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The Standard should do readers a service and end this charade – Prof Makau Mutua should conform to international standards

Posted by African Press International on August 6, 2017

By Kaptain DK

Prof. Makau Mutua is no doubt an intellectual juggernaut, nonetheless he shouldn’t take his readers for fools.

In his opinion column today in the "Sunday Standard" he writes, ".. I’ve never written this column as a proxy, or on behalf, of any organisation, institution, or person with whom I may be affiliated, or perceived to be connected with.." Good Lord! To describe his assertions as an overwhelming fallacy is an underestimate.

For God’s sake why should MM pose as a non-partisan actor and pretend to be autonomous to any political affiliation in Kenya. Just like the notorious voodoo economics commentator Dr David Ndii, there are sufficient evidence to prove that MM is card carrying member of the NASA grouping.

On his online platforms MM has consistently posted pictures of himself with the opposition chiefs. At one point he admitted to be Raila’s advisor. Why should he make us imagine he is an impartial observer when in fact, he is a politically aligned player?

Opinion Editors at the ‘Standard’ should do readers a service and end this charade by asking all columnists to declare their conflicts of interest.

There’s nothing wrong with hearing from exceptional thinkers like MM and other voices like George Kegero, Maina Kiai, John Gathogo -because they broaden public discourse. But let them conform to international standards, that require opinion writers to declare any conflicts of interest they have, real or apparent.

Such credentials speak to the qualifications of the writer to speak on the subject or his potential biases and can help the reader to put the opinion in context.

The rest of the MM’s article today is total hogwash, it collapsed by the weight of it’s own contractions. The less I dwell on it the better for all of us.


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