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Kenya: Jigger increase reported in Teso Constituency

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2013

 Residents from Okuleu area of Teso North Constituency in Busia County have raised concern over the rampant  increase of jiggers menace in the area.

Several elderly persons have so far died due to jigger infestation and the latest case is of a 70 year old granny who died at the Kocholya Teso District Hospital.

The late Ann Asitei succumbed to Jigger infestation before  she was rushed by the neighbors to the hospital after the problem had persisted.

Led by Martin Isara, the locals appealed to the County government to move in with haste and rescue them from Jiggers menace which they said is disturbing them and their families.

“The drugs that are being distributed by community health workers are not effective and we urge the County government to provide us with jigger solution,” said Isara adding that many elderly persons are falling prey of jiggers.

Apart from the elderly persons who are very susceptible to the problem, School going children notably nursery and primary school pupils are entirely affected.

The issue is posing a danger in education sector in the district as such children cannot walk to school hence miss a lot in schools. The schools mostly affected are Kamolo, Amoni, Totokakile and Ikapolok where jiggers have invaded the children and hamper their learning.

Many NGO’s have moved in to curb the infection but according to Villagers the problem is still persisting since the jiggers have invaded a vast area.

The locals are calling upon Busia County leaders to find a long lasting solution to the problem that is slowly killing people and affecting the education sector.


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Kenya: School dormitory burnt down

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2013

Parents and pupils of   of Blessed Academy Nomorio in Mt. Elgon District are counting loses after Property worth thousands of shillings was destroyed  after at night inferno  burnt down a dormitory. The school director Mrs. Grace Ayeta said the fire broke out at around 7:30 pm when the pupils were in class. The school head further  reiterated that all the property that were inside the dormitory were destroyed but no one was injured.
She called upon the well-wishers to support them where possible so that the pupils can continue with their studies.
However, the deputy Mt. Elgon DEO Alice Sitawa and Kapsokwony AEO Samuel Maraka who visited the school urged the parents to support the school so that the pupils continue learning without a problem. This is not the first time for the school to experience this, last year September the same dormitory was burnt down but was rebuilt.


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Kenya: Parliamentatian Serut calls for the transfer of all education officials accusing them of not improving education standards in his region

Posted by African Press International on June 27, 2013

  • By Godfrey Wamalwa,Bungoma,26/6/2013

An Mp  has called on the ministry of Education to transfer all education officials in the region for failing to improve the education standards.

Mount Elgon legislator  John. Serut claimed all education officers who have over-stayed for over three years both in Cheptais and Mt. Elgon districts should be transferred saying they are of no value to the area residents evidenced by dismal performance both in KCPE and KCSE exams last year.

Speaking in Kapsokwony town in Mt. Elgon district where he accused Cheptais DEO Jacob Wanyama and his Mt. Elgon counterpart Pius Ng’oma and Zonal education officers for failing to deliver on their mandate to improve the ailing education standards in Mt. Elgon region.

He noted that the  government should move the officers and deploy competent officers .

Serut added that it was a shame that Mt. Elgon hit headlines in the media negatively after over 17 girls at Chepukurkur Primary school in Cheptais were impregnated because of what he termed as insensitive and negligence on the part of the education officers.

“This is total shame, in this era and age over 17 girls from one school being impregnated when we have education officers, this officers should not be spared, the government should take stern action on them for sleeping on their jobs when hungry men are sexually molesting under age school girls,” he said.

“Tthe teenage pregnancies in Chepkurkur primary school in Cheptais district was as a result of a dis-connect between the education officials and school managers with the perpetrators taking advantage of the situation to molest innocent school girls”he added.

Mr. Serut noted that education standards in the region cannot be compromised by people who are mandated to manage the sector while appealing to Bungoma County TSC Director in charge of teacher development Mrs. Angelica Ouya and his counterpart in charge of the ministry of Education Mr. Daniel Mosibei to walk the talk including cracking the whip in order to address challenges affecting the education sector in Mt. Elgon.

Further, he blamed Mt. Elgon DEO Pius Ng’oma for failing to disburse bursty funds to needy students in the region.



