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Kenya: Press statement by Nyanza Council of Church Leaders

Posted by African Press International on July 28, 2013

We the Church Leaders in this Region view the turn of event of some other Jubilee Leaders trying to taint the Good Name of our former Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga that he wanted to overthrow the Government, those were analogue tactics of old reign to divide the attention of people of Kenya, Former Prime Minister  has done a lot in this Country  and he is a man of Peace all along.

We want Jubilee Government to fulfill their pledges they made to Kenyans during their campaign.

Beside that, he was the Co-Principal with the Former President H.E. Hon. Mwai Kibaki.  He should be given same treatment as the Former Head of State.

Now we are appealing to Jubilee Government, to accord him respect he deserve as the Former Prime Minister, and the six Government Vehicles should remain in his custody. By History, Kenyan people are more free because of the suffering of His Father and Himself, by steering freedom of speech and devolution, that now created County Governments.

We want a united Kenya, not confusion and suspicion among the leadership of this Country.

Let Government to give maximum Security to Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and the Former Vice President Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka for the great work they have done and maintaining peace in Kenya.

The Government Spokes Person Muthui Kariuki should not speak with a lot of bitterness while trying to address issues of Government. He should not be too personal.

God bless Kenya.

Signed on behalf of Nyanza Bishops By:

Bishop Dr. Washington Ogonyo Ngede


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USA: Angered Kickboxing Champion in a Brawl Over Raila Odinga-led CORD Governors Visiting Memphis

Posted by African Press International on July 28, 2013

—–Main mrssage—–
From: Anthony Elmore []
Sent: 28. july 2013 16:56
To: ‘African Press International’ and many others
copy: many
subject: Kenyan Governor visit cause Bickering in Memphis, Tennessee


Dear African Press International

How are you?  It has been a while since we last communicated.  We are still working at developing the “Safari Initiative.”  I was in Kenya in May of 2013.  On July 29, 2013 4 Kenyan governors will visit Memphis, Tennessee.  The Governors visit is a direct result of our “Safari Initiative” proposal.  A group of Kenyan appropriated our ideas in regards of the “Safari Initiative” and put those ideas in the banner of the “Ramogi Economic Forum.”  In our age of “Social Media” it is not good to steal ideas or mislead or misdirect others. 

Kenya Governors will be in Memphis tomorrow on July 29, 2013.  They are not coming to Memphis with “Clean hands.”  The backstabbing, political bickering that you have in Kenya is quite different in America.  Before they even arrive in Memphis they backstabbed me, defaulted on an agreement and they are political in nature.  This group has cause fights in Memphis before they make the 1st speech in Memphis.

Please read my News Release. We wrote a letter to the Kenyan Embassy in America and this nonsense will reach the Kenyan President.

Mr. Thomas Mwangi will you please forward our News Release to the Kenyan Press


Here below is a press release – in full – sent out to the media by the Kickboxer Mr Elmore who is critical about the visit accusing those who organised the trip to Memphis: Kickbox Champ in Brawl Over Kenya Governors Visit to Memphis



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Kenya: Presidential election petition – Supreme Court Judges ruled against Raila Odinga who wanted Uhuru Kenyatta’s election as President nullified

Posted by African Press International on April 30, 2013

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who lost to President Uhuru Kenyatta i the elections on 4th of March 2013 went to court seeking to nullify the elections. The Supreme Court ruled in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy President Ruto. The two were sworn in as president and deputy president on the 9th of april.

This leaves Raila in the cold. It was his third time trying to get elected as Kenya‘s president. When the next presidential elections come in 2017, Raila will be old to get elected since he will be clocking 73 years old.

Click here to read the ruling against Raila’s wishes to nullify the elections listed as nr. 1 and how Raila lost the the petition listed as number 2. : >

  1. – Kenya Supreme Court: Full Judgement on Presidential election petition – april-16-2013.pdf



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Kenya’s former prime minister Raila Odinga’s police bodyguard loses gun to a prostitute in Kisumu after sleeping with her

Posted by African Press International on April 23, 2013

The incident is an embarrassment for the government.

It has been reported that the policeman identified as Mr Edwin Okinda was part of a group of policemen that had been providing bodyguard duties to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga when he visited Nyanza region. 

The police boss of the area Joseph ole Tito on Monday confirmed the arrest of the woman identified as Ms Maurine Adhiambo saying she was helping police with the investigations into the matter.

The gun stolen is a Ceska pistol, and had nine 15millimetre bullets according to the report from the police.

Reliable sources state that the officer whose firearm was stolen spent the night at Kisumu’s Dalc hotel with the woman in question and when he woke up in the morning, the woman and the gun was missing.

He spent the night in the hotel after carrying out his escort duties to the former PM who had visited Nyanza region that day.

According to Kenya media, the incident is an embarrasing event especially because CORD members of Parliament are trying to get Raila Odinga to parliament after losing the presidency to President Uhuru Kenyatta.  This is a very sad affair because the gun may now be in the hands of criminals in Kisumu.

The woman was on Tuesday arraigned in a Kisumu court charged with stealing the pistol and money from the police officer

Maurine Adhiambo was before the senior Principal Magistrate Samuel Atonga to answer three counts of theft. The first count, she is to answer is that of stealing a government-issued Ceska pistol valued at Sh150,000 from the officer while he was asleep

The second charge to answer is that of stealing 15 nine-millimetre bullets from the said policeman and the third charge is the cashe totalling  Sh23,000 cash.

It is reported that the police officer was charged last week for being careless and losing a government pistol and ammunition. The man may also face administrative discipline by his employer (the government) and lose his job.



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