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Kenya: Former Justice and education minister who was elected Senator Mutula Kilonzo on 4th of March died Saturday

Posted by African Press International on April 29, 2013

Mutula Kilonzo who was the Makueni senator is dead. Reports say he died in his sleep. He was found by his workers after 10.00 am in the morning lying in bed with foam filling the mouth and his nose. In the room, the investigators say they found vomit on the floor and the sink, meaning, he woke up to vomit before he went to bed where he later died without alerting any of his family members.

He was alone in his room after he went to sleep having arrived to his ranch from Nairobi. The rest of his family is said to have remained behind in Nairobi.

He died in his farm bordering Maanzoni lodge on Mombasa road. Teams of experts (policemen and pathologists) rushed to the area immediately his death was known.

It is not known what killed him. There are speculations that he may have been poisoned.

Investigations are now ongoing in order to establish the cause of death

Mr Kilonzo was a brilliant lawyer who always spoke his mind. Earlier this year, he decided to forgive a young woman who had been charged in court for threatening to kill him. The woman who was his house help had sent him a sms saying she had been instructed to do so by her underground bosses who wanted Kilonzo dead. Kilonzo appeared in court and instead of testifying against the woman, he told the court that he did not want the case continued but instead should be discontinued because he had decided to forgive the woman.

The judge discontinued the case.

Our condolences goes to the family members and friends during this trial moment and may his soul be blessed to rest in peace.





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