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Msando and Ngumu murders

Posted by African Press International on August 3, 2017

By Kaptain DK

My philosophy denies me the gravitas to vilify the late Msando’s promiscuity. Revelations of his unquenchable appetite for women held a mirror unto our Kenyan society. It portrays our societies’ real face – what all men have practiced for millennia.

Folks, you’ll rarely find a man of great achievement with a low sex drive. Behind the greatest of men, there has been a high sex urge. No energy has proven more powerful than sexual energy.

And nothing has influenced man more than the desire of a sexual conquest and the desire to please a woman. It is often rumoured that without a woman, there’d be no civilisation.

Woman has inspired man from being the cave dweller he was, to building civilisation. Woman is civilisation and civilisation is woman. Chris Msando was not immune to this natural fact.

Wars have been fought over women. Women have influenced the art, the culture, the music, the innovations and inventions. The ultimate goal of man is to win over a woman, and to win over as many of them as possible.

Because of a woman, men have travelled miles, made discoveries, gone to the moon and back. Think of how fast a man cleans a house when he expects the female species around. Think of how poetic man becomes when woman is in mind.

Of all human emotions, sex towers high. It’s not by chance that the greatest of men were either surrounded by many women, stuck to only one or completely kept themselves closed from them. Think of Jesus or the Biblical Solomon, think of the Buddha, think of Mahatma Gandhi.

Newton the great physicist had noted that sex energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form. Msando had his sex energy, some he channelled into personal career development, the rest was overwhelming and he let it take its natural course.

To pass judgements on Msando, one would have to judge evolution. To bash evolution, one would have to consider themselves too perfect. We can cut Msando some slack and understand that his were the frailties of any man.

May his soul find solace in eternity.

DISCLAIMER! This post deliberately overlooks the politics surrounding Msando’s untimely demise.

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