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Political predictions is my speciality

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2017

By Abraham Mutwol

Those getting shocked by the popularity of independent candidates in Uasin Gishu county ought to understand the changing trends in voter behavior across the world.

It started with the just concluded American elections where an outsider with zero political experience won the presidency. Donald Trump won because American voters were tired of fawning, sycophantic politicians who were long on platitudes and short on substance.

The same outsider populism was reinforced in the just concluded French presidential elections where a 39 year old independent candidate cruised to an improbable victory.

These developments should provide a ray of hope to the thousands of independent candidates competing in various parts of the country.

If there is something I am very good at, then it is political predictions. I predicted Obama will be president four years before he even announced that he was running. And when everybody was shouting that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 US presidential elections, I was one of the very few Kenyans who was rooting for Donald Trump.

And for the record, my predictions for Kenyan presidential elections have been spot on since 2002! So bearing in mind my previous history of success in predicting elections, I have a strong feeling that all the three top seats in Uasin Gishu County (Governor, Senator and Women) will go independent.



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