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Kenya: Raila Odinga’s NASA complaints to IEBC, claiming election fraud

Posted by African Press International on August 11, 2017



Fellow Kenyans;
1. Yesterday, we called the attention of the country to the appalling and incontrovertible information that the results published by the IEBC through their National Tally Center are a fraud and based on a hacked system that is intended to publish a predetermined outcome.

2. The least we expected from the Commission was to undertake an investigation of our claims. Indeed, yesterday, the Chairman of the IEBC promised that they would investigate into the hacking of their system and servers. Given the importance and urgency of the matter, the IEBC should have by now informed the Country of the outcome of the investigations.

3. We have now received further information from confidential IEBC sources furnishing us with the actual presidential election results contained in their database.

4. The data, which confirm the authentic and legitimate result of the presidential election, shows that the two leading candidates obtained the following votes:
• Raila Amolo Odinga 8,041726 votes
• Uhuru Kenyatta 7,755,428 Votes

5. Screenshots of the results as displayed on the IEBC website and monitors at Bomas show the following results:
• Uhuru Kenyatta 8,056,885
• Raila Amolo Odinga 6,659,493


6. Evidently, the accurate and lawful results in the presidential election is the transmission received from the polling stations and contained in the IEBC servers and not the unverified displays.

7. Based on the foregoing, we demand that the IEBC Chairperson announce the presidential election results forthwith and declare Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and HE. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka as the duly elected President and Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya respectively.

8. We are releasing to the media and the public the un-doctored authentic and legitimate results of the Presidential Election as contained in the IEBC servers.


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