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Kenya friends abroad launch feeding programme – To assist post-election violence victims

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

By Shem Kosse

The Kenyans friends abroad under the aegis Kenya Development Friends (KDF) have embarked on a feeding programme aimed at assisting the victims of the last years post election unrest and the vulnerable lot in the society. The aid is emanating from USA, headquartered in Orlando.

KDF representative to Kenya Mr.Peter Odhengo who vied for the Kisumu town east parliamentary seat but bowed out of the race due to irregularities that marred the ODM party preliminaries exercise, said that the programme which kicked off two months ago is to run for two years.

They are packed instant nutritious food supplies containing beef, chick, juice, dates, pepper drinking chocolate and also consignments for men clothes.

Pragmatic Odhengo said that the post election upheaval is what prompted him to jet out of the country to go solicit for humanitarian aid.

The programme, he disclosed, is to assist mostly, the Luo Nyanza with respect Kisumu town east constituency and other pocket areas of Kenya.

And so far, several schools, orphanages, women groups, youth groups, HIV/AIDS centers among others have benefited, chiefly.

28 schools in Kisumu town east covering kolwa east, west and central, manyatta A&B and also kondele are some of the institutions that have received the food supplies.Udenda and papgoro in siaya district also form the long list of the beneficiaries.

Not left out are the far-flung areas such as Dagoretti, Langata and Starehe in Nairobi.

It has been established that many pupils drop out of school due to lack of food to eat and this programme is therefore crucial to them noted eloquent Odhengo with concern at the site of distribution food donations, thronged by thousands of victims who appeared malnourished.

God is great we can now afford a wide smile since post election crisis rocked our nation, robbing us of our livelihoods gloated one victim, overwhelmed by the goodies.

Odhengo also took a swipe at the government for concentrating more on the plight of Internally Displaced People (IDPS) in Rift Valley province, ignoring other affected areas.

Meanwhile, as the top official of the Relief and Economic Care Africa (RECA), he further disclosed that they are working in tandem with US with a view of promoting investment in luo Nyanza.

RECA is going to increase food security by reclaiming Nyamthoi and Aero rice scheme through intense irrigation and also intensify sugar and cotton production. And the investors have been identified for the said projects.

By the time of going to the press, the programme was slithering to the needy areas, to the joy of the deserving case s and to the amazement of players in the Kenyan political scene who hardly walk their big talks.



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Hell hath no fury than Mheshimiwa Millie scorned – The Kenyan way

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

Nominated MP Millie Odhiambo is a tough lady. She has learnt politics and activism the hard way through the vibrant civil society. In her heyday at the helm of The Cradle, a child rights NGO, Millie would not shy away from pouring into the streets for protests, mostly against the willy-nilly ways of our political class. In one demonstration by the civil society irked by the decision by members of the Ninth Parliament to raise their perks, Millie was photographed sprawled on the tarmac, crying out aloud. Now the graceful lady no longer takes part in street protests. She is a Mheshimiwa. But she is alive to the wisdom that you do not forget your roots.

On Tuesday, Local Government Assistant minister Robinson Githaes vague reference to certain members as “busy bodies” annoyed Millie. She shot up on a point of order and demanded that Githae apologise for demeaning members. But she had picked up a fight with another equally argumentative and cunning member, popular for his tip to Kenyans to feast on rats to keep off hunger pangs. Githae cunningly remarked that there was nothing wrong in referring to someone as a busy body.

Actually, according to him, the tag bestowed honour because it showed one was not an idler. “A busy body is a busy person,” retorted Githae. Well, both are lawyers with a knack to split hairs till cows come home. Temporary Speaker Margaret Kamar stepped in to stop any further shouting match.



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The song: Should I go or Should I stay?

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

Kimunya, the Kenyan finance minister thinking seriously about his future, but can he read the signs on the door?

Parliament’s motion yesterday that resulted in a vote of no confidence is a clear message to the minister. He should go!

The man must go. He has fooled all the Kenyans by selling the Regency Hotel without following the laid down procedures.

The big question is whether President Kibaki will let him go. He is a loyal servant of the President and a trusted friend. A golf-mate in Muthaiga.

If those who want him to go manages to get him ejected, the President may decide to have him as his personal adviser and based in State House or Harambee House as he did with people like the former foreign minister Tuju who was rejected by the electorate during the last general election. Tuju was given a job in the Office of the President.

Kimunya may even be made a special adviser in charge of the President’s diary. That will mean that those calling for his dismissal as minister may find themselves having to go through him in order to get an apppoinment with the president. If that happens, appointed to be in charge of the President’s diary, all ministers and even Raila the PM will have to deal with him and it is definite that Kimunya will make it hard for them to see the President.

The honourable thing to do is for Kimunya to resign instead of hanging on when he has been handed a vote of no confidence.


Korir, Chief Editor, API

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Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

By Douglas OkwatchFresh details of a conspiracy that could have provided a motive for the assassination of Cabinet Minister Thomas Joseph Mboya have emerged ahead of the 39th year since his death.

The CIA appears to have recruited the flamboyant minister and former trade unionist in a heavily funded “selective liberation” programme to isolate Kenyas founding President Jomo Kenyatta, who the American spy agency labelled as “unsafe.”

Declassified information in an undated issue of Ramparts, an American political and literary magazine published in the 1960s and early 1970s, accessed by The Standard at the Kenya National Archives, shows an elaborate conspiracy by CIA to prop up Mboya and isolate Kenyatta.

Ramparts closed shop in 1975. Whether this scheme sowed seeds of suspicion and mistrust between Kenyatta and Mboya, who at the time of his assassination was the Economic Planning minister and Kamukunji MP, is a matter for further investigation.


The revelations come four months after Mboyas widow, Pamela, wrote to Mr Kofi Annan, former UN secretary-general who also chaired talks that ended political violence in Kenya early in the year, asking that the matter be investigated afresh by a truth commission.

