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Kenya elections 2017: Let us have peaceful campaigns

Posted by African Press International on June 29, 2017

By Jonathan Korir

Let us have peaceful campaigns and vote in good leaders. When vying for elective position political science dictates that one should be Charismatic, adorable and appealing to the electorates, otherwise life can be very difficult and frustrating.

You need to find out whether you have those qualities before venturing into politics. It would be important to know that vacancy is one at a time and for those who will get one or even zero in certain polling stations then you better surrender and support a winning candidate to avoid the humiliation by wananchi (voters), then you will be a frustrated person in life.

Being a political failure can be very haunting and especially if you are among those branded as projects, God forbid, or those who vie because it is an electioneering period and you must be there because people are vying.

It is a pity for the spoilers if they are there, but for genuine contestants I wish you the best.

For level headed persons it is easy to know whether you are appealing to wananchi (voters), or you are forcing yourself on them.

They will listen to you but come 8th August they sink it into your head and you hate yourself for the next five years before you cheat yourself that they are likely to vote you in which may not be the case. It is better to soul search and stay away when you know you will get 1 or zero in certain polling centres.

In Soliat, Kericho county we have 15 candidates and I can see many getting those figures and be a political failure which haunts.

On 9th August we will get to know them. In politics people make decisions even before elections are called. God be with us to see that day.

For our chosen leaders "tuombee adui wetu ili unapo barikiwa wajionee kwa macho na wawe" (we pray for our enemies so that they open their eyes and be patient"), to fool themselves again.

God bless you God bless Soliat.



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