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Kenya: Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero & Hon. Member of Parliament Rachel Shebesh’s slapping

Posted by African Press International on September 6, 2013

Kenya: Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero says it was not him slapping Nairobi Women Representative Rachael Shebesh after an altercation in his office.

Shebesh was among county of Nairobi workers who stormed Kidero’s office on Friday afternoon demonstrating demanding a pay rise. After the incident Kidero while addressing a press conference denied slapping Hon Shebesh.

Kidero told the media “I was in my office but I don’t remember or have any recollection of slapping anyone. All i know is that a group of people about 30-40 tried to force themselves into my office led by a Honourable Member of Parliament“,.

After his address to the press he went to Central Police Station to record a statement about the incident.

When other senior officers have slapped people, they have lost their job. Kidero may now have extra problems on his hands. Election petition against his election in March this year as the Governor of Nairobi County filed by Mr Waititu is yet to be decided by the High Court.

You can watch the video of Kidero ‘slapping’ Shebesh here below:

Here the Nairobi Governor Kidero slaps Hon. Member of Parliament Nairobi County Rachel Shebesh

Here the Governor denies having slapped her

This is cruelty against women. Would he have dared slap a male member of parliament?



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Kenya: Governor Kidero dismisses his critics

Posted by African Press International on September 1, 2013


Nairobi Governor Dr Evans Kidero has dismissed claims by critics that hes about to ditch ODM.Speaking in his Asumbi rural home in Homa Bay county  during a prayer session to officially  open a newly built state of the art  house for his wife Susan Mboya daughter to the late Thomas Joseph Mboya, Kidero said that hes a staunch party member and those peddling the said rumours are punchered politicians who are jittery with his political resilience.

“I will remain in ODM and also work with the government for our people to benefit economically”, he thundered amid applause from the enthusiastic crowd. Some section of ODM members particularly those from Luo Nyanza region have been on endless campaign onslaught spreading malicious propaganda that Kidero had ditched the party due to his percieved closeness with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kidero recently accompanied the head of state to China where multi billion contracts were signed but failed to accompany his party leader to the U S A  where close to ten Cord Governors were invited in July. Political pundits opine that Kideros critics seems to be un fair to him arguing that theres no way he can operate in isolation without working closely with the President if hes to deliver.

The city council of Nairobi is heavily indebted as a result of entrenched corruption by cartels who have been operating there with glee for decades and some of them are highly connected and to stump it out you need a good will from the government of the day. Sources further confided to the press that President Uhuru courtesy of Kidero has agreed to waiver some of the council debts to cushion it from financial crisis. Former Homa Bay MP Oluoch Kanindo is also of the opinion that Kidero resilient political graph, sterling track record in the cooperate sector and succession in Luo politics are to blame for the prevaling scenario. Some senior Luo politicians are abit bitter that they dont get the much needed attention in various forums they share with Kidero yet they view him as a political novice.

“Kidero should be adviced to have a thick skin because what we are seing now is just but the beginning”,Kanindo said during an interview.”What do you expect from a man with untainted record and massive charisma,his critics must be ready for a rude shock in the near future”,Kanindo conluded.

In the ODM circles Kidero is said to be having a rapport with the party leader Raila Odinga but some three senior politicians in Luo Nyanza who are said to have been behind Railas failure to state house as result of shoddy nominations and strategy  in 2007 and 2013 are the ones orchestrating malice and blackmail to clip his political wings.Its interesting to note that the said politicians were seen literally camping in Kidero offices and homes begging for campagn funds in the last polls which they religiously recieved.

According to a top ODM politician the three politicians enjoys the party leaders ear and therefore even the party elections being craved for to make the party more vibrant seems to be a distant dream. “Its like the party is their personal property they run it like a shop”, he quipped.




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