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Kenya: An NGO trains journalists on how to use media to secure fair and peaceful election

Posted by African Press International on November 10, 2012

  • By  Dickens Wasonga.

A Kisumu based Non Governmental Organization has embarked on training of local journalists on how best  to use media coverage as a means to secure  fair and peaceful election ahead of  the March 2013  general elections.

Local Capacities for Peace International LCPI  which is funded by UKAID targets to train over 100 journalists based in Kisumu City in a bid aimed  at ensuring the lake side City which was rocked by post-election violence that saw many people lose their lives and several others displaced does not go through the same orgy of violence it witnessed in 2008.

Speaking during a one day workshop organized for the scribes at a Kisumu hotel the LCPI  project officer Ms Rosemary Onunga said failure by the media to censure some of the statements made at political rallies to drum up support for various presidential candidate in the last elections by some leaders was partly the reason for the election related violence that rocked the nation  in 2008.

Onunga called on those covering election to ensure materials that can whip up tribal animosity or constitute hate speech are not aired or published by media houses  as a way of stopping rogue  politicians from inciting people to engage in acts of  violence.

The officers observed that although journalists are part of the society they work in, most organizations sideline them in efforts to bring peace and only invite reporters to their functions as away of transmitting what they have to say to the public.

” This approach is wrong because news men are part and parcel of the communities they live and work in and they should be fully involved in peace building initiatives throughout just like we do with other stakeholders;” she pointed out.

It’s generally believed by most Kenyans  that the media especially the vernacular radio stations and a section of the print media together with the  electronic were reckless in the manner in which they covered events leading to and after the 2008 election whose results were disputed.

She said her organization was willing to sponsor journalists to do stories that will enhance peace initiatives in the region adding that apart from the media practitioners LCPI was already engaging with various security agencies in Kisumu  and local political leadership to discuss how peaceful campaigns and electrons can be secured.

Kisumu has lately been in the news for the wrong reasons.  Not long ago groups operating like those proscribed by the government were locked in a bitter war of supremacy which saw a number of their members hunted and arrested by the police.

And last week a prominent politician cum businessman   Onyango Kwega was gunned down by three armed criminals an incident that sparked immediate protests throughout the City that left business and transport paralyzed for days.

Already there is fear amongst the City residents and the business community that if not checked violence is likely to rock the area as polls approaches with non confirmed reports indicating that some people are believed be considering or  relocating for fear of the chaos .


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Kenya: Built houses on allocated plots to curtail housing crisis

Posted by African Press International on November 7, 2012

  • By Jeff Otieno

Kisumu Mayor Sam Okello has urged the residents who were alloted plots last year by the municipal Council to immediately start constructing them in order to curtail the prevailing housing crisis in the Lake side City.

Speaking to the press the Mayor urged that its absurd that his council gave out plots to the applicants who are mostly residents of the City but over a year down the line no significant progress has been made and housing crisis is rampant.

The over 1200  plots are in Mamboleo, Kibos,Milimani, Kanyakwar and Nyalenda areas.”Some of the controversial sections of the said plots have been harmonised and therefore the beneficiaries should move with speed and start developing them”, he said.

At the embryonic stages the council faced serious teething problems like double allocations which the Town Planner Absalom Ochieng Ayany has addressed and attributed it to logistical reasons. Okello further urged both Local and International investors not to be cowed by the recent spate of insecurity saying that the Government has now deployed adequate security in the city.

Asked by this Writer which political position he’s angling for in the coming polls, the Mayor simply down played but vowed to answer it a little later. Most of the residents have been urging him to settle for the newly created Kisumu Central seat while others argue that his sterling achievements is only commensurate to bidding for Governor seat.

Okello came to helm after post Election violence in 2008 and immediately went to London in May that year where he managed to convince the donors  to fund the 4 Billion Kisumu urban project which is soon rolling out before end of November this year.

The five-star Hotel to be inaugurated in December around Hippo Point Dunga, the top of the range leafy Eco Lodge Hotel and the general infra-structural expansion-developments  being his brain child during his tenure.Hes further credited by the council workers for settling all the salary arrears by successive regimes and also sorting staggering debts the authority owed various outfits.



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