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Kenya: Chaos slowly uprooting peace in Kisumu

Posted by African Press International on November 4, 2012

  • By  Dickens Wasonga,
Relative calm has  returned to Kisumu City after days of  violent riots by angry protesters who trooped to the streets demonstrating against  the killing of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party  chairman Shem Onyango Kwega by armed assailants  on Monday.
But even as uneasy calm  was restored, Raila Odinga‘s ODM party which still enjoys  huge following in the country  was calling on the government  to conclusively investigate the motive of the killings and immediately bring to book those who are suspected to have gunned down Kwega, who was a prominent businessman and an influential Nyanza politician.
The party’s Secretary General Prof Peter Anyang’ Nyongo‘ while addressing a press conference in Nairobi after the Monday incident  described the slain politician as a hard-working official whose invaluable contributions as the ODM chairman for  Kisumu Town West constituency  will be greatly missed.
The Monday morning shooting  sparked off violent  protests throughout the town paralyzing business and transport activities as his supporters and angry residents stormed Kisumu Central police division demanding immediate transfer of police chiefs in the City accusing them of laxity.
However  the two-day protests ended tragically with three people amongst them two women being  burnt to death. The deceased persons reportedly sheltered at the shop   to escape the wrath of anti riot policemen  who descended on the demonstrators with batons and lobbying teargas canisters to quell the violent riots.
The fire at the shop which left the three dead was said to have been started by the police teargas but the authorities were quick to dismiss this assertion claiming it could have been as a result of an electrical fault.
Several people believed to have been shot by the police during the riots were said to be  receiving treatment  in various hospitals within the town where they were admitted.
The slain  politician and his wife Rose Onyango were accosted by two-gun men in their youths who blocked their  car  just moments after a breakfast meeting at a Kisumu hotel along Nyerere road at around 10 am.
The daring gangsters used a motorbike to lay the ambush but later  took  off in an escape car which they hijacked from a nearby car wash after the attack.
According to the police, Kwega was fatally shot twice on the head from close range and another bullet fired by his attackers pierced through his chest. His wife was also shot in the chest while trying to shield her husband and is currently fighting for her life at Aga khan hospital in Kisumu.
While those protesting the killing termed it an assassination, the police has dismissed the theory claiming it was purely a criminal attack.
Nyanza police boss Joseph Oletito yesterday  dispelled the rumors of a possible assassination attack saying the two gangsters made away with sh 1.2 million from the victims.
He said  the police were pursuing the assailants and promised that  soon they would be arrested . But new wave of attacks and violent crime has left every Kisumu resident worried stiff.
In a span of less than a month, over five people have  reportedly been  killed by armed criminals who appears to have taken over control of the city literally with most people wondering whether the police are overwhelmed.
A security guard was found dead at the Kisumu’s SDA Victory church last week. The police said an estimated sh 200,000 offertory and other church valuables was stolen.
The same day , a pupil was found murdered and a headless  body dumped at one of the estates in the City a few meters away from the church where the guard was killed in cold blood.
Reports of yet another chilling attack was made in the City when  a top HIV and AIDS researcher at  Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) was hacked to death as he tried to gain access to his  Tom Mboya residence.
And Kisumu continued to record deaths occasioned by criminals when a director of a security firm was reportedly waylaid and killed last night near  Uzima University College.
It is shocking that despite the increased attacks by armed criminals, the police who appears to have been caught napping are yet to nab any of the suspects reigning terror on the lives of innocent tax payers of the beautiful lake side City.

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Prime Minister Raila Odinga condons the Kisumu killings

Posted by African Press International on November 3, 2012

  • By Maurice Alal, reporting from Kisumu Kenya

The Prime Minister of Republic of Kenya Raila Amollo Odinga has condoned police in Kisumu City over the recent shooting during riots where eight people were killed by police.

The PM said that it is shocking and regrettable  that police are using excessive force to disperse rioters which has left four people dead saying that those people must be arrested and charged in a court of law.

Odinga also claimed that police are also colluding with criminals that have led to increase of insecurity in the city where a number of people have been murdered. “We cannot live in a city where gangs have taken control of making people to be killed in a broad daylight. Police must wake up of their laxity,” said the PM.