“The assassination of my husband, like others after him, is a matter that has remained shrouded in mystery and speculation, and which has been avoided by successive regimes in this country,” she wrote.

Trail of Questions

In a telephone conversation with this writer last month, Mrs Mboya promised to “drop the bombshell” in an interview. But she later changed her mind. Her last word was that she would spill the beans at an “appropriate time”.

Questions also abound on whether the convicted assassin, Nahashon Njenga Njoroge, was actually executed. The testimony of the assassins own brother and anecdotal evidence that he has been seen by a retired military officer, among other claims, pile on the doubts of his execution.


Secret letters, also declassified, further show that Mboya had a particularly tumultuous relationship with Mr Mbiyu Koinange, a minister and power broker of the Kenyatta presidency.

In one instance, Koinange wrote an emotional letter to Kenyatta to defend himself against allegations of disloyalty by Mboya

“Sir, you know my loyalty to you personally, to our Kanu party; of my long loyalty to Kenya and latterly my loyalty to our new independent Council of Ministers.

“My loyalty is beyond doubt, therefore, my Prime Minister. I frankly feel that there is no need for me to reply to Mr Mboyas letter.

“It is unfortunate, ill-timed, egoistic and, if I may say so, an irresponsible letter which is skilfully designed by one of my colleagues to endanger the good working spirit among us.”

Koinange was then Minister of State in the Office of the President and one of the most powerful figures in the Government. He died in September 1981.

The secret letters in our possession cover the period between 1961 and 1966. Desperate to extricate himself from the tag of traitor, Mboya, in a letter on March 11, 1961, pleaded with Kenyatta, who was languishing in a Lodwar jail: “Id hate to appear a hero at your expense.”

He attached copies of various statements he had made in meetings with the Governor for Kenyattas perusal. The move appeared to capture his own internal consciousness that Kenyatta may have begun to perceive him as a threat.

The letters also reveal how the CIA used Kenyatta to finish Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, his Vice-President, politically by amending the Constitution to his office of all powers.

Traitor or nationalist?

Ramparts reported that: “The CIA programme in Kenya could be summed up as one of selective liberation. The chief beneficiary was Tom Mboya who, in 1953, became general secretary of the Kenya Federation of Labour.”


Both a credible nationalist and an economic conservative, Mboya who was popularly known as TJ, was ideal for CIAs purpose. The main nationalist hero and eventual chief of state, Kenyatta, was not considered “sufficiently safe” owing to his initial deep socialist leanings, the dossier said.

Ramparts quotes Mboya as saying: “Those proven codes of conduct in the African societies, which have over the ages conferred dignity on our people and afforded them security regardless of their station in life.

“I refer to the universal charity, which characterises our societies, and I refer to the African thought processes and cosmological ideas, which regard men, not as a social means, but as an end and entity in society.”

This powerful quote not only captures Mboyas own prescription of African socialism, which endeared him to the West and made the CIA view his policy as safe, but it also paints the picture of an articulate, sophisticated and ambitious political thinker.

Soon after, Mboya joined the CIA jet set, travelling around the world from Oxford in the UK to Calcutta in India on funds from such conduits as the Africa Bureau and from the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).

ICFTU, which played a key role in Kenyas independence through trade unionism, is an aggregation of international trade union secretariats set up in 1949 to counter an upsurge of left-wing trade unionism outside the communist bloc, according to Ramparts. The CIA allegedly funded operations at the time.

But when George Cabot Lodge, one of the directors of the ICFTU, made the statement (believed to have been in specific reference to Mboya at the time) that “the obscure trade unionist of today may well be the president or prime minister of tomorrow”, he left no doubt about Mboyas personal ambitions and by extension the CIAs scheme of things.

Initially, CIAs natural strategy was to underwrite Mboya and his labour federation as a force against Kenyatta. But when tact changed in accordance with the world order and the CIAs new priorities, it was agreed that Western labour groups stop funding Mboya.

An accommodation with Kenyatta was now thought necessary, particularly to ensure that he did not support rebels in Congo, and to get him to close ranks against the agitating Kenyan left.

But the die had been cast. The CIA, through its activities, had effectively propped up Mboya as a possible future President of Kenya. That threat was real during Kenyattas time and even at the dawn of the second decade of his leadership, according to Ramparts.

It was a strategy that the CIA would use again to the benefit of Kenyatta against Odinga use the credibility of the appropriate militant to crush the rest. The CIA link, which Mboya vigorously fought to distance himself with, would be used later to fight him politically by branding him a traitor and a man who could not to be trusted. He wrote lengthy responses in his defence.

But had the CIA sowed enough seeds of wrath between Mboya and the political establishment in Kenya to provide someone with enough reason to kill him?


African Press International – API/

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Murder suspect linked to body found in Danish harbour

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

A body found floating in the harbour at Fredrikshavn, at the tip of northern Denmark, is believed to be that of a man suspected of murdering his young wife in Oslo early last week.

Kassa Yafet Gerbrevold, born in Ethiopia in 1980, had been the subject of an international manhunt.



Police in Norway had issued an international warrant for the arrest of Kassa Yafet Gerbrewold, age 27. He disappeared after the body of his 19-year-old wife was found in the Anker student housing complex where they lived in Oslo.

The young woman had been stabbed to death, and her family had appealed for her husband to report to police. Instead he’s believed to have fled Norway on the cruise-ferry Stena Saga Sunday evening June 22.

A body was found floating near the North Quay 39 in Fredrikshavn Wednesday morning, reported Danish TV2. Police in Oslo were informed of the discovery, reported VG Nett.

Police in Oslo wouldn’t initially comment, though, saying the body hadn’t been formally identified. A spokesman said the Oslo police were working closely with their Danish counterparts to identify the body.



