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Posted by African Press International on June 30, 2018

By Dickens Wasonga.

Five   East African countries are set to implement a 500 million shillings climate change adaptation  project across the region .

The project whose implementation will adopt a multi-sectoral approach is  funded by the United Nations Environment Program  and will be executed by the EAC’s Lake Victoria Basin Commission in areas identified as hot spots among the five regional countries.

Addressing delegates drawn from Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda during the project scoping workshop on Wednesday, the Commission’s Executive Secretary Dr. Ally Said Matano said the project will focus on implementing activities that will tight reduce the impact of climate change in the region .

”The funds will support mitigation efforts and other sustainable social- economic practices to reduce effects of climate change . The identified interventions will be linked to Agriculture, Aquatics , Health, energy,  transport and institutional capacity strengthening.” Dr. Matano Said.

Community groups and community based
organizations will be sensitized on the best human activities and after the awareness creation they will be given grants to support their activities.

According to the the executive Secretary, the
money was given under the adaptation fund in line with the Kyoto protocol which the EAC states ratified and will further complement the current regional projects being coordinated and managed by the commission on behalf of EAC such as Lake Victoria Environmental management program LVEMP.

”We shall ensure the communities living within the basin , to whom this project seeks to empower are fully brought on board right from the beginning to the end of implementation ”  Dr. Matano said.

The fifteen sites where the project will be implemented includes Katonga  catchment in Uganda, Nyando in Kenya, Rweru in Burundi among other sites which were picked due to their vulnerability and marginalization based on the climate change vulnerability  assessment conducted by the LVBC.

The region has been facing a number of challenges occasioned by the adverse weather patterns which has led to untold sufferings such as  drought and floods
Over 200 people are said to have died due heavy rains during  this year alone with an unknown number of livestock, crops and houses being swept away because most countries in the region were never adequately prepared to mitigate the impacts of climate changes.

In most of the countries , River banks have been transformed into farming lands, wetlands destroyed and the many people have constructed houses on the Lake’s riparian areas practices which only compound an already bad situation.

The bad management practices has led to depletion of fish stocks as weeds such as water hyacinth thrive .

The water levels have continued to recede as pollution and silting of the Lake water which supports about 45 million people continue to face increasing stress.

The EAC Deputy Secretary General who officially opened the meeting asked the implementing entities to ensure they involve Members of Parliament in during the process of implementation and recommended that the regional assemblies should have a harmonized legal frame work and policy which will be critical dealing with those who destroy water catchment areas.

”It will be important to enact laws which will be enforced in a harmonized approach to address some of the environmental challenges to protect the basin .  We should work together to implement the trans-boundary measures that will enhance sustainable utilization of the regional resources.” He said


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Convicted for crimes committed – fraudulent  loan disbursements to themselves

Posted by African Press International on June 3, 2018

Dickens Wasonga.

Five people, among them teachers who had been accused of defrauding the giant Kisumu Teachers Sacco of over sh 2.5 Million between the year 2003 and 2006 were on Wednesday last convicted by a Kisumu Court.

Bernard Kasavuli of Winam court found the five individuals guilty of various offenses including making fraudulent withdrawals of cash from the Sacco accounts. They had been charged that on diverse dates, in collusion with some staff members they orchestrated fraudulent loan disbursements to themselves. Some of those who were loaned were not even Sacco members .

The court confirmed that others earned salaries repeatedly from the once vibrant teachers’ Sacco although they were never employed KITE.

Prosecution of the controversial case began way-back in 2008 when KITE board of directors under the leadership of the then CEO Mr Joseph Oganga reported the scam that scared away most members from the SACCO to the police.

The matter was so sensitive that at one point some judicial officers at the registry were suspended following the mysterious disappearance of the case file .

Even some of the top Sacco officials who were pushing for the recovery of the stolen cash legally were reportedly threatened by those who were believed to have been the main architects of the scandal.

last week, the Sacco CEO Mr Alan Kawa on Thursday welcomed the last week’s court ruling and assured members that his focus would be to provide prudent management of the resources of the organization and ensure the money lost was recovered.

” This now marks the closure of this matter, now we must focus on service delivery to our members.”Mr Kawa said.

Those who were convicted included Mr George Onyango, a non member of the Sacco who was ordered to pay 400,000 sh or be jailed for six years in default.

Carolyne Adhiambo also a non member of the SACCO will face a four year jail term if she fails to pay back 200,000 sh to the teachers outfit while Nicholas Onyango Kokongu who was a member will serve a one year suspended jail term.

Kokungu will continue offsetting the balance of what he owes the organization. He has been paying what he took from the SACCO even as the case was underway.

Janet Ogutu Abon’go, a staff was ordered to pay 150,000 sh or face one year in jail if she doesn’t pay the fine while Benter Anyango also a former staff will be jailed for six years if she fails to pay a 400,000 sh fine . They all have up to August to pay the cash.

The court also directed that they compensate the teachers Sacco the 2.5 million which was lost within that same period.

Kisumu teachers Sacco serves teachers across the region which was formerly Nyanza province.


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