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I think she still believes Iam Japanese

Posted by African Press International on June 15, 2017


By Mukurima X. Muriuki

I have been exchanging communication via email with a contact and it came to be that we had to meet to get some work related stuff expedited.

We choose the meeting location and I arrive 15 minutes earlier and like is my routine, I scan my environment for Exit signs and the shape and size of the windows.

I am certain my contact hasn’t arrived yet, because in the room there are 4 other gentlemen, all of Caucasian extraction. I had bet on my loins that my contact was a female-well I had done my due research before hand.

A few minutes later, and right on the money, a curvaceous brunette with the neck of a crested crane walks in. I can deduce from her body language that she is feeling the weight, not of the world, but of being a few minutes late.

From where I am seated, I watch her scan the room and her gaze betrayed the fact that she wasn’t getting what she was looking for. She gives me quick look, and I guess she realizes that I am not even close-dark as soot strands or if you may "chemsha kunde umwage maji utapata rangi yangu."

She gives the room another look, just to be sure and she gets the same result.

At that point, I decide enough!! I walk towards her and say: "Hello, Ms. Joan Doe. I am Mukurima. Mukurima Muriuki.

She gets thrown into the greatest confusion, maybe of the hour. But she quickly recovers and is honest with the truth:

"I thought I was coming to meet a Japanese. I was scanning the room for a Japanese…..Your name sounds Japanese "

I smile. She smiles. I then decide to take one for the team:

"Gucina jeci ni kama kawaida," I let her know, looking her straight in the eye.

"What does that mean", she asks.

"it’s my Japanese version of inquiring how you are doing this afternoon."

She laughs and thanks me for "asking."

I think she still believes I am Japanese.



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