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Marriage can be a bed of prickling thorns.

Posted by African Press International on August 9, 2013


Jacinta  Nabucha, a mother of one,living in Bungoma, thought married life was a bed of roses and without any hesitation, she threw her towel into the ring. She was soon to learn a few tips that marriage can also be a bed of prickling thorns.

She left her parent just to delve into marriage, but today with nobody to turn to and nowhere to call. Narrating her ordeal to this scribe, she says that things worked well for the first 12 years of their marriage but in subsequent things have been very tough for her.

In the middle of the year 2012,a man she knew as  her husband under unclear circumstances ran amok and demolished her house before transporting all her properties including utensils, beds and other belongs to the  house of his cousin for the safe custody.

Her middle-aged husband,James Machasio Musundi  working in Kenya Defence in Mariakani,prior to this,is said to have developed a habit of idling and insulting her on petty disagreements.

Whipping thoroughly while narrating her trauma,Jacinta says whenever she questioned his weird behavior he could attack her with insults.

Since the two could no longer become compatible after palatial demolition,Jacinta took a new dimension by filing a report to Webuye Police Station under the officer commanding the station Richard Tuei.

In a letter in our possession dated April 9th 2012 vide OB No.18/9/4/2012 from the station recommended that James Machasio  has a case to answer in a court of law to act as a deterrence to other public officers who have little respect for the law.On April 10th ,the said arsonists undertook an oath to before a renown advocate in the area that he would construct the said house and to remit Ksh 20,000 to her per month as upkeep.

“There is no doubt that ugly scene has been one of the tormenting issue in my life,but it is me who has remained on the receiving end”she narrated her ordeal in the hands of her brutal husband.

Few months later,the authorities that the woman had  hoped would help her suddenly became enemies after her husbands late brother influenced by using all means at his disposal to have her justice denied.

According to the victim,despite of the issue being reported to police,no action has been taken.Efforts by various authorities to bring them together and work on the solution has not borne any fruits as it is alleged that the officer has used his military rank to oil the law enforcers and implementors.

She added that it would be of good help is Director of Public prosecution Keriako Tobiko to move in swiftly to have justice granted.



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Kenya: School dormitory burnt down

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2013

Parents and pupils of   of Blessed Academy Nomorio in Mt. Elgon District are counting loses after Property worth thousands of shillings was destroyed  after at night inferno  burnt down a dormitory. The school director Mrs. Grace Ayeta said the fire broke out at around 7:30 pm when the pupils were in class. The school head further  reiterated that all the property that were inside the dormitory were destroyed but no one was injured.
She called upon the well-wishers to support them where possible so that the pupils can continue with their studies.
However, the deputy Mt. Elgon DEO Alice Sitawa and Kapsokwony AEO Samuel Maraka who visited the school urged the parents to support the school so that the pupils continue learning without a problem. This is not the first time for the school to experience this, last year September the same dormitory was burnt down but was rebuilt.


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Kenya: Cameraman based in Busia County assaulted by police officers

Posted by African Press International on July 12, 2013


A cameraman with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation based in Busia county was assaulted yesterday by Busia police officers.

Josephat Okiria who was covering learning activities at Railway Academy in Busia was assaulted by the school head Mrs. Lilian Juma as he tried to collect the footage. The camera worth sh150,000 was shattered.

The reporter was on his duty covering teachers strike as an industrial court issued an order to have teachers back in class.

According to the reporter who was accompanied by his colleague from west fm radio Caren Papai, they raised an alarm where officer in charge of crime Moses Kameli  working at Malaba police came in and gun pointed at the reporters to stop covering the school.

The journalist was arrested and placed in custody at Malaba police station but were denied a chance to file a report or any statement by the said officer. They were later released on a free bond.

According to sources, the officer had earlier engaged in love affair with the school head, an issue which residents have called upon Inspector General David Kimaiyo and Director of public prosecution to move in.

When area OCPD Lucas Ongari was reached for comment, the officer said no journalist has been arrested and he is not aware of the incident.



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Kenya: Education officer lauds Mbakalo school head

Posted by African Press International on June 17, 2013


Ministry of Education and parents from Bungoma North district have lauded  Mbakalo High School administration for its positive performance posted in the last year national examinations.

Speaking during district education day at Mukuyuni Girls High School,Bungoma North Education officer Mr George Ogando noted that Mbakalo High school principal Mr Habil Maliga for his school emerging academic giants in the area in 2012 KCSE examination.

Mr. Maliga commitment towards his career saw the school lead in the district thus being awarded as the best principal in the district.

The education officer also challenged other school heads to work extra hard to improve performances in their various schools.

Meanwhile the Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT led by the Executive Secretary of Bungoma East District Mr. Aggrey Namisi has revealed that the transfer of teachers in the area  has been influenced by political influence from the area Member of Parliament Alfred Sambu.

He condemned political influence in running of schools which he said leads to poor performance in the schools and called upon Sambu to leave the education sector to be run by the set authorities in-charge of education in the district.

The unionist also claimed  the transfer to be against the law which does not permit for middle of the year transfers of teachers and called for the relevant authorities involved in the transfer to withdraw it.

“Transfer of teachers are supposed to be done at the end of the year and not at the middle of the year and that in itself tells us just how this transfer is not well founded,” said Namisi.

However, District Education Officer Mrs. Immaculate Obare noted the risks involved in students walking on the roadsides in the name of demonstrations and called upon the students to be communicating their grievances through relevant channels in the schools before going out on the streets to demonstrate.



