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African beat – Tanzania – Saida Karoli – Ndombolo

Posted by African Press International on April 20, 2013

Enjoy African Beats..

Tanzanian – Saida Karoli – Ndombolo. So interesting!!! I love how Africa has so much rhythm, life and flavour!!! It is something that no one will ever take away from them!!! Not poverty. Not even slavery! The slaves taken from Africa continue to carry on this african rhythm in Jamaicans, black Americans spirit etc…viva AFRICA!!!


African beat: Rafiki by – mr. nice

“rafiki” means “friend”,a translation of the song:the love btw me and you friend will never end,let those who talk talk,our friendship will be broken up by death.When i have money my friend we drink and feast.GOD bless me and make my enemy my friend.Life is a long journey and a GOD’s hand is needed to pass through it.To obtain,to not obtain,who Created is the Creator.Do not get upset with me, i am your friend,in life and death,in good times and bad.If i have wrong you,forgive me


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