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One on One with Sudan Deputy Ambassador to Norway Mr Onour Ahmed Onour

Posted by African Press International on April 26, 2013

African Press International and Sudan Deputy Ambassador to Norway H.E. Onour Ahmed Onour discuss the political situation in his country, the insecurity within the border between South Sudan and Sudan, the insecurity and killings in Darfur, the International Criminal Court‘s indictment of President Al Bashir. Also the relationship between Kenya and Sudan in relations with the ICC indictments of the leaders in both countries, namely President Al Bashir (Sudan) and President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto respectively. The deputy ambassador also speaks out about the bilateral relations between Norway and his country Sudan which he says is useful to both countries.. - SUDAN DEPUTY AMBASSADOR TO NORWAY MR ONOUR AHMED ONOUR – SUDAN DEPUTY AMBASSADOR TO NORWAY MR ONOUR AHMED ONOUR

According to the Deputy ambassador the relationship between his country Sudan and the government of South Sudan has improved of late. His government with the help of former South African President Thabo Mbeki has initiated talks now taking place in Addis Ababa between the government of Sudan and the SPLM-N rebels.
On the question of Darfur the Deputy ambassador denies that there is a huge crisis. He was reacting to an article written by Mr Eric Reeves of the United States where he writes ” There is in Darfur no end in sight for conflict, murder, rape, assaults on displaced persons camps, agricultural and village destruction, brutal extortion schemes and continued violent human displacement.”

Direct Interview with the Deputy Ambassador H. E. Onour Ahmed Onour:

Mr Reeves claims further that the primary targets of the mayhem is overseen by the National Islamic Front / National Congress Party regime in Khartoum targeting civilians from African tribal groups, who are forced to survive tenuously in an increasingly chaotic Darfur. He continues to point out that it is the cruelest of counter-insurgency strategies since the military opponents of the regime are rebel groups that refuse  to accept a peace agree farmers and landholders.”

According to Mr Reeves, Khartoum seeks to subdue Darfur by means of war of attrition in which impunity, chaos and inter-ethnic violence serve the regime’s ultimate military and political purposes.

The Sudanese Deputy Ambassador dismisses Mr Reeves allegations, saying he is being alarmist.

In the question of the ICC and indictment of President Al Bashir, Mr Onour says the court is there to be used to punish African leaders citing that in Kenya the newly elected president Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto face the same fate, The Deputy Ambassador says that the trend is scary because it seems the court is used by the west to punish African leaders and now no one knows who the next target in Africa will be, adding that the Sudan government does not recognise the International Criminal Court.


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