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Kenya: Presidential election petition – Supreme Court Judges ruled against Raila Odinga who wanted Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as President nullified

Posted by African Press International on April 30, 2013

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta i the elections on 4th of March 2013 went to court seeking to nullify the elections. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy President Ruto. The two were sworn in as president and deputy president on the 9th of april.

This leaves Raila in the cold. It was his third time trying to get elected as Kenya‘s president. When the next presidential elections come in 2017, Raila will be old to get elected since he will be clocking 73 years old.

Click here to read the ruling against Raila’s wishes to nullify the elections listed as nr. 1 and how Raila lost the the petition listed as number 2. : >

  1. – Kenya Supreme Court: Full Judgement on Presidential election petition – april-16-2013.pdf




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Power Struggle in Kenya; Out-going Prime Minister Raila Odinga did not fully concede defeat, instead he claims the win was stolen from him, intimating that it could lead people to look for other means

Posted by African Press International on April 2, 2013

What means is Raila talking about that his defeat may lead people to resort to? Is it force like in 1982 coup attempt or is it like in 2007/ 2008 post-election violence that led to many deaths forcing the winner Kibaki to share power with him.

Kenyans are not interested in sharing power. The power sharing for five years was a headache.
Now the Supreme Court has finally declared Hon Uhuru Kenyatta as the in-coming president with Hon William Ruto as Deputy president.
Raila Odinga should now retire peacefully as is expected by nearly all Kenyans.


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President Barack Obama wanted Raila Odinga to be the fourth President of Kenya but the Kenyan people chose Uhuru Kenyatta

Posted by African Press International on March 31, 2013

President Barack Obama, the US leader wanted Raila Odinga to be Kenya’s fourth president. The Kenyan people defied his wishes and chose Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta as President and Hon. William Ruto as his deputy.

Obama, due to his Luo roots in Kenya, spoke clearly through his then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that his country did not want Uhuru and Ruto as leaders for the Kenyan people.

Now what for Obama? Will he visit Kenya now that those he did not wish to see ascend to power have been elected?

He should be told that the Kenyan people care less if he visits the country or not.



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The Supreme Court of Kenya today Saturday the 30th of March 2013 declares:

Posted by African Press International on March 30, 2013

The Supreme Court judges have reached a unanimous decision to uphold the election of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as president and deputy president elect respectively. Reading the judgement Chief Justice Willy Mutunga said the IEBC conducted a free, fair and credible election. The court also dismissed the case filed by CORD and Africog.

The Fourth President of Kenya is Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President is Hon. William Ruto.

The Kenyan people and the international community are now waiting for the petitioner Raila Odinga, a man known never to concede defeat in any election, to congratulate Hon Uhuru Kenyatta.

We in African Press International Congratulate the incoming President and his deputy!



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Kenya Presidential election petition: Uhuru, re-run (Uhuru/Raila, or fresh elections – The Supreme court ruling before 17.00hours Kenyan time today.

Posted by African Press International on March 30, 2013

Kenya‘s Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has stated that the Supreme Court will deliver its judgement today before 17.00 hours Kenya time.

“COMPATRIOTS. The Supreme Court will deliver its decision NOT LATER than 5pm today InshALLAH,” said Dr Mutunga on Twitter today Saturday the 30th March 2013.

The Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court Gladys Shollei said the Supreme Court judges had, in the morning retreated to deliberate on the evidence and write their ruling.

“The media and the public will be alerted an hour in advance before ruling,” she told a news conference in Nairobi Saturday morning.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is historic: It will either clear the way for the swearing in of President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya’s fourth President, a run-off pitting Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and Prime Minister Raila Odinga, or a fresh election.

Police Inspector General Kimaiyo warns that those who will cause chaos after the ruling is made will face the law.




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