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Kenya Political intrigues: Who is a dangerous man?

Posted by African Press International on October 12, 2017

By Abraham Mutwol (Facebook)

The most dangerous man, is someone who has nothing to lose. This description perfectly fits Raila Odinga. He has been boxed into a corner, held "chini kwa chini ", humiliated and manhandled by Jubilee.

Looking at the state that he is in now, one can safely conclude that he cannot sink any further. And herein, lies a tragedy of monumental proportion.

A Raila Odinga who believes that he has nothing to lose, that he no longer has a stake in this country’s future is very dangerous. To make matters worse, the legal conundrum surrounding the repeat presidential elections, has pushed the country into uncharted waters. What if a section of the country does not participate in repeat polls, will the courts sanitize the outcome? What if the electoral laws currently being debated in parliament are eventually annulled by the courts?

In my opinion, the country has been boxed into a legal cul de sac and only grown up men sitting at a roundtable will be able to extricate Kenya from the abyss of delusional brinkmanship that we are currently witnessing.


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