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Kenya: Fire takes down Kamusinde Secondary School dormitory – over 100 students stranded

Posted by African Press International on May 11, 2013

Fire gutted down a dormitory at Kamusinde Secondary School in Bungoma County leaving over 100 students stranded and property of unknown value destroyed.
However, no one was injured as the incident happened at noon when student were in classrooms undertaking their early second term examination.
The school’s management declined to divulge details concerning the incident when press contacted it.
“Please give us time to assess the damage and establish the cause of the fire, then we can give you details later,” said one of board members.
The administration also assured parents that their children are safe and there is no reason to panic
The area Mp Hon Suleiman Murunga visited the school and promised to aid the re-construction of the dormitory.
Elsewhere,two schools in Mt. Elgon District are counting losses after heavy rains pounded the area and destroyed 2 pit latrines on Monday evening.
Head teachers of the two schools Kongit primary school and Bishop Okiring Kamneru secondary school have been urged to immediately reconstruct the toilets before the schools re-open.
Mt. Elgon District Education Officer Pius Ng’oma said that the problem is because of poor workmanship.
“The constructions of these pit latrines were not done properly, it’s actually a shoddy work and that’s why they say cheap is expensive,” Mr. Ng’oma said.
He called on all head teachers to always supervise any construction in the school to make sure they are done according to the expected standards in order to prevent future damages.
However the head teacher of Bishop Okiring Secondary has called on well-wishers to come to their rescue to help them put up other pit latrines as the students report back to school for second term.


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Will the Kenyan Education Dream Come True?

Posted by African Press International on April 5, 2013

  • By Benjamin Rutto, Kenya

As the dust settle after the March 4th General Elections, Kenyans are busy doing post-mortem of what transpired during elections across the country. Some still celebrate their victory, others mourn while others still follow-up the petitions in court to challenge their competitors win.

My concern lies in the future of the coming generation. Since I started schooling, I thought change will just come like the rainfall season. I was wrong; I have realized it is a fight just the way our forefathers fought for our independence.

Taking a view on the background level of education, –primary education. I studied in a mad wall classroom with no enough desks and books. We use to sprinkle water daily before we sweep and on Fridays we use to smear the floor. I think that is where I learned to be responsible and to tackle issues the way they come. Till today, some school structures have only been improved to permanent walls with neither window panes nor door frames.

I think that is better, I know some people studied in a more unfriendly situation such as under the acacia tree of which some still do it. The class shift together with the shade. Imagine being in that scenario; the wind, the sun, the rain! I know what you feel but keep it to yourself.

Teachers are also a big problem behind the above. I remember at one point when I volunteer to teach my former primary school because of this enormous challenge. This has been taking place since independence, by this time, we are a step ahead. We have many teachers looking for job but the government is in dilemma, we have money pending for the few teachers that we have. I think this has resulted to more teachers loosing morale and engaging in business. I wonder if this will come to an end.

If you take a turn and see at our libraries for those schools which they have one, dust has occupied the empty shelves. In the school, we only have three copies of Mathematic text-book of which one is with the teacher and the other with the two pupils. This has made our teachers qualified lecturers. They just lecture then give the assignment of which goes unmarked.

Thanks to the Kibaki government for the free education. Indeed, our young generation is schooling but, what is the quality of this education? How can this “Lecturer” access the work of three times the number of the required forty pupils in a class room? Imagine a Standard Four kid is asked to go and research on a question yet there is no research material. Some just see the cover of the book when the teacher is in class but doesn’t know the content in it.

Currently, we have schools still closed in Tana Delta because of insecurity yet at the corner, we have national exam registration. They even don’t know where their teachers are, their school uniform and their school bags. What has the government done about this?

With this few mentioned stumbling blocks, we anticipate our children to perform well in school. A son of a peasant in King’wal Primary School in Uasin Gishu County is expected to compete with that of a refugee in Central Dagahaley School in Ifo refugee camp, Garissa County, that of pastoralist in a mobile shepherd schools (lchekuti) in Samburu County and that of a business man in Makini School Nairobi County. Is justice prevailing or derailed?

I would like to support the incoming government to put a lot of efforts to this sector. From the Manifestos of the presidential candidates, we see some good plans about the education programme. More weight on what is trending is the issue of Solar Laptops from the Jubilee coalition. I believe everything is possible but; consider the security of these Laptops. Where will it be stored if some of us don’t have Classrooms? How will it be maintained if the available Classrooms are that dusty? Finally, our schools lack enough teachers, who will teach them?

The common thing is the issue of free education, Kibaki made it possible and of course the next government will be possible. The questions are who will teach them? Where are the textbooks? Where will our children study from?

Kenyans, let us think outside the box, some of us have gone through this fight and came out successfully while some are in the verge of bitterness for not performing well. I don’t blame you; I blame the nature and the society that we are in. Come out and stand to save the future generation.




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