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Kenya politics: President Uhuru instills fear in his supporters in a tactical move.

Posted by African Press International on June 14, 2017

By Abraham Mutwol

"I