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Thugs in Kenya robbed Chinese workers close to 8 million shillings

Posted by African Press International on June 10, 2013

  • BY JACK MARWA  – Kenya

 Four armed thugs robbed Chinese workers close to Sh 8million along the busy NairobiNakuru highway in a mysterious incident.

The thugs who were allegedly dressed as police officers grabbed the loot near Karai trading center in Naivasha before escaping.

The gangsters did not shoot or injure the two Chinese and their driver during the early morning incident.

According to a source, the three were driving to Naivasha town when the incident occurred after collecting the cash from Nairobi.

“The driver claims that a white car overtook them and two men brandishing guns ordered them to stop,” said the source.

Naivasha deputy OCPD Paul Korir said that the cash was meant to pay workers in Geothermal Rich Olkaria area where the construction of the 280mw geothermal power plant is going on.

Korir wondered why the three decided to carry such a huge sum of money without asking for police escort.

“The three claim that they were ambushed by armed thugs along the highway who took the cash before fleeing towards Nairobi” he said.

The police boss added that they were interrogating the driver adding that they did not rule out an inside job.




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Kenya: Woman involved in carjacking arrested

Posted by African Press International on May 9, 2013


Police ion Naivasha have arrested a woman who was involved during a carjacking incident and robbing a popular TV show comedians of ‘ Tahidi High’.

During the incident a carjacker who fell asleep while guarding his victim after his accomplices left to withdrew money using his ATM card was shot by police.

The thug had drank too much and fell asleep giving a room to the victim, a taxi driver Macharia Githogori, to untie himself and flee.

Macharia said that the thug had robbed the actors some alcohol and started drinking it before falling asleep and started to snore.

Naivasha Deputy OCPD Paul Korir said that the suspects were cornered by police at Malewa lodge in Naivasha through a tip off from a mobile services provider trying to commit a robbery.

Korir said that some of her accomplices managed to escape after spoting the presences of police officers in the compound and had launched a manhunt for them.

The police boss said that the suspect a woman will also face other charges of killing Githunguri District commissioner James Hungi Mugwe in Kiambu.





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Kenya: Treasury accused of being reluctant to release funds to County governments

Posted by African Press International on April 7, 2013

County Speakers are now warning that operations of counties could stall due to lack of chambers for debates and enactment of various legislations. The speakers and their deputies noted that over 30 counties did not have chambers and could be forced to conduct their businesses under trees.

Just like the governors, they lamented lack of funds in running of counties and called for urgent action from the treasury. Speaking in Naivasha where the governor’s retreat has been going on, the leaders wondered if the government had been prepared for the devolved system.

Tana River Speaker Dr Abdi Nur Nassir said that it would be impossible to run counties without funds and infrastructure. “Many of the counties do not have chambers and we shall be forced to conduct our business under trees,” he said.

Flanked by his colleagues, Nur revisited the issue of funding and blamed the treasury for the current impasse. He said that only Sh20m had been sent to counties by yesterday while the rest of the funds were yet to be disbursed.

Nairobi County Speaker Alex Ole Magero revisited the issue of salaries and accused the Salaries and remuneration commission of giving them a raw deal. Magero wondered why the commission was having discussions with Mps and disregarding county representatives. “We plan to take out memorandum to the senate as we feel the SRC did this in bad faith and we shall not accept these salaries,” he said.

During the workshop, leaders from cattle rustling areas agreed to work together and eradicate the vice that had adversely affected the region.

Addressing the press, Baringo governor Benjamin Cheboi said that rustling had seen the region lag behind in development. “We have decided to set aside our differences and we shall work together to eradicate cattle rustling in this area,” he said.

The sentiments were echoed by his Turkana counterpart Josphat Nanok who said that they would mobilize their communities to discard the vice. “We admit that the vice has affected all sectors in the county and we shall talk to the electorate to discard rustling,” he said.


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Kenya: GOVERNORS induction in Naivasha faces challenges

Posted by African Press International on April 3, 2013


The induction workshop for governors and their deputies in Naivasha kicked off on the wrong footing with the elected leaders walking out on the Transitional Authority last evening.

Drama unfolded at the Great Rift Valley Lodge, Naivasha where the meeting was going on as the irate leaders staged a protest.

The incident occurred barely an hour after President Mwai Kibaki had left the hotel after opening the high level meeting.

Earlier, a group of governors tried to meet the Head of State to express their worries and their problems facing them.

Later they headed into a closed-door meeting with the Transitional authority chairman and his CIC colleague over the impasse.

One of the governors was overheard complaining over the manner in which the authority was treating them noting that they should be accorded the respect they deserve.

Confirming the impasse, Machakos County governor Alfred Mutua said that there was no way they could work without funds.

He said that majority of them had been forced to use their personal vehicles and pay their drivers and security officers as there were no funds.

The former government spokesman noted that despite getting assurance from treasury of getting funds, the promise was yet to be fulfilled.

On the issue of the National flag, the governors in unison said that they would ignore the directive from the AG and fly the flag on their vehicles.



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