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Involve private schools in laptop projects, Govt told

Posted by African Press International on July 25, 2013


Private school owners drawn from populated Bungoma County have appealed to the government to involve them in the laptop project .

The secretary of private school owners association in Bungoma County Japheth Mayabilo has said that parents with pupils in private schools are also taxpayers and therefore the government should involve them in the project.

The secretary further said that it will be discriminative for the government to exclude them from the laptops project and yet they cover the same syllabus and they will sit the same national examination.

“The government would have mocked our children rights if it denies them equal treatment when it comes to matters to do with education”he said.

He argued that excluding children from private schools will be doing a disservice to them and they may not be able to compete favorably in the job market because of their level of technology.

The secretary also expressed fear that private schools may lose market because many children will prefer schools with laptops.






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Kenya: Worried Parents from Nyanza region – Are teachers able to handle laptop challenges in class?

Posted by African Press International on May 31, 2013

  • By Maurice Alal,API Kenya

PARENTS from Nyanza Region have called the government to equip teachers with the Information and Communication Technology skills in readiness for the laptops that are yet to arrive in the country by November this year. - Nyanza Parents Association chairman Mr. Jackson Ogweno – Nyanza Parents Association chairman Mr. Jackson Ogweno

Nyanza Parents Association chairman Mr. Jackson Ogweno said the laptops will only be effective if teachers have the necessary skills to train the pupils joining class one.

This follows the promise by the Jubilee government that all pupils joining class one shall be given a laptop for their studies. Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof. George Godia recently said that laptops will be brought in phases as from November 2013.

While addressing the press in his Kisumu office Ogweno said it is shocking that about 80% of teachers are computer illiterate and called for immediate action by the government to implement the project fully.

He argued that despite the past education skills in most schools laboratory the move by the government to equip class one pupils will transform the education through E-learning.

Ogweno commended President Uhuru Kenyatta for introduction of laptop project in schools saying this will lead to massive development in the education sector.

However, he stated that this now call for additional employment of teachers to meet the current demands in schools across the country.



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