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Posted by African Press International on September 16, 2017

President M7 sometime back worked his date of birth to august 1944 and under the current law would be ineligible to stand again in 2021.

The constitution is supposed to be sacrosact and not to be tampered with anyhow.

As in many arguements, both sides are not entirely correct or wrong.

In the US, it only became a law of term limits after Franklin D Roosevelt a democrat, sought and won a fourth term. Pior to that it was gentlemans agreement that no one serves more than two terms.

The amendment was sold as a push back by politicians averse to the perpetuation of a monarchy in the US, though others argue it was pushed by republicans, which controlled both congress and Senate and as an attack to FDR’s legacy.

The US is not a paragon of virtue, when it comes to democracy but serves as a useful pointer as to how democracies operate.

Note: there has been 27 amendments to the american constitutiob in 241 years of US independence.

IT INDICATES THE SPIRIT OF DEMOCRACY THAT EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING CAN BE DISCUSSED. So the anti age crusaders are wrong to want no discussion on the subject though the timing might be an issue.
Nrm has 294 of 426 MPs hmmm and most independents 66 of them are nrm leaning who many count on to vote wisely.

According to me, the nrm resolution is meant to test the waters, gauge public opinoin, even flush out fence seaters fronted by the invisible hand. Everything points to that nrm will get what it wants.

In conclusion, written history, the lifting of term and age limits will only be highlights of how nrm came, saw and conquered Uganda and questions put to task what were other MPs doing all along.


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