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ICC Day 1 Group 2: Ocampo, you are the one on trial not me; says Muthaura in court

Posted by African Press International on September 21, 2011

By Korir, Chief editor, API

The court was told today that it is not the suspects who are on trial, but the prosecution. Ambassador Francis Muthaura who is suspect nr 1 in Kenya case 2 told the court that he is a man of integrity and a professional who has no time to entertain gangs who go on a murder spree killing innocent people.

He was angered by the prosecution who characterised him as man who loved violence.

Muthaura talked of his mother and father who suffered during the fight for Kenya’s independence telling the court that he had learnt a lot in life and would wish no one harm. He narrated his professional career taking the court through his first job in Mombasa as administrator, the UN and the East African Community and now as the top man in Kenya’s civil service.

The court heard that he has worked for peace and not violence as the prosecutor wants the court to believe. When the prosecutor asked if the court would allow them to cross-examine him, the court told the prosecution that Muthaura was just making a statement. However, Muthaura reacted by telling the court that he was ready to be questioned if need be because he has nothing to hide.

Ambassador Muthaura’s statement to the court touched the Judges who sat watching as he explained what he has done for the world, especially when he was Kenya’s EU ambassador and UN Permanent representative for Kenya.

It was clear that the court started to see a man of integrity as he spoke about the good he did for a number of countries in Europe.

Muthaura told the court that Ocampo has not shown any respect at all, because if he had, then he should have taken a few minutes while in Nairobi to tell him (Muthaura) that he was a suspect. Muthaura told the court of his meetings with Ocampo in Kenya, and the number of times he had a chat with him (Ocampo) before escorting him (Ocampo) to his car, and at no time did Ocampo indicate to him that he was a suspect.




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