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Posted by African Press International on August 6, 2017

By Kaptain DK

As a young man committed to scholarship, I selflessly love intellectuals regardless of their socio-political persuasions. Prof Makau Mutua is one of them!

I have often admired his capacity and ability to come up with the most stimulating, scintillating and
thought-provoking intellectual discourse articles on pertinent issues of the day and I have
communicated the same to him at
one time or another through e-mails.

I don’t just bash Mutua out of ignorance, silly innuendos and hearsay. My Newspaper cuttings that dates back to 2011 is a testimony of my avid readership on his commentaries. Mine is just a perfect case of a student correcting his teacher.

Needless to say, he is a "distinguished professor’, the highest rank in the field of academia; a serious intellectual heavyweight and someone whose averments, opinion or suggestion is to be taken seriously.
When he signs off, or is introduced as former dean at Buffalo law school, his authority underscores and galvanises his ideas.

Mind you, Mutua is the first African to a become a dean of an American law school and the first black person to ever become Dean of Law School in New York.

Owing to this reputation, Prof Makau has become quite notorious for his political commentary and analyses. He has made innumerable predictions, opined assertively and made unequivocal declarations on various individuals and events in politics. “Methinks….”, “My crystal ball tells me…” and “take it to the bank….”, have become signature markers of his prophesies.

It is difficult to discern whether Makau’s predictions and opinions are in the way of pure propaganda or fact-based analyses. Often, it appears that his biases and judgements are based less on data and more on personal disposition towards the subjects of his opinions.
Days before the General Election, Mutua opined thus, “My crystal ball tells me unequivocally that Kenyans will emphatically reject Uhuru and Ruto on Monday. Take this to the bank.”

On 6th November, 2011, Makau wrote, “My crystal ball tells me the election – take this to the bank – will be a two horse race between Mr Odinga and Mr Musyoka” because, as he wrote on 1st April, 2012, “I am almost certain they (Kenyatta and Ruto) will be eliminated from the presidential ticket because of the charges of crimes against humanity at the ICC”.

Once, he asserted forcefully that the deputy President is not, and cannot be called Samoei. This was beyond absurd: Samoei is a common enough Kalenjin name, and William Ruto’s father is the late Daniel Kipruto Samoei Cheruiyot.

What gave Makau the certainty that the deputy president is a long-term impostor? Even if you hate a person, do you refute everything about him, including a name bestowed on him by his father?

Clearly, Makau is possessed by a relentless personal animus that drives him charging recklessly and blindly at anything representing Uhuru or Ruto. This obsession is curious and shameful. It does not seem to matter that nearly all his dire predictions regarding the President and his deputy have failed.

The intellectual bank to which one might take Mutua’s assurances must be insolvent by now, given the volume of punitive drawings made on it by the professor, week after week.

The crystal ball by which he prophesies so copiously is just a lump of crushed tin foil. Too often, his political opinion is a fallacious appeal to false authority, and his phantom dooms cynical ploys to manipulate public opinion and injure reputations. No sane man should believe him!
He is a representative of the rot in rationalism.


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