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Kenya MPs vote no confidence on Finance minister

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

Story by CHURCHILL OTIENO Publication Date: 7/2/2008

Kenyas parliament has today passed a vote of no confidence on Finance Minister Amos Kimunya over his handling of the sale of a luxury hotel in Nairobi. The MPs unanimously voted by shouting Aye after over two hours of debate on the motion.

The motion was brought by the Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale. All MPs who contributed to the motion, including Mr Kimunyas colleagues in the Party of National Unity (PNU), criticised the Finance ministers handling of his docket. Mr Kimunyas sole defender was Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka. Mr Musyoka had wanted debate on the motion to be adjourned until tomorrow to allow for a parallel probe by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to conclude. Nations Political Editor Emman Omari says that with the vote of no confidence having sailed through, Mr Kimunya is required to resign from office, and if he fails, President Kibaki has little choice but to act to remove him from office. The Finance minister stands accused that he ignored laid down procedures for disposal of public assets and companies, and for allegedly misleading Parliament that should the Government decide to sell the hotel it would be done in accordance with the law.

Defending himself during the debate, Mr Kimunya denied that the sale of the hotel had been conducted in secret. He said the governor of the Central Bank Prof Njuguna Ndungu had briefed the Prime Minister, Mr Raila Odinga, on the matter. The Finance minister also denied previous claims by the Attorney General, Mr Amos Wako that he was kept in the dark. Mr Kimunya told Parliament that he was aware that lawyers acting for the Libyan firm that bought the hotel met Mr Wako six times. Pressure has mounted on Mr Kimunya since his Cabinet colleague Mr James Orengo revealed last week the Grand Regency hotel had been sold to a Libyan company for about Sh2bn.

The hotel was acquired by proceeds from one of Kenyas infamous corruption deals commonly known as the Goldenberg affair and was recovered in the public interest two months ago. The hotel was handed to the Central Bank who last week sold it to a Libyan firm. The value of the sale has been in dispute with Lands Minister, Mr Orengo saying documents showed the price was Sh1.85 billion and Mr Kimunya replying that the Government gained Sh2.9 billion in the transaction.



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Male nurse charged with raping boy

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

SOURCE: Bucks County Courier Times

A nurse caring for a physically and mentally impaired 14-year-old Bucks County boy is accused of raping the teen in April, according to police.Fred Magondu, 36, a Kenyan national living on King Arthur Road in Philadelphia, was taken into custody at a Philadelphia nursing home Thursday afternoon and later arraigned on charges of molesting a child who was in his care.

Police said they learned of the rape April 30. The boy receives 24-hour nursing care because he is mentally and physically impaired, unable to speak and blind, police said. According to court records, another individual care nurse, who has been caring for the boy for about nine years, discovered injuries to the boy when she attempted to change his diaper after he arrived at school April 30.

The boy was first examined at St. Mary Medical Center in Middletown and then transferred to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Doctors at both hospitals told police the boy was bleeding and bruised.

Police learned that Magondu, a Harleysville Pediatrics employee who has been caring for the boy for several months, was working at the victim’s home from April 29 to 30. Magondu was allegedly alone with the boy from 5 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. before putting him on the bus to school, police said.

Investigators interviewed Magondu in early May at an unnamed Philadelphia nursing home where he works, according to court records. Magondu said that on April 30 the boy had been bleeding but the nurse believed it was a physical problem and had changed a set of soiled linens. Police collected a sample of Magondu’s DNA and the boy’s bed linens and sent them to National Medical Services for analysis.

In a report to police June 6, the laboratory said the linens tested positive for semen that matched Magondu’s DNA and that the possibility of it being from another unrelated person was 1 in 7 trillion, according to court records.

Magondu was arraigned on multiple charges of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault, corruption of minors and unlawful contact with minors and sent to Bucks County prison on $250,000 bail. If he is released, the judge ordered that Magondu have no contact with the child and surrender his passport to authorities.

Magondu has been a practical nurse since June 2006 and had renewed his license earlier this month, according to Department of State records. Those records list no prior disciplinary action. He also has an expired graduate permit that lists a prior address in Falls. During his arraignment Magondu told the judge he moved to Philadelphia from Fairless Hills with his wife and three children in January. He has no prior criminal record in Pennsylvania, according to state records.

The newspaper is withholding information about the teen to protect his identity.

Matt Coughlin can be reached at 215-949-4172 or



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Mutula and Ruto meet Annan in Norway

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

Published on June 25, 2008, 12:00 am

By Ayub Savula

Cabinet ministers William Ruto and Mutula Kilonzo met Chief Mediator Kofi Annan at an international conference in Oslo, Norway.

Kenyan mediation talks are a subject of a case study towards mediation efforts in the world at the meeting.

Ruto and Mutula, who were members of the Annan-led mediation talks at the height of post-election violence, were invited to speak on Kenyas experience in resolving the crisis.

Ruto told The Standard on phone from Oslo that Annan attended the first session of the conference, which draws mediators from across the globe. One hundred peacemakers are in attendance.

Ruto said they would share their experiences on best ways to resolve political conflicts with other international peacemakers.

Kenyas political conflict arose after President Kibaki was declared winner of the disputed General Election.

Violence, which claimed over 800 lives, broke out across the country thereafter. The conflict was resolved through mediation headed by Annan and other international peacemakers, which led to the formation of the Grand Coalition Government.

Ruto said other case studies in the forum include the standoff between Iran and Israel.



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Kimunya by virtue of his twisted words and consent is the first suspect thief

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

To Mr Nyandoto from Judy Miriga

You said it well.I concur and salute you Bwana Nyandoto.Gitobu Imanyara as acting speaker and other Legislatures as well asbackbenchers who went to demonstrate

also acted well in support that Kimunya be put to task. The Police, I salute you. Atleast Kimunya be put behind bars.

