appeal being lodged because the Kenyan’s lawyer was away. This anomaly raised the problem of lack of legal representation in the case during the period the lawyer was away while it raises suspicion as to why the Swedes decided to take such a serious decision when the reality was that the Kenyan’s lawyer was unavailable.

While trying to deport this Kenyan back home, another dilemma which could return to haunt the Swedish authorities is the question of who takes responsibility for the consequences of deporting the father of a Swedish national to Kenya. The Kenyan may have been a repeated offender. But this does not give the authorities the certificate to make hurried decisions to deport him for good. His citizenship had already been taken away and there is no big problem here because this is legal under Swedish law especially under specific circumstances.

Once the Kenyan sounded the alarm, what he needed was pressure on the Swedish authorities who also needed to be reminded that they were breaking International law together with UN conventions which guarantee the right to family re-union. Most importantly, the decision was a violation of European conventions which Sweden is a signatory to.

The Swedes must have known and understood the loop-holes in the case and this must have been the reason why they had wanted some communication from the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm to the effect that the government of Kenya might not be in a position to accept the Kenyan without problems. Although they were contacted on several occasions to intervene, our lame duck Embassy was too terrified to intervene.

The case is not yet over and the Kenyan is currently out of custody. The main battle may just have began. One perplexing gaffe of the Kenyan Embassy as the Lady Ambassador Purity Muhindi adopted a no hands policy towards the issue was the inability of the Mission to act even on the most basic aspect of the case that involves interpretation of the Kenyan law vis a vis the Swedish Law.

According to the current Kenyan Constitution, any Kenyan who takes up another citizenship automatically loses his/her Kenyan citizenship. This means that the Kenyan in question ceased being a Kenyan citizen the day he was handed over his Passport as a Swedish citizen.

What follows is that once the Swedes stripped the Kenyan of his Swedish citizenship, the Kenyan automatically became stateless because he was neither a Swedish citizen nor a Kenyan citizen. The Swedish authorities could not therefore deport him to Kenya because he had not re-applied for Kenyan citizenship and got accepted by the Kenyan authorities as a new citizenof the Republic. To get back his citizenship, the Kenyan needed to travel to Kenya and live there for five years and then apply for citizenship. (Picture above: Jenifer Awuor Drinking Ketepa tea instead of defending Kenyans)


What the Kenyan Embassy could have done with the Swedish authorities was simply to state that under Kenyan Constitution, the Kenyan government could, under no circumstance, allow the Kenyan to enter the country because he was a stateless person, given that his Swedish citizenship had been taken away while he was no longer considered a Kenyan after he became a Swede. According to International law, stateless persons can live in Kenya but only if they have a UN or other passport indicating their status. The Kenyan had no such status.

Instead of using the above argument to avert the deportation of the Kenyan, top Embassy officials like Daniel Kotut, First secretary, simply sat in his office reading old newspapers, Jenifer Awuor, the Principal Counselor aka Deputy Ambassador, was reportedly busy drinking Ketepa tea while Her Excellency Plenipotentiary Purity Muhindi aka The Queen of Kenya Embassies, was reportedly on a tour far away in Germany ON Tax payer’s money when she was supposed to be in the office defending Wakenya.

As the matter got hot with KSB on the neck of Embassy staff and calling on the Embassy to account, Kotut moved away from his phone to relieve stress because he did not know what to do. In a moment of panic that KSB was looking for a scandal, all calls were restricted to the Receptionist who was strictly advised to take a message on all calls touching on the Kenyan.

In the meantime, the Kenyan was facing deportation and the Swedes had with them a legal Kenyan Passport that they intended to use in the deportation of a person whom they had just rendered Stateless as per Kenyan Law.

In fact, the Swedes were in the middle of committing a serious criminal offence under Kenyan law for where did they get a legal Kenyan Passport attached to a Swedish citizen who had just lost his Swedish citizenship thereby becoming stateless? (Picture above: Ambassador Purity, On tour in Germany on Tax Payer’s money)

The Swedish police appear not to have known the position of the Kenyan constitution in relation to the Kenyan after he was stripped of his citizenship and when they were told that the deportation would be a big scandal in the Kenyan media, they too began to develop cold feet, saying that they will have to check that out. The plan began to crumble as the prospect of deportation began to look bleak. The Kenyan is now out of custody.

KSB has intelligence that the Swedish police did not intend to travel with the Kenyan all the way to Kenya. They intended to return soon after transit in Holland because they pictured the huge basket of problems awaiting in Kenya. According to the Kenyan, the Swedes even tried to bribe him with 6000kr so that he wouldn’t become problematic on the way. But once the key issues were brought to the attention of the authorities and the Kenyan convinced to resist every effort to take him to the Aircraft, the whole operation collapsed.

Holding the Kenyan in custody to await a second attempt to deport him became untenable because within the framework of the Kenyan law, he is currently stateless and what he needs to do to fix the Swedes after his citizenship was taken away is to apply for asylum as a Stateless person. The case will still need some in-put because it is not yet over.

The good news is that the Kenyan may not be going anywhere. KSB is part of the Strategy committee and our agenda is to use everything within our means to ensure that the Kenyan stays. The Kenyan Embassy is under an obligation to cooperate and we will report every failure of the Embassy to do so.

By Okoth Osewe, Sweden

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Kenyan Stripped Of Swedish Citizenship FacingDeportaion

A Kenyan-Swede who was stripped of his Swedish citizenship by the Swedish authorities will be deported to Kenya on Thursday June 19th unless something dramatic happens. The Kenyan, who is in police custody, has been facing an assortment of charges in A Swedish court.

The Kenyan has resided in Sweden for 15 years while he has a 10 year old child who was born in Sweden and who is a Swedish citizen. The stripping of his citizenship and the subsequent decision to deport him was strange because he has a child in Sweden who is required by law to have access to both parents as long as they are alive.

In a last minute attempt to try and stop his deportation, the Kenyan took contact with KSB to intervene and to express his disappointment with the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm which, he said, refused to help after he was stripped of his Swedish citizenship.

According to the Kenyan, Sigrid Ekstrm, an Immigration official who took the decision in his case, told him that the case could be turned around if the Kenyan Embassy could write a letter to the Swedish authorities outlining the fact that given the circumstances surrounding his case, the Embassy could not guarantee that the Kenyan government will accept him back without problems.

The Kenyan said that Mathias Gustavsson, a police officer working with the Immigration department, told him that his Department had contacted the Kenyan Embassy seeking communication but that the Embassy had failed to respond.

When KSB contacted the Embassy, Daniel Kotut, an official, said that they knew about the case and that the Embassy is taking care of the matter. When questioned on what the Embassy was doing to address the problem, Kotut insisted that we are looking into the matter.

The Kenyan told KSB that the Embassy had never visited him since he was taken into custody while he also accused the Embassy of failing to take contact with the Swedish authorities whom, he said, were ready to reconsider his case if the Embassy agreed to get involved. The Kenyan felt that the Embassy had abandoned him after his Swedish citizenship was taken away.

He said that he had spoken to Kotut and that the Embassy official told him that the Mission had written a letter to the Swedish authorities.

“When I asked Kotut the kind of letter they had written or whether he could send it to me, he said that he was not in a position to take the letter from the file without the permission of the Ambassador, the Kenyan told KSB. He added that Kotut told him that he (Kotut) could not do anything because the Ambassador was in Germany for a tour.

When KSB took contact with Kotut on Wednesday June 18th to follow up the matter, the Embassy official said that he had just spoken with the Kenyan and that the Embassy was waiting for the Kenyan to write a letter addressed to the Embassy saying what the Kenyan wanted to be included in the letter to the Swedish authorities. This was strange because Kotut had earlier told the Kenyan that the Embassy had written the letter.

KSB then took contact with the Kenyan in custody and informed him that the Embassy was waiting for communication from him.

Tell Kotut that I am in custody. I have no pen and paper to write anything. I have no fax or email and there is no time. I have told him what to write, the Kenyan said. He had less than 24 hrs to get the letter from the Embassy.

When KSB took a new contact with Kotut, he disconnected the phone after he was put on the line by the Receptionist who diverts calls to Embassy staff.

KSB then took contact with the Kenyan to update him that Kotut was not taking phone calls and the Kenyan requested that KSB dictate the content of the letter Kotut wanted through the phone so that the information the Swedish authorities wanted could be included in the Embassy letter.

He also gave a fax number 010 4852487 and requested that if the Embassy could fax the letter to that number, it could stop his deportation. The information he wanted included in the Embassy letter read as follows:

The Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm cannot guarantee that Mr. xxx will be accepted by the Kenyan authorities if he is deported to Kenya under the circumstances that have come to our attention.

Armed with this information, KSB tried to take contact with Kotut to relay what the Kenyan wanted included in the letter but the receptionist said that Mr. Kotut could not take calls because he was on another line.

Because of the urgency of the matter, KSB requested to dictate the information to the Receptionist so that he could pass it as a note to Kotut to help him write the letter instead of calling later and the Receptionist accepted. He also took the Fax number and said that he would inform Kotut to call KSB for further collaboration on how the Kenyan could be helped but Kotut never called.

KSB then updated the Kenyan in custody that the information was now with the Embassy and that he should try and reach Kotut on phone about the letter. When the Kenyan took contact with KSB later in the evening, he said that Kotut was no longer taking calls from him and that the letter had not been faxed. He said that the Swedish authorities were planning to deport him at 4 am on Thursday 19th June and that he had sought the help of a Human Rights organization in Sweden. KSB is following the story.

By Okoth Osewe – Stories from Sweden source ksb


African Press International – api / Source KSB

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