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The Power of Kindness

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2017

By Abraham Mutwol

After an intense five hours of backbreaking labour putting out a huge fire in a nearby slum, two American firefighters sat in a hotel chatting while taking a snack. Their conversation revolved around their success in saving the lives of those trapped in the inferno.

When they went to the counter to pay their bill, they were pleasantly surprised when the waitress gave them a hand written letter instead of the bill. The letter read, "Thank you for your sacrifice in saving lives. I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation and I am touched. I have decided to pay your bill as a gesture of appreciation".

The two firefighters were touched by that unusual act of generosity and decided to do an investigation to find out more information about the waitress

What they found out shocked them. The waitress was living with a paraplegic father who had been bedridden for over five years because she could not raise 17000 US dollars required for medication and a wheelchair

Touched by her plight, the two firefighters secretly organised an online fundraising. Within three days, they had raised over 70,000 US dollars, far more than what the family required.

The waitress and her bedridden father broke down in tears when the duo presented them with the money.

This goes along way to demonstrate that the little kindness we demonstrate to others will never pass unrewarded.


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