When you catch a thief, it does not matter whether he belong to the Queens palace. He Kimunya by virtue of his twisted words and consent is the first suspect thief.He is a security risk. The first move, he should be dealt with as deemed fit and as the law states.The act of stealing public utilityunder jurisdiction of employment inPublic Service Officewith the entrustment responsibility of public affairs, is a serious offence punishable by law.As I said earlier, this man Kimunya be put behind bars,arraigned with investigations and charges. Orengo the whistle blower has every evidence already exposed to the public. Civil Society and the Police as well asCourt Judges belong to the robbed society the aggrieved. Instead of aggrandizing, the public outcry is sufficient. This man has committed a criminal offence of high order. He needs to visit the jail. This is

one step to Human Rights, Justice and Good Democratic Governance. The

Republic of Kenya, small or big, rich or poor must stand keenly in watch to

observe the next move. He must be relieved from his job immediately since

he cannot be trusted with public office. He cannot even be trusted with the collection

of public money or Donor money in his custody anymore. I wonder if other taxed money

or World Bank Funding money as well as other transacted public funds can be traced in good standingsince he has been judged untrustworthy by his recent behaviour and

actions. He should be charged with Economic Criminal Charge.

This public money is peoples taxes accummulated in many ways, from different shapes and coming from different sources.All government employees are paid from taxpayers

money in ways of Donors, Fundings, collections or incidentals. Any person who enters

into commodities purchases of any kind, be it food or clothing, or paying bills (e.g. electricity, water orphone), health services or buying medicines, banking, rent, transportation in matatu, bodaboda or bus or any form of exchange or transfer,
the list is endless, contributes in some form of taxes chargeable in the sale of the commodity e.g. milk, unga, sugar, fees or rent etc., SoPublic money has been

embezzled in the stealing of Commercial Entity like the Grand Regency Hotel.

First the sale aught to have been gazetted twice as the laws requires. Check the


So the Public/Civil Societies/Groups or Individuals or collectively, have the right to

DEMAND to put Kimunya behind bars. The whole world is ready to stand by the

Kenyan Public to condemn this vicious cancer of corruption monster so it can be

wiped out once and for all, as Kenya is being put on the road to Human Rights, Justice and to Good Democratic Governance.It is therefore necessary that the

Public of Kenyademands by writing emails, or phone calls, or visitation to their Legislatures to compel them to act more effectively.As things stands right now, the Legislative Representativesare doing a good move, they are already putting Kimunya into serious sportlight andexerting pressure in his Finance Business in the house, giving prominence of the Grand Regency Saga in the House. It is clear from their reaction that the majority Kikuyus do not support this ugly act of Kimunya, and like Otieno Dalmas puts it, Kimunya should carry his own cross by withdrawing from holding public office and surrendering to the authorities instead of bring the Kikuyu Community into his mess.

There is a good start move here. This is a chicken soup that should not take more than three days, one week is too longforAuthorities to act on Kimunya.

The following should be key undertakings:-

  • Raila should make his counter-part Kibaki to act on Kimunya with immediate effect
  • Wanainchi should persist in demonstratinguntil action is taken
  • Orengo should revoke the Title immediately pending resolution
  • Security must be stepped up and Orengo must be asigned for security detail since he is dealing with criminals who cares less about human lives
  • To serve as a yardstick to the eradication of corruption, this is a test to Grand Coalition Govevernment
  • The Republic of Kenya expects from Parliament Vote of No Confidence without delay, so Kimunya can be walked to Jail.

We hope some good response will come to fore in a few more days. Lets watch!!!!

Thank you all,

Judy Miriga


What the law says about sale of assets

By Martin Mutua and Joseph Murimi
The Public Procurement and Disposal Act says the sale of a public asset should be advertised so that those interested could bid.

The advertisement ought to have been carried twice in a newspaper with nationwide circulation, which has enjoyed publication for at least two years before the date of the advertisement.

The Government was also required to advertise on its website in instances if the procuring entity has one.

That advertisement is also supposed to be posted in a conspicuous place in the premises of the procuring entity.

According to the Act, the time when the tender documents are received and when they should be opened is also specified. In the Grand Regency sale, these were not followed.

The accounting officer, who in this case is the Finance PS, was supposed to have appointed a tender opening committee.

The number of members is supposed to be at least three, one not directly involved in processing or evaluation of tenders.

After the deadline for submitting tenders lapses, the tender opening committee is expected to open them.

However, the Act also gives leeway to the Government to use restricted tendering until it is satisfied that competition for the tender, because of the complex or specialised nature of the goods, work or services, is limited to prequalified contractors.

But direct tendering can only be used as along as the purpose is not to avoid competition.

At the same time, direct tendering could be employed if there was no reasonable alternative for goods, works or services or there was an urgent need for goods, work services.

In disposing a public asset, a public entity is supposed to establish a disposal committee in accordance with the regulations.

The committee is supposed to meet within the prescribed period and report on the items and subject to a technical team, and recommend the best method of disposal.

Meanwhile, the chairman of a parliamentary committee has said the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel is illegal.

Mandera Central MP Abdikadir Hussein, who is the chairman of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Administration of Justice, said yesterday recent changes in the law only allow for public auction or tender.

He said sale by private treaty was against the spirit and letter of the Public Procurement Act.

The MP said his committee would summon Finance Minister Amos Kimunya, who is embroiled in the unfolding saga over the sale of the five-star hotel to a Libyan company.

He said the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (Kacc) ought to have “smelt a rat” and instead of chest thumping about the recovery, raised queries over the sale.

Hussein, also a lawyer, said they would also summon Kacc Director Aaron Ringera to shed more light on what he knew about the deal.

He said the Central Bank had also failed the probity test and Governor Njuguna Ndungʼu would also be summned.

The Treasury, he said, also owed Kenyans an explanation how the deal was struck and its role.

