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Does the education we get revolutionize our thinking?

Posted by African Press International on June 13, 2017

By Victor K. Rono, Kenya

It is PlO Lumumba who said if the education we get doesn’t revolutionize our thinking then it is not different from the shirts we wear in the morning and remove them in the evening.

There is a great sense to this because on a daily basis you find those in the apex of academia subscribing to vices like tribalism and other manacles that do more harm than good.

On Facebook, where everyone is now turning into a political commentator, you even find those who are to be deemed the superbly brilliant and erudite engage in a gibberish manner and spew venom that derail the sole agenda of being in the right trajectory as a country.

Despite the consciousness that comes with any grop of ideological clarity and philosophical balance and rootedness,some elites are now turning into hornbills of different cohorts with plainly no will to spark a meaningful front to change.

It saddens getting to see even young brilliant men and women subscribe religiously to tribalism as if their life depended on it. This are the very same people who should be giving impetus to a cause meant to drive our country forward in all sectors.

What meaning therefore does the rigorous education system and the exposure that comes with it give? Isn’t it not like the shirts as Lumumba puts it?


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