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An Open letter to President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and Outgoing Prime Minister Raila Odinga

Posted by African Press International on April 5, 2013

First ,I would like to Congratulate the President-elect Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta for being democratically elected as the fourth Kenyan President. That, I would like also to complement both of you for the job well done,for the well-organized campaign teams and more so for the peaceful election period.

I also take this glad opportunity to thank the peaceful citizens of our beloved motherland, especially the youth for showing tolerance and ignoring to be used by politicians to cause chaos and hooliganism. Also ,my special thanks to all Kenya media houses for preaching peace messages through out the campaign period. hence ,cheers to all wakenya wazalendo.

The Honorable son of Jomo a.k.a “ Kamwana” and when I call you these names ,I call you with due respect as our beloved fourth President –elect whom I campaigned for, voted for and now happily celebrating your esteemed victory after the court verdict. Let me take this time to compliment you for being a charismatic energetic presidential candidate contender and for beating all other presidential candidates to remain a democratically elected president of The republic of Kenya.

The UhuRuto campaign was based on pillars of country transformation .Though, It is through the different presidential campaign trails we heard of analogue team, digital team , ICC criminals ,land grabbers ,reformers and non-reformers all said in the name of wooing the voters but not because they meant any good.I truly appreciate the sacrifices some have made to see Kenya where it is as of today under new constitution dispensation. It is now the time to keep no grudges but rather focus on matters of national building based on Jubilee manifestos that promised to see a complete transformation of a country to a strong economic prosperous nation.
Also, I wish to applaud you for your engagement with the country young leadership bearing in mind more than 70% of the Kenyan youth are unemployed, I remain hoping you will have a lean government that involves the youthful cabinet secretaries and in other government corporations. It is my believe a young talented cabinet with young digital fresh ideas from the young able men and women of Kenya will steer Kenya to the right direction towards achieving country blue print of vision 2030 and beyond.

  • Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga:

Bwana Raila, you are the true champion and have shown to be a true statesman in Kenya’s Democracy. For you have truly invested your time,energy and have sacrificed a lot for the democratic growth in our country.It is my hope and expectation that most of the fellow Kenyans will agree with me ,your acceptance for Supreme court of Kenya verdict was the most honorable act you did for the country.With all my due respect as I write this complimentary, I can’t imagine where Kenya would have been if you ignored the Supreme Court verdict. All the Kenyan institution you have fought for years to see them function could have gone in dismay. Thank you ,Bwana. Prime Minister for you will be remembered for such an honor of putting country first before your personal interest. As the late Prof.Saitoti said “There come a times when country interest are greater than our individual interests” I still share the same sentiments and thank you.

Mr. President Uhuru, I must applaud you for the patriotisms’ and pan –africanism. In the past few months to the election,on electioneering period till date the west countries namely U.S.A,U.K,EU and some other countries mostly from G8 having been making all kind of threats compromises and after the court verdict they were the first to send congratulatory messages that are too late – too little than needed.The best thing is ,we have known who is our real friend at the time of need. That,all the threats and consequences communicated through the media ,I am of the idea as you work from state house you now know who are the true Kenyan friends that means good for our country,especially after trying to impose a presidential candidate that they could turn to be a puppet of their own but mac yu we were more smarter than they thought and thankyou to my fellow Kenyans.
My kind and humble submission to the US,UK,EU leadership and all other countries at large is to realize Kenya is a sovereign Country,With a very mature democracy ,and if I may say with one of the best democracy in African continent.
That,Kenya has a democratically elected president and by so saying as-is on 4th march 2013, Kenya people have spoken and the Kenya people’s voice ought to be listened and respected. That, we need no lectures on maters of governance of our Country.Please note,If need be we will use the right diplomatic channels as it has always been.

May God bless our newly elected 4th government and their leaders.That even the ICC cases facing three innocent Kenyans will be inducted and May the Lord God give you wisdom and tenacity to serve our beloved motherland.


Murithi Benjamin Ikirima-B. Env Sc.
UNO -2005 awardee and 2011 Dr.Frist Humanatarian Awardee Florida .U.S.A




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