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I am reading Maina Kiai’s column on “Saturday Nation, Kenya”.

Posted by African Press International on August 12, 2017

By Captain DK,

Folks, I doubt there is someone in this country more intellectually promiscuous than Maina Kiai. We all criticize but that does not allow us to parade as eternal prophets of doom.

If you see nothing positive in your country why don’t you take up asylum in the home country’s of your Western donors? If you "ate" donor’s money but what you promised them did not materialize just confess you were wrong instead of trying to rewrite history and spreading fallacies and falsehoods in Western capitals bad-mouthing your own country like a jilted lover.

Mr Maina Sir, having consumed your writings for way too long, I can boldly confirm that your efforts are exceedingly shameful, morally deformed and a sure sign of intellectual fatigue. You are neither an activist nor a genuine voice of civil society. You are an able tool in the blood stained hands of neocolonialists and enemies of this country.

I have always resisted addressing you because I believe strongly that your intellectual credentials are hopelessly suspect.

You have however broken all the barriers of intellectual decency and it is high time you stopped this idiocy. We will no longer be silent as you masquerade as a paragon of virtue while defiling the great name of our country.


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