Hussein said Kacc, CBK and Treasury were watchdog institutions and their conduct was worrying.

“When they are afflicted, how do they look in the eyes of the public? Can they investigate other institutions when their own credibility is in doubt?” he asked.

He said the integrity of Kacc has been eroded by the scandal and that Kacc officials should have noticed something was amiss.

— On Tue, 7/1/08, Paul Nyandoto <> wrote:

From: Paul Nyandoto <>
Subject: KENYA IS NOT YET CIVILIZED( Selling grand regency hotel, selling kenyan oil refinary to Libyians etc is bad…)

Date: Tuesday, July 1, 2008, 1:41 PM

Kenyans, Our country at the moment is under the DOGS control. I am afraid to use the word Dog when reffering to fellow human beings, but I just have to do it. The real people on decision making of our economy does not care whether Kenya is controlled by Kenyans or by foreigners or by thieves. Great Kenyan`s thinking people who love that country and would like one day to be proud if Kenya is an independent state which controls her own affiars, her own resourses , would not do what Mr. Amos Kimunya has done. And the other bad thing is again the chain of reactions following this stupid dill. Why should another tax payers extra money be used in doing research onto how the dill was made, why should other people be payed to probe this stupid dill?. Why can`t my country men or women do things like civilized soceity do always?: 1.) Let Amos Kimunya resign, 2). Let the dill be cancelled automatically . 3) Let the so called Libyians be payed their money back immediately. 4.) It is the buyer who should file a court order and pays for hearing if he wins he will be compensated for his lose in the court. Why should another tax man`s money be used to sit and discuss NONSENCE when we know that all the scandles like Goldenburgs, Anglo leasing etc have never been resolved despite all the tax payers money spent on them. And for heavenly sake why should a normal person sell kenyan oil refinary to Libyians?. kenya being a country with 36 million inhabitants who need oil, and the oil price now is at the top of mt. kilimanjaro, well above the sea level. Kenya as a country has a future generation who will need that refinary if the present generation does not know what to do with an oil refinary at the moment. We should always sacrifice the unimportant (Amos Kimunya, finance minister) and pursue the essential ( our country, our oil refinary, our grand regency hotel, our land). Remember foxes MAJOR goals can only be achieved by DECISIVE ACTION. This is the time when such decisive actions can be accomplished with the greatest probability of SUCCESS. So Mr. Orengo should return the money to the buyers of grand regency hotel and the buyers of Oil refinary in Mombasa imediately. Those are Kenyan properties built on Kenyan men and women sweats which should not be given to the DOGS for free of charge. Proverbs 13:9 THE LIGHT OF THE RIGHTEOUS SHINES BRIGHTLY, BUT THE LAMP OF THE WICKED IS SNUFFED OUT. Proverbs 15: 6 THE HOUSE OF THE RIGHTEOUS CONTAINS GREAT TREASURE, BUT THE INCOME OF THE WICKED BRINGS THEM TROUBLE. Paul Nyandoto. PAUL O. NYANDOTO M.D. Chief Oncologist Tampere University Hospital, Department of Radiation Oncology at Lahti, Finland.. ————————- API

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Will Kenya ever overcome corruption?

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

KENYA and most of third world have denied themselves any meaningful development courtesy of the monster of corruption! Corruption remains a bane to any serious pursuit of economic and political development of Kenya whose fabric as a nation is still built on quick sand.

Other than the mega-corruption deals which have rocked various administrations in Kenya since independence there are corruption layers some of which are very entrenched in the governance of Kenya. But mega-corruption deals have clearly stunted Kenya. Every new administration including the NARC of 2002 promised a new era devoid of evil acts of corruption. However ask any reasonable Kenyan today and there is an aura of frustration and mistrust of ever achieving any change. Every regime has been promiscuous with the management of the financial health of the country with serious re-percussions to the well being of the citizenry resulting to the poor state of the economy to-date.

The Goldenberg of the 1990’s and the Anglo-leasing of early 2000’s should have scared Kenyans enough to warrant a re-think on governance. But it seems that the more things change , the more they remain the same. Corruption continues un-abated. The grand regency hotel sale should force Kenyans to completely mis-trust the present day leaders and take a caution on future leaders.

The math’s about the sale of Grand Regency hotel completely don’t add up. There is something seriously wrong about this transaction. What if other than the purportedly kshs 2.87 billion said to have been paid some more was paid outside the main transaction. In addition it is still not clear how much was actually paid since the figures flaunted around keep shifting and at times it has been mentioned at kshs 1.8 billion. The next biggest question is who are the likely beneficiaries of these other payments if any – whether in cash or in kind? Or put it another way who gained most in this transaction? Kenya certainly did not. Something is seriously wrong with Kenya. When will we learn?

There are people in positions of influence in the third world, Kenya included ,who basically feel that the rest of populace owes them their comfort and in quantities as to their wish. These and by extension their hoodlums and other lackeys plus their retinue of girlfriends and other imbibers are ever keen to suck and leech from the sweat of the masses who to them are only useful when they are doing their bidding such as when casting their votes. In other words the general populace is just to act as voting machines. Voting is increasingly an exercise for the downtrodden but whose votes may not necessarily determine the winner in the third world anyway. It is quite scary!

Unfortunately the same masses who cry fool of mistreatment, high cost of living and very poor quality of life are the same ones who ensure that these feudal lords each day eat the flesh in their secure comforts while they cream the bone marrow of the bones of the discarded carcasses after the potentates have had their fill. They protect , dance, gyrate, sing ,rape, kill and maim to protect them.

Now can somebody explain of the stink called the Grand Regency hotel sale?. What of the many tales trying to concoct justification of the sale at such peanuts sum. In whose interests was it to sell the hotel at such ludicrous sums. I thought if we were to sell such a property to a foreign entity we would go at any length to get a sum which would be princely that it would shake the heads of kings and queens of the riches. I mean why are we auctioning our country at a throw away price. What will the posterity inherit,. I think the past and present day rulers have made the history of our country constantly have a foul rotten sulpur smell. I think we are simply a generation devoid of morality.