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Kenya: Lugulu mission Hospital in Bungoma County is now surviving on borrowed time

Posted by African Press International on June 6, 2013

Lugulu mission Hospital  in Bungoma County is now surviving on borrowed time if details of a well-guarded corruption networks unmasked by weekly citizen is anything to go by.
Even before the dust settle in the air after a shocking exposure of corruption at controversial Lugulu Mission Hospital in Bungoma County, fresh details are now emerging over the bleak future of the facility. For the third week in a row, the hospital which   a week ago was reported by your  favorite   Weekly Citizen to  have  lost  hundreds of millions if not  billions of  shillings through fraudulent  deals by it Managers, CEO and some of  its Board of Directors is now in the  thick of another  scandal involving another million scandal.
And following recent happenings at the once vibrant medical facility that have seen several directors and officials exit and others are now hauled to court  to answer unprocedurally terminations, details have emerged exposing even more sleaze.
 The facility is widely known within the region to conduct this malpractices and it is no longer news to hear that yet another multi million financial scam  has resurfaced.
Ironically , these cases even when reported are never dealt with accordingly by the relevant authorities.
After several ill-financial reports erupted one week after an exposure by your popular weekly citizen,this scribe pitched investigative tent to unmask what was detailed in the hidden but shocking auditing reporting.
The report in white paper but written with black ink cites numerous glaring cases of unvoiced expenditures, conflict of interest and accounting lapses at the hospital.The report details that a total of Sh14.7million was stolen through unvoiced expenditure and further recommends that the Financial director Evelyne  Efumbi should be investigated and arraign in court to pay for the loot.
Situated along Webuye-Kitale,the facility which receives huge funding from Friends United Mission,Aphias Plus and government support, has allegedly cut itself a special place on matters of corruption.Another Sh729,520  was lost whereby the hospital was required to carry out a monthly Bank reconciliations to detect any direct debits by Bank which was not captured in the hospital financial records.
The examination held by the hospital reveals that the expenditure totaling to the above amount during 2010/2011 financial year was incurred on clearing hospitals debts,no records were produced to show how transaction was done.
Documents in possession with weekly citizen reveals that sh 3million was not accounted for and the items purchased were not procured professionally.
An amount of sh6million was withdrawn from the hospital bank by former Dr.Simon Kisaka while another sh 1.6million withdrawn by Evelyne Efumbi who allegedly handed over the withdrawals,there is no documents to support such transaction.The report further indicates that the hospital might have lost sh 27million through fraudulent withdrawals.
The estimated average monthly collection(revenue)ksh 4million,but from available schedules,a total of sh 2.1m was banked and the sh1.9 was directly spent but there was no tangible evidence of banking sh2.1m.
The hospital however,lost sh900,000 through unaccounted for travelling and subsistence allowances but no supportive documents attacked to the payment vouchers,no receipt acknowledgement of the cash pai or payment vouchers and that the said payments were treated as expenditure instead of temporary imprests.
However officers implicated in the above scam are as follows.Wilson Maungo (former internal auditor)two junior staffs,and the acting administrator Jackson Fuko. Our expansive investigation has however, unmasked that mismanagement and inefficiency  is the cause of financial troubles at the Bungoma based hospital.
This revelations comes as the fate of about a section of employees hangs in balance,after being sacked under shady circumstances
The tradition by top management to single source suppliers is behind the fleecing of the company of profits, with no tendering process.
“There is too much inefficiency at the hospital”, a highly placed source said.
The source who has been working at the firm as a senior manager for over the years, but declined to be named blamed top managers for not having fixed rates for buying of items at the hospital.
The recent appointment of Jackson Fuko to head administration office has threatened to impair the smooth running of the hospital bearing in mind the he is incompetent and holds a mere certificate in storekeeping. In a recent meeting where he was to address staffs,saw him prefer using Kiswahili a situation which provided a perfect insight of his disastrous academic background. His anarchic act,selfish and outright office abuse has put his competence as an administrator in question something that is now evident at the hospital struck with mass exodus of managerial experts.
According to impeccable sources,his anarchic acts and selfishness has led to a number of senior officers moving out.However,the recent mass exit was that the immediate administrator William Wambugu who recently resigned at the hospital citing frustrations and forcefully embezzlement of donors funds,lack of commitment by a section of management,and issuing of payment vouchers to non-existing projects.
But what followed after the taking over the office of administrator very perturbing as a new turn of events emerging where a section of the locals who are well versed with the million scandal is now embroiled in got agitated and threatened to hold demonstrations.


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Kenya: Police imposter shot dead

Posted by African Press International on May 9, 2013


A middle-aged man posing to be a criminal investigation officer succumbed in his destiny after he attempted to exchange bullets with armed security perssonel in Bungoma.

Bungoma south deputy police chief Mutume Maweu said the man has been in the recent past masquerading as a police office officer where he used the rank to obtain money cash from unsuspected residents and terrorising locals. Popular known as Symo, police sources said that he stole the pistol from an administration police after involving in a road accident at Sikata centre along Bungoma-webuye highway.

The impostor was shot to dead with police from Bungoma as he tried to escape.The incident comes at a time when insecurity in Bungoma county has skyrocketed with unknown assailants attacking villagers.

Meanwhile four people are nursing injuries after armed gangs with pangas attacked Bungoma surbubs leaving locals in shock.As the police continues to grill suspected people alleged to be behind the spate,former youth leader Augustine Mayavi has been grilled and an officer from ministry of lands.

Police sources says that investigation is on for his accomplice where they will help the officer gather reliable information concerning the security.





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