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Fidel decides to divorce his Kikuyu wife: This action denies his father, Prime Minister Raila Odinga Presidential votes in Central Province during 2012 elections

Posted by African Press International on November 25, 2011

by api,

One commentator in the Daily Nation writes: Submitted by mongo92 – The first of many defections from odm? Kolisons are not easy yawa! Posted  november 25, 2011 11:18 AM

AND in a more jolly mood, another commentator has it this way:

Submitted by erickjomo

The PM should take political responsibility for this. G7 should ask Wamalwa to raise queries on this issue. It seems the PM’s son did this without consultation. G7 should come out loud and cry for Raila to step aside now that he is the cause of everything in Kenya. Thereafter, a committee should be formed to shortlist and interview ladies who want to be Fidel’s wife so that the 3 names are submitted to the principals. But take care the PM has no hand in this. Fidel relax you will get another one. Posted  november 25, 2011 02:24 PM  

Ruining Raila’s votes in the Central Province is not the right thing to do by a family member. But now Fidel Odinga, Raila’s own son has done it by seeking to divorce his Central Province resourceful wife Veronica Wanjiru Ng’ang’a..

First it was ODM rebels that was said to be spoiling Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s votes come 2012 presidential elections. Even former President Kibaki’s advisor Raphael Tuju’s campaign entourage was stoned in Kisumu sometimes back, because some people look at him as a spoiler of votes for the PM in 2012. since he has decided to go for the same top seat.

When Fidel got married 4 years ago, the PM announced that he was now also politically related to the Central Province – Kikuyu land, through his son’s marriage to the Kikuyu lady.

This is for sure true, because with that some votes would get into the basket from Fidel’s wife and her close relatives unchallenged. But now that the divorce is imminent engineered by the PM’s son, things may turn ugly.

If they go to the courts, the dirty linen will be washed in public and that will be a gift to Raila’s political opponents who will claim – if the PM is not able to advise and reconcile his own son with his wife to remain in  marriage, how can he rule the country and reconcile the larger population on land issues, political issues, etc. The saying goes – reconcile those closer to you before you venture out there to reconcile strangers.

According to the Kenya Media, it  is Fidel who wants divorce. It is reported that he wants a speedy divorce because of unrepairable differences.

If it was Fidel’s wife seeking divorce, that would not affect the PM’s political votes in the central province because the blame would be put on her for breaking out of the marriage.

It is reported that the couple married under Customary Law on March 17, 2007 and that now the said marriage has broken down irretrievably.

The report in the Kenya media goes on to say “Ms Ng’ang’a has not responded to the case as required, prompting Fidel to ask the court to enter judgment and grant him the orders sought in her absence”

The right thing for the Prime Minister to do now is to ensure that he stamps his family authority so that the couple may arrive at an amicable agreement in private in order to avoid publicly washing the dirty linen in public, a move that will give more fighting weapons to his opponents.

We all know that God gives life, protects life and takes life when there is need to rest in peace. And in marriage, God unites two, blesses and protects the two in a union, but also separates the two when there is no peace in their union.

This Gospel below says it all.

Luo Gospel song thanking God for giving and protecting lives.
The song is in Luo but lyrics translated to English.



7 Responses to “Fidel decides to divorce his Kikuyu wife: This action denies his father, Prime Minister Raila Odinga Presidential votes in Central Province during 2012 elections”

  1. I just couldn’t keep your internet-site in advance of indicating that I extremely cherished the normal details somebody source in your company? Will probably be yet again gradually to check on through new articles


  2. To Mohan Mathews: what influence did this topic of divorce have on the elections?


  3. To Mohan Mathew: Now the elections is over and the results?


  4. Mohan Mathew said

    Kindly consider the above for “the most idiotic political analysis of the decade” award.

    It’d seem as if Raila is the only parent in this country who can’t dictate what the grown up sons and daughters should do. He is a presidential candidate, and votes will be cast in his favor irrespective of the actions of his son, pertaining to his family.

    Another presidential candidate’s wife is reportedly is a regular run-away to her parents. The mother-in-law fetches her back each time since she knows the wayward son and his personal interests.

    Likewise the abhorrent family life of some VIPs’ sons and daughters are common knowlege. That did not cost them any votes any time they contested.

    Raila need not not carry any cross for the marital problems of his son. Only ethno-centrists will imagine ill for him because of a divorce suit filed by his son.


    • To consider idiotic a position others take may seem to say yours is the right opinion and theirs is wrong, thus – idiotic. Those who analyse issues as they happen may do so out of the knowledge that they may have surrounding the situation and on this case, may be some background information that you do not have. That may if it is the case, qualify them to suggest that which thave suggested, yet it may be wrong, but definately not idiotic – do not forget free thought, free expression that all persons should enjoy.


  5. Anonymous said

    Divorce is common allover the world. If fidel have decide, so be it. This have no anything concerning is father political ambitions.


  6. Rose kagwiria ikirima said

    I think its not fair to judge Raila on the bases of his sons short comings. Fidel is over 18years and therefore has the right to making his own decision. Only Fidel and his wife can tell what happens behind the curtains. There is no parent who is happy to see the family of his child collapse. There are a few questions we need to ask ourselves
    1. Why did a senior family like this do a customary marriage yet the father is close to bishop Wanjiru who could have advised him on christian marriage? Was it a trial marriage? .

    2. Is it possible that Fidiel’s wife was one of those opportunistic ladies who force themselves into marriage because of property and the man has realized he did the wrong thing?

    3. Is it possible that there was mpango wa kando and the guy is being forced by the other woman to divorce quickly so that she can take over?

    4. Is it possible that she was used as a gadget for votes and now is not needed any more?
    Only Fidel and his wife can answer these questions, however, his father can answer question 4
    Thank You
    Rose Ikirima


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