We probably have had a lot of respect for the eggheads atop of the ministry of finance and central bank due to their intellectual acumen but it seems the reward now is lots of embarrassments when one examine the transactions from a distance. Similar transactions around the governments such as the modified contractual expenditure with De La Rue, the controversial 5% Safaricom Ltd ownership and the subsequent IPO’s allocation to offshore IPO applicants, sale of the shares in Kenya Petroleum oil refineries and so on should make Kenyans get very worried. But again you can’t just blame this only to one set of individuals per-se. Just closely examine the history of Financial management in Kenya across the broad spectrum of the country governance since independence and you will discover that any group or individuals will almost certainly mess up or get messed up.

Methinks we simply need a complete constitutional and institutional reforms urgently. With the current dispensation even with the heart of a dove you can easily be driven to being a stinking sewerage material even with your razor sharp brains. I think the whole hog of mess lies in our systems of governance. They simply don’t work. And moreover they are unlikely to work unless overhauled and reformed! The fact that it is so easy to abuse them to the detriment of the whole public and without a feel that there would be an iota of consequence speaks volumes. In addition that the systems of controls and checks seems awry, tells that we are still living with stone age systems. I

By Harrison Mwirigi Ikunda,





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Zimbabwe says Raila has blood on his hands because he is interfering with their affairs

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe returned to Zimbabwe overnight to cement his grip on power.

African Union leaders ended their summit in Egypt yesterday refusing to condemn Mr Mugabe, but urging him to establish a national unity government with the opposition.

The African leaders rejected a demand for the Zimbabwe President to be barred from future meetings of the group.

The plea for his suspension came from Botswana. Its representatives said Mr Mugabe’s participation in AU meetings “would give unqualified legitimacy to a process which cannot be considered legitimate”.

The meeting approved a resolution calling for a unity government in Zimbabwe, and urged the opposing parties to begin negotiations.

But Mr Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, rejected ideas being floated for a Kenyan-style power-sharing deal, in which the president and prime minister are from opposing parties. He insisted the 84-year-old leader would not offer anything beyond dialogue with the opposition and had no intention of standing down.

“He’s a few days into office and you expect him to retire, do you? Why is the issue of the retirement of the President of Zimbabwe such an obsession for the West?” he said at the summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

“He has come here as President of Zimbabwe and he will go home as President of Zimbabwe, and when you visit Zimbabwe he will be there as the President of all the people of Zimbabwe.”

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has also called for Mr Mugabe, 84, to be suspended from the AU. But Mr Mugabe had threatened before the summit to confront his critics and his spokesman took a shot at Mr Odinga’s own regime.

Mr Odinga joined a power-sharing Government with President Mwai Kibaki under an AU-backed deal to end the Kenyan crisis.

Mr Charamba accused Mr Odinga of having blood on his hands over the political violence in his country, in which 1500 people died.

“Odinga’s hands drip with blood, raw African blood. And that blood is not going to be cleansed by any amount of abuse of Zimbabwe. Not at all,” he said.

South African President Thabo Mbeki yesterday also defended Zimbabwe and his own efforts at conciliation. He rejected a European Union position that it would only accept a Zimbabwean government led by opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

“The result that comes out of that process of dialogue must be a result that is agreed by the Zimbabweans,” said Mr Mbeki after the summit.

“And certainly, the African continent has not made any prescriptions about the outcomes of what Zimbabweans must negotiate themselves.”


api#the harald.sun

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“Odinga’s hands drip with blood, raw African blood. And that blood is not going to be cleansed by any amount of abuse of Zimbabwe. Not at all,” he said.

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

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Author : sisterrosetta (IP: ,

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Isnt this a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Charamba accusing Odinga! How rich!,21985,23961426-5012751,00.html

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has also called for Mr Mugabe, 84, to be suspended from the AU. But Mr Mugabe had threatened before the summit to confront his critics and his spokesman took a shot at Mr Odinga’s own regime.

Mr Odinga joined a power-sharing Government with President Mwai Kibaki under an AU-backed deal to end the Kenyan crisis.

Mr Charamba accused Mr Odinga of having blood on his hands over the political violence in his country, in which 1500 people died.

“Odinga’s hands drip with blood, raw African blood. And that blood is not going to be cleansed by any amount of abuse of Zimbabwe. Not at all,” he said.



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Learning lessons in politics

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008


The European Union has learnt a bitter lesson on the Kenyan Coalition government and they do not want to repeat the same MISTAKE, things are not all that GOOD in Kenya despite what our Kenyan leaders are trying to tell the public. This time the European member states have sharply differed with Organisation of African Union on the Zimbabwean case. At the time the Organisation of African Union member states are calling for a coalition government to be installed in Zimbabwe the European Union has said a BIG NO to the African Union.

The present European foreign affairs chairman, Mr. Bernard Koucher ( French foreign minister) has stated very clearly that they ONLY want Mr. Morgan Tsvangirain to be the leader in Zimbabwe given the fact that he won a clear election on the first voting round. They do not want anymore coalition government in Africa, they say it is a direct extension of DICTATORSHIP and the WRONG people are given leadership. Look at even the Kenyan case where somebody like Kalonzo who got less that 1 million votes in a country inhabitaed by over 36 million people ends up being number 2 in the government. People like Kalonzo who have been calling for a coalition government in Zimbabwe are suprised and astonished with the European Union stand on this case. kalonzo does not see why the European Union is doing that, can you believe what type of Brain Kalonzo the Kenyan Vice president have?.