He said despite challenges that police are facing to undertake their work; they should not take that as an advantage to allow criminals to take charge of the city.

However, the PM have also appealed to the resident to maintain peace as the matter is being investigated to arrest those involved in the recent killing in Kisumu. “As resident of Kisumu, you should help police with vital information to fight insecurity in the region,” said Odinga.

He also said that over five people have been killed in a week a move that have raised eyebrows saying the rise of insecurity was of a great concern to the government.

“The government is currently working on various measures to ensure residents confidence on security is restored,” Odinga said adding that this also scaring away investors locally and internationally.

In connection to the killing of an ODM politician which enjoys huge following in Nyanza region  where the PM hails from and countrywide, Raila said the killing should not be perceived as political but pure criminal activities.

Odinga also revealed that former police officer who had earlier work in the region was already brought back as demanded by the area residents but said an individual cannot curb insecurity in the region urging stakeholders to unite for security to prevail

The residents on Monday took to the street of Kisumu City over the killing of a ODM party Chairman and also aspirant for the newly created Kisumu Central Constituency Shem Onyango Kwega in demand of an explanation.

Kwega was shot together with his wife Rose Onyango after breakfast meeting in a Kisumu hotel at around 10am by two armed gangs who are said to have made away with Shs. 1.2 million which he was going to bank.The wife is currently fighting for her life at Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu.

This prompted the angry resident and his supporters to protest the killing who later engaged police in a running battle forcing them to lobby teargas canisters which burst into flames and burned 3 people to death. It was during the same riots where police shot 8 people as they were trying to escape.

According to Nyanza police boss Joseph Oletito, the recent killings are pure criminal activities urging the resident to be calm as police finalized their investigations.

Oletito said that so far two prime suspects have been arrested in connection to the killing of the late Kwega and are currently in police custody helping them with investigation.”We are yet to arrest more assailants. Resident should remain vigilant and provide police with information about these gangs,” he said.



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ODM aspirant killed in Kisumu

Posted by African Press International on October 31, 2012

By Maurice Alal, reporting from Kisumu, Kenya

Kisumu City in Nyanza Region of Kenya has become a no-go-zone following the death of Kisumu Town East Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party Chairman Shem Kwega, who is also an aspirant for the newly created Kisumu Central Constituency.

Kwega who is also a prominent businessman in Kisumu was shot together with his wife Rose Kwega by two armed thugs within the Central Business District (CBD) at around 10am.

The deceased and wife were rushed to Aga- Khan Hospital where he was later pronounced dead by Chief Executive Officer, Dr Nadim Mawji.  The doctor said the wife was in a stable condition and doctors were doing all they could to save her life.

It is reported that the deceased was shot on the head and on his chest, before the gang turned on his wife shooting her  on her chest. The thugs who are said to have used AK47 riffles fled in a car from the nearby car-wash. The car was later abandoned by the thugs at Nyamasaria estate.

Kwega, who owns a number of petrol stations within the city, was robbed of unknown amount of cash which he was going to bank before the ambush took place.

The news of his death spread like bushfire within the City and its environs, prompting angry residents to storm the Kisumu Police offices demanding explanation to the killings which they say is now rampant in the region.

This comes barely a week after three people including doctor from Kenya Institute of Research, a student and a security guard was murdered in a cold blood before the thugs stole unknown amount of cash from the doctor and the church where the security officer was manning.

It is the rise of insecurity that prompted the area residents to engage police in a running battle forcing the police to use tear gas canisters to disperse the angry crowd who vowed not to surrender until the security situation in Kisumu and its environs is addressed.

The incident has so far paralyzed business and transport activities in the city leaving travellers stranded.

For the last three months, carjacking has become rampant in Kisumu City.

This has made the police to be on the receiving end of the blame due to their laxity in ensuring security is beeped up. However, Nyanza Provincial Police Officer, Joseph Oletito said investigation to the killings was underway, hoping the suspects will be netted soon.

He urged the residents to maintain peace. But this was not taken lightly by angry residents who demand immediate transfers of various police bosses such as OCPD, OCS among others.




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