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Kenya: Kisumu Governor suspends six officer accusing them of Corruption and mismanagement

Posted by African Press International on September 7, 2013

By   Dickens   Wasonga , Kenya

Kisumu County Governor Jack Ranguma has suspended six senior city officers over alleged gross corruption and mismanagement of resources worth more than Sh1.2 billion.

Ranguma’s action comes following an audit report on the county’s assets and liabilities carried out by the Transition Authority in all the counties..

He is the first governor to act on the TA findings from an audit exercise on assets and liabilities that started on July 15.

The audit was to also look at debts carried forward to the counties by the defunct local authorities abolished on March 4 as per the constitution.

The audit is aimed at providing mechanisms that will secure assets and liabilities formerly held by the councils.

The senior officers sent packing are Adrian Ouma (Engineering Department), Absalom Ayany (Planning) and Peter Kayila (IT Computer programmer). Clerical officers implicated in the scandal are Bertha Odera, Maurice Matunga and Peter Ogada.

The officers are alleged to have taken advantage of the transition period by attempting to sell over 500 houses and council estates valued at over Sh1.1 billion to private developers without following the due process.



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Kenya: Jigger increase reported in Teso Constituency

Posted by African Press International on August 27, 2013

 Residents from Okuleu area of Teso North Constituency in Busia County have raised concern over the rampant  increase of jiggers menace in the area.

Several elderly persons have so far died due to jigger infestation and the latest case is of a 70 year old granny who died at the Kocholya Teso District Hospital.

The late Ann Asitei succumbed to Jigger infestation before  she was rushed by the neighbors to the hospital after the problem had persisted.

Led by Martin Isara, the locals appealed to the County government to move in with haste and rescue them from Jiggers menace which they said is disturbing them and their families.

“The drugs that are being distributed by community health workers are not effective and we urge the County government to provide us with jigger solution,” said Isara adding that many elderly persons are falling prey of jiggers.

Apart from the elderly persons who are very susceptible to the problem, School going children notably nursery and primary school pupils are entirely affected.

The issue is posing a danger in education sector in the district as such children cannot walk to school hence miss a lot in schools. The schools mostly affected are Kamolo, Amoni, Totokakile and Ikapolok where jiggers have invaded the children and hamper their learning.

Many NGO’s have moved in to curb the infection but according to Villagers the problem is still persisting since the jiggers have invaded a vast area.

The locals are calling upon Busia County leaders to find a long lasting solution to the problem that is slowly killing people and affecting the education sector.


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Kenya: ”We have the potential and the capacity to perform exceedingly well; School head proclaims

Posted by African Press International on May 15, 2013

Seated on a black swivel chair behind a maiden table with trophies and files neatly stacked at all corners of his office, Mr.Edward Namasaka is the man in charge. But underneath the tranquil exterior he radiates lurks and understandable task to perform daily.

Mr Edward Namasaka is the Principal of Bungoma High School, in Bungoma south district, Kanduyi constituency,one of the giant provincial schools in Bungoma County.

As the Principal, it is not the task of heading a populated school which to Mr.Namasaka considers it as a rare privilege, but the monumental expectations that come from a top provincial school beating national schools in just recent concluded national drama festivals speaks volumes about the school.

When the school proved to be national champions in drama (choral verse) where educationists in region are still elated by its sterling performance.

And there exist little doubt that with his long experience as educationists, the school boss  Mr.Edward Namasaka is nursing ambitions of steering his school competently.

The school which recently made a dramatic comeback by winning the top honor in the Kenya Schools and Colleges National Drama Festival Choral Verse.The two week event held at Agha Khan High School in Mombasa saw the school restore its lost glory.In the recent years the school had always ended at provincial level or as first runner-up losing out to new entrants.

In his leadership, the school has risen into a dominant both academic and co-curriculum force in Bungoma County  but the modest  on the achievements the institution has attained under his watch. The staff is dedicated and emphasise on  discipline. Dedication and determination that has made the school appear on the national map.

Through this,the school has proved to be among the giants in co-curriculum and curriculum activities ranging from zonal level to National level.

The vibrant High School has produced its greatest share of prominent including Pro Henry Mutoro the Principal University of Nairobi Kikuyu Campus, Peter Munya Governor for Tharaka,B ungoma County Speaker Mr.John Makali and Bishop Wilfred Lai of Jesus Celebration centre Mombasa among others.

This scribe has also learnt that the performance in national examinations has been impressive with more than average candidates attaining a university entry point’s year in, year out.

