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Facing the cut – Does it make one more of a man?

Posted by African Press International on June 18, 2017

By Maina Wa Muchiri

When I went for circumcision as a teenager, I found some other Kikuyu boys at the hospital where most of the circumcision in my town took place. I remember the fear on most of the faces, despite the fact that each was to be anaesthetized, for a painless ritual.

The process was painlessly quick and uneventful save for the quick sharp prick that got me an infinitesmal flinch.
I didnt learn until after some years that some communities like the Bukusu face the knife naturally without getting numbed up.

Thinking about circumcision today, it appears totally meaningless to me. It has absolutely no value whatsover in modern societies and if I had my way I would have opted to forego the ritual…..and if I had to, I would have preferred the Bukusu’s real circumcision.

Which leaves me wondering why we Kikuyus are the loudest in using circumcision as a political tool against leaders from communities that do not practice the archaic ritual.

If there are people who should tout their ‘manhood’ (circumcision can never make one more of a man), it is the Bukusu.

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