The European Union Member states say that it is only A FOOL WHO DOES NOT LEARN FROM HIS MISTAKES, I do think they learnt a good lesson on Kenya and do not want to repeat it again. Kalonzo had said that ECK chairman will not resign over the post election violence and he is ready to defend him and will see that Kivuitu does not go to jail, Perhaps Kalonzo is expecting the same favour from him in 2012 election. That is the time Kalonzo will be suprised; NO MORE COALITION GOVERNMENTS IN THE FUTURE. I just hope the USA governmnet also sees the monstes behindr the coalition governments in Africa (Kenya) the same way the European Union have seen already.

Paul Nyandoto.


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Open letter to Raila

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

By Judy Miriga

Dear Rt. Hon. Raila,

Yes, what you say makes sense (you are in control and wants to get to the bottom of it with all available facts)except with one point, that of Kimunya.

The public can only be quite and at peace when a Dangerous Criminal Suspect is behind bars. First Step First. That should be the Government

Machinery lifeorgan of the Wanainchi – otherwise public will be invaded

and people will start dissapering. This (Mr. Kimunya) is the man with all the money in the world, can silence and kill his targets when his life

is threatened as it stands.

Where is Government machinery?This is the testing, can coalition

Government stand this test? The Government’sworkis toprotect

its citizenry? Orengo louded concern for his life and asked for

security to be provided to him. We have not heard that he has

been given the security. Is he secure? We are concerned when we

see the looks on Kimunya and Orengo standing together, a lot of

things is going on in this mans head – anyone can tell from the first

look of the picture. Please Raila, do the honourable thing. We

cannot afford to loose another Luo in this struggle.

We have come a long way in this struggle and I have seen a lot in my days.

With all due respect, I request you to the needful and do not let this story drag for more than one week before charges are preferred against Kimunya. While that is going on, Kimunya be put behind bars for security resons.

From the Goldenbarg Saga, Pattni have stolen from the public coufer. He

received Kenyan money from no service or transaction rendered. In

otherwords, Pattni colluded with Public Servants to swindle public money

in the pretense of doing business (a transaction that never took place)with the government to syphon money out of the country. Corruption of the highest order which robbed and rocked the country into abject poverty.

This corruption must be nailed and be put to an end.


(The Grand Regency has been at the centre of controversy involving the Goldenberg scandal, which rocked the Kanu administration in the 1990s.

According to estimates, the public lost about Sh5.8 billion during the scandal through which the Government paid out the sums as export compensation to Mr Kamlesh Pattni for the export of non-existent gold and diamonds.

The hotel was built by Mr Pattni, who was described by the Bosire commission of inquiry as the Goldenberg architect.

Early this year, Mr Pattni handed over the hotel to Central Bank under an agreement that also involved the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission. Under the deal, Central Bank was to drop civil cases against Mr Pattni regarding the ownership of the hotel.)

It is a slap on the face. How can Pattni brag for amnesty after such criminal

offense against the citizenry of Kenya and Kimunya brag that he has

done nothing and that people stop pressurizing him. How dare he?

Election was stollen, financed by Moi because of protecting Goldenbarg uptodate saga. People lost their livelihood, many died, and many more

displaced, while majority educated found themselves joining gangs

because their livelihood have been stolen and syphoned out of the

country. How can we trust these Libya business investiment situation

to be authentic or genuine? Is it another form of stealing from Kenyans?

Speaking on behalf of many silent voices in Kenya, this Kimunya man

must be put in jail right away (awaiting Kibaki’s last word) so you do not stand to be blamed incase he do something stupid.

By copy of this letter, I request the US State Dept. to:

a) be part of the Probe Team, the

investigative team, representing Diaspora’s interest and the World

since the matter is of grave concern – this is because Kenyans cannot

trust The Anti-Corruption Ringera Commission or any other body

independently, and public money have been miss-used for such

Commissions in the past without meaningful result.

c) provide additional Security to Orengo while this matter is being



Judy Miriga



Exhibit A


Probe team named as MPs lead street demoStory by NATION TEAM
Publication Date: 7/2/2008

Prime minister Raila Odinga Tuesday chaired a Cabinet committee meeting which named a five-member team to investigate the controversial sale of Grand Regency Hotel.

MPs march from Parliament Buildings in Nairobi to the Grand Regency Hotel to protest over irregularities in the sale of the hotel. They said they would hold protest marches until Finance minister Amos Kimunya either resigns or is sacked over the deal. Photo/MICHAEL MUTE

The team to be headed by Attorney-General Amos Wako is expected to report its findings by Wednesday afternoon.

Their findings will be discussed during Thursdays Cabinet meeting to be chaired by President Kibaki. The President flew back in the country Tuesday after attending an African Union Heads of State meeting in Egypt.

The Government is not taking this matter lightly. We shall definitely get to the bottom of it, Mr Odinga said after the three-hour meeting.

He asked wananchi to remain patient. They should indeed not panic on the basis of the limited information, but wait for the full disclosure from the Government.

Mr Odinga reiterated that no one was indispensable, and the Government will not take lightly those involved in corruption.

But he urged ministers to always be raising their concerns in Cabinet meetings instead of doing so publicly. This, he said, will make the Government speak with one voice.

Members of the Wako committee include the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission director, Mr Justice Aaron Ringera, Metropolitan Development minister Mutula Kilonzo, Lands minister James Orengo and Mr Caroli Omondi of the Prime Ministers office.

Earlier in the day, MPs rooting for an opposition held a demonstration from Parliament Buildings to the Grand Regency Hotel where they called on Mr Kimunya to resign over his role in the controversial sale of the hotel to a Kenyan-registered Libyan company.

And during Tuesdays session of Parliament, MPs demanded that a motion to censure Finance minister Amos Kimunya be brought to the House. The House Business Committee will now allocate a day for the motion.

Meanwhile, fresh details about the company that bought the Grand Regency Hotel emerged Tuesday.

