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The Nasarites in power in Kenya?

Posted by African Press International on August 6, 2017

By Kaptain DK

Nasarites you’ve been so kind to me. At my inbox your generosity with the best of adjectives is overwhelming to say the least. You’ve set the tune of this election and we’ve gladly danced along – We’ve enjoyed the moment! The euphoria and enthusiasm for a Raila Presidency is compared to none.

That notwithstanding, we have to be very brutal with the truth, I’m sorry.

Folks, there is no tradition or custom in history, across the entire world where a father seeks to inherit from his children.
The Bible and the Quran are replete with teachings where leadership baton was passed from the older generation to a younger one.
There was the Moses generation that passed the spear of leadership to Joshua generation.

At one point in time the older generation must give way to a younger one, with new fresh ideas, ideas that resonate with dictates of time. Nasarites, you can’t use an old map to locate new lands.

With humility, I implore you to understand that the wheel of history and change does not roll backwards. NASA attempts to turn the clock of history anticlockwise will never succeed.

UK and WSR in all aspects fits the bill.

A Raila Presidency?… Ooh boy, curse that dream!


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