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Law Society of Kenya condemns killing of a lawyer

Posted by African Press International on September 29, 2013


Law society of Kenya Bungoma chapter chairman Andrew Kituyi has condemned the killing of Peter Wanyonyi, an advocate representing Musikari Kombo in a petition challenging the election of Moses Wetang’ula as the county’s senator in the March polls.

Speaking during a fund-raising for the slain lawyer,the chairman noted that Bungoma county has been experiencing attacks leaving residents suffer from serious injuries and some killed yet no explanations has been given by the government in its investigations despite our persistent inquiries.

Mr.Kituyi call upon the police to speed up the investigation in the murder of the advocate for the culprits linked to his death to be brought to justice.

He however cautioned Bungoma residents to remain calm for police to carry out investigations and called on the public to provide the officers with information leading to the murder suspects for their arrest.

He also warned the public, politicians and other leaders in the region to desist from speculative utterances of the advocate’s killing which would be harmful leading insecurity threats.

Police bosses in Bungoma have come under sharp criticism from area residents over the recent spate of killings in Bungoma.
residents  say that the security agents led by Bungoma county commissioner Mohamed Maalim and police commandant Charles Mutinda are not doing enough to install order and assure residents of security.

Meanwhile police in Bungoma have arrested three people of Somali origin before they deported them to Nairobi.According to police sources the three were arrested in Bungoma hotel after reports from the public.



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Motorcycles also known as bodaboda by most Kenyans have hit the market with a bang

Posted by African Press International on September 2, 2013


Motorcycles also known as bodaboda by most Kenyans have hit the market with a bang especially because they are small enough to penetrate rough and poor roads. These have opened up places  that were previously not accessible by vehicles.
Bungoma municipality , one of the most populous and congested towns in Kenya, has seen a massive increase in bodaboda business,posing  a serious threat to the survival of vehicles taxi operators. Apart from leading as a killer road accident in the town, a new concern has arisen over the influence of the cyclists in the social settings of residents of Bungoma town and its suburbs.
The entire public is now raising concern over the rampart cases of family breakups that are related to bodaboda operators.
A such case was reported at Siritanyi-Kanduyi suburb when a wife had a heated quarrel with his husband over her regular use of bodaboda at late hours of the night. An arbitrator of the case Ezekiel Wafula says the husband confided to him he had suspected a steamy love affairs between the wife and the operator.
In Bungoma town a motorist narrowly escaped lynching from angry residents at Mayanja when a hotel attendant raised an alarm after he saw him lead a standard seven girl into a lodging.
The increasingly and major clients to the operators are said to be women as men have a low profile of the cyclists.
A survey conducted by the western hotline reveals that many women will wait as operator to ferry them even in short distances that they would otherwise walk.
Esther Mukhono a regular customer and a casual at Bungoma district hospital town says that the motorcycles have had a major impact on many women nowadays. Mukhono wakes up at dawn to find a regular taxi waiting in the compound, who picks her up to the hospital everyday and pays him shs.1,600 per month .but her husband who is always uncomfortable with the choice of her wife over the transport made, says he rarely uses the means and is dissatisfied with the fact that many women use them.
In Bungoma town,Peter Simiyu an operator near the district headquarters says that he normally ferries more women than men every day.However,lingering  question is why men do not like the idea of using motorcycles, unlike women who have since developed a passion for them.
Victor Wafula ,54,says that he cannot stand his wife using motorbike.’It’s shameful  to see my wife exposing things or clinging closely to operators as they make fun.’
Wafula ’ adds that it’s totally against African culture especially for the married ones to go around exposing themselves in public. Not only that women cling to operators but their closeness when the operator makes fun is very disgusting to most of us men.
The bodaboda operators have been accused of trading pleasures in having women customers and others claim that on a good day, they carry them free of charge.
William Mulongo,another operator plying Kanduyi-chwele  route says sometimes he makes women trust him and ensures they do not use other means of transport. He further reveals that they make an effort to get contacts of women whom they  call to confirm whether they need to travel.
Vincent  Barasa another operator who plies Bukembe-Nzoia says he enjoys serving women passengers on his motorbikes as they are fearful,’ when they cling on us when we approach sharp bends or corners that makes us feel good.’ Says Barasa.
However, police sources says that bodaboda business has changed  and they cannot rule out  the possibilities of the operators having sexual relationships with the operators.
Lucas Wekesa, a religious leader says that traffic department should introduce strict rules such as in Kampala where movement of bicycles beyond odd hours of the night is restricted. He urged women not to fall into easy traps from the cyclists, especially by avoiding travelling late hours which makes them more vulnerable in darkness.
Out of ten [10]men interviewed,talk their women should not use motorbikes, but women considered the operators more reliable and closer than any other means.



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