Founded in 1961 on a self-help foundation through a joint effort of the Elgon Nyanza Country council and District Education Board, the school boasts of high population and a large experienced teaching staff establishment. The school broad curriculum has created a multitude of opportunities for all students for both academic and co-curriculum activities. The principal says the school has been long overdue. ”We have all the hallmarks of performing better in academics and co-curriculum activities”stated Mr.Namasaka.

Regardless of being a regional school, students from all walks of life has been admitted there thus enhancing cultural diversity and cohesion among the students. Bungoma High has been also one of the fiercest academic rivals to St Mary’s Kibabii,Friends School Kamusinga and Lugulu Girls’ High School.The academic battle between the four schools have been epic and decades old.With almost an equal number of students, Bungoma High has been fighting Friends School Kamusinga for top slots in the provincial academic ladder as well as other co-curriculum activities. However, it is expected that their rivalry will intensify given the fact that Bungoma High ousted its rivalries in drama.

The school head is determined that his school will compete on equal footing with other two elevated school which is Friends School Kamusinga and Luguli Girls both academically and other co-curriculum activities.”We have the potential and the capacity to perform exceedingly well.We are able to deliver just as other national schools”he says.

Timothy Simiyu,former student at the school who is now practicing law in Nairobi says the school has undergone various dynamics and soon County Government may develop a headache in deciding its future.









A cross section of Administration block of Bungoma High School






By Godfrey Wamalwa,Bungoma,14/5/2013

Take your children to school,urges officer

Bungoma  East Education office has urged parents to take their children to institutions that are fully registered by Ministry of Education.

The district education boss Mrs. Emmaculate  Obari has also warned the parents of dire consequences after taking their studies in unregistered schools.

The officer was speaking at Ndivisi Girls ’High School during the Education day.The officer also underscored the need for parents to take their children to school to eliminate illiteracy in the society.”I urge parents to play their role effectively by making sure their sons and daughters go to school” said the officer. She further took the opportunity to  appeal  to teachers in the district to work extra hard to ensure that area posts good results than they posted in the past.

In a rejoinder, Bungoma County Private schools Association Chairman Mr.Brown Wanjala concurred with the officer adding that only health education can be obtained from registered schools approved by the ministry of Education. Mr Wanjala also applauded the ministry of Education for its efforts of making sure that bogus institution in the district is out of existence.

However, Kenya National Union of Teachers Bungoma East Branch has assured the ministry of Education that it is going an extra mile of encouraging teachers to cooperate with school heads as one way of beating the education curriculum.

Bungoma  East (KNUT)Secretary General Mr.Agrrey Namisi said the recent general election disrupted classes and he added that the union will continue encouraging its members to field the syllabus on time.”KCPE and KCSE students education cycle was disrupted by the general election” said the unionists.




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Kenya: Built houses on allocated plots to curtail housing crisis

Posted by African Press International on November 7, 2012

  • By Jeff Otieno

Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello has urged the residents who were alloted plots last year by the municipal Council to immediately start constructing them in order to curtail the prevailing housing crisis in the Lake side City.

Speaking to the press the Mayor urged that its absurd that his council gave out plots to the applicants who are mostly residents of the City but over a year down the line no significant progress has been made and housing crisis is rampant.

The over 1200  plots are in Mamboleo, Kibos,Milimani, Kanyakwar and Nyalenda areas.”Some of the controversial sections of the said plots have been harmonised and therefore the beneficiaries should move with speed and start developing them”, he said.

At the embryonic stages the council faced serious teething problems like double allocations which the Town Planner Absalom Ochieng Ayany has addressed and attributed it to logistical reasons. Okello further urged both Local and International investors not to be cowed by the recent spate of insecurity saying that the Government has now deployed adequate security in the city.

Asked by this Writer which political position he’s angling for in the coming polls, the Mayor simply down played but vowed to answer it a little later. Most of the residents have been urging him to settle for the newly created Kisumu Central seat while others argue that his sterling achievements is only commensurate to bidding for Governor seat.

Okello came to helm after post Election violence in 2008 and immediately went to London in May that year where he managed to convince the donors  to fund the 4 Billion Kisumu urban project which is soon rolling out before end of November this year.

The five-star Hotel to be inaugurated in December around Hippo Point Dunga, the top of the range leafy Eco Lodge Hotel and the general infra-structural expansion-developments  being his brain child during his tenure.Hes further credited by the council workers for settling all the salary arrears by successive regimes and also sorting staggering debts the authority owed various outfits.



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