The sale agreement shows that land and the hotel building was sold for Sh1.8 billion ($30 million) on June 20. This is the amount that Mr Orengo gave at a Press conference.

However, an extra Sh1.1 billion ($15 million) was paid for plant and machinery, equipment, furniture, kitchen and furnishings. These brought the total to Sh2.9 billion which is the figure quoted by Mr Kimunya.

And according to records at Sheria House, the directors and shareholders of the company are listed as Mr Maalwal Mohamed Shtewi, Mr Ahmed Amaer and Libyan Arab Africa Company Ltd. Mr Shtewi is listed as Syrian while Mr Amaer is a Libyan.

It also emerged that Mr Kennedy Kaunda Abuga had been erroneously listed as a director of the Libyan firm in the documents released by Lands minister James Orengo on Monday.

Mr Abuga is the officer in charge of legal affairs at the Central Bank of Kenya. He signed the sale transaction on behalf of Central Bank of Kenya, which was selling the land to the Libyan firm.

Documents from the law firms acting on behalf of CBK and the Libyan company also showed that the Government received Sh2.9 billion from the sale of the hotel. They contradict an earlier claim by Mr Orengo that the hotel was sold for only Sh1.8 billion.

According to the documents released by Mr Orengo, Mr Abugas PIN was shown as A0001243113T. However, according to KRA officials, the number does not exist as there can be no PIN number with 12 digits. All PINs have 11 digits.

Other documents from the registrar of companies show that Mr Shtewi and Mr Amaer each own a share in Libyan Arab African Investment Company (K) Limited. The mother company, Libyan Arab African Investment Company (Ltd) owns the other 998 shares.

And in Parliament, MPs suspended debate on a Motion earlier moved by Mr Kimunya on the Mombasa port. While shelving the debate, the MPs said that a motion to censure the minister should be tabled in the House first.

Official recalled

Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale also told the House that the Libyan embassy official who had on Monday said that his country was not involved in the sale had been summoned back to Tripoli.

And envoys from the European Union spoke for the first time saying they would await the outcome of Mr Odingas committee meeting.

It is clear that there is some uncertainty concerning the facts and circumstances surrounding the sale, a statement from the envoys said.

According to the PIN records at the Kenya Revenue Authority headquarters, Mr Amaer is the holder of Passport number 298071. His full names are Mr Amaer Ahmed from Zawiya in Syria

But the PIN number on the documents given by Mr Orengo was A004240693L, which differs by one digit with that held by KRA. According to KRAs records, Mr Amaers PIN is A00414693L. He is listed on the Internet as a member of the board of National Housing and Construction Company in Uganda through a joint trade partnership between Libya and Uganda.

The second director, whose passport number Mr Orengo gave as 001428 appears in the KRA records as Mr Maalwal Mohammed Shtewi from Tripoli, Libya. His PIN number is A004140679N, which is similar to that given by the minister.

His PIN records indicate that it was issued on August 9, last year.

Mr Shtewi is booked at the Grand Regency where he has been living for the last one month.

Both Mr Shtewi and Mr Amaer registered their PIN numbers with KRA at the same time on August 9, last year, two months after President Kibakis visit to Libya in June. One of the agreements between Kenya and Libya at the time was that Tripoli would invest in the oil industry in Kenya.

Last Sunday, reports had indicated that the new owners of Grand Regency Hotel were to take over its management on Monday night. However, this did not happen.

The Grand Regency has been at the centre of controversy involving the Goldenberg scandal, which rocked the Kanu administration in the 1990s.

According to estimates, the public lost about Sh5.8 billion during the scandal through which the Government paid out the sums as export compensation to Mr Kamlesh Pattni for the export of non-existent gold and diamonds.

The hotel was built by Mr Pattni, who was described by the Bosire commission of inquiry as the Goldenberg architect.

Early this year, Mr Pattni handed over the hotel to Central Bank under an agreement that also involved the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission. Under the deal, Central Bank was to drop civil cases against Mr Pattni regarding the ownership of the hotel.

However, the Attorney-General has since said that he was not involved in the negotiations and that the cases against Mr Pattni were still going on in court.

Reports by Mugo Njeru, Kenneth Ogosia, Samuel Kumba And Lucas Barasa



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Somalia: Gunmen toss grenade at cinema, killing 2 and wounding 7

Posted by African Press International on July 3, 2008

Unknown gunmen tossed a hand grenade at a cinema in the central Somali town of Galkayo on Monday night, killing two people and wounding seven others, officials and eyewitnesses said.

Two men were sighted standing outside the cinema for nearly half an hour as viewers were trooping to the cinema, then one of them tossed a hand grenade to the entrance of the cinema. The explosion killed two men and wounded seven others, said Muse Farah Damal, an eyewitness.

The regional police chief, Abdirahman Aded Gelle said the police helped to take the wounded to the main hospital in the town and the culprits escaped but we are after them.

Meanwhile, two huge explosions rocked parts of the Somali capital early on Tuesday at a time when hundreds of government soldiers cordoned off the road between the airport and the presidential place as President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was supposed to use the road on his return from Djibouti where he met with the UN Security Council.

Presidential spokesperson Husein Mohamed Mohamud said the president reached his palace safely.

The spokesperson for the African Union peacekeepers in Mogadishu, Brigye Bahuko said the troops carried out a mine clearing operation on the road the president was supposed to use.

The explosions you heard this morning were two of improvised explosive devices planted on the road near the airport and our troops detonated them, he said.

In a separate incident, heavily armed Islamic insurgents launched an attack late on Monday night at a government military base south of Baidoa.

The insurgents attacked at Manas military base 30 km south of Baidoa and briefly took the control of the base, said Madey Nur Garas, a local resident.

The insurgents spokesperson, Abdirahin Issa Adow said: Our troops launched an attack on this military base and briefly held it, killing several government soldiers and confiscated weapons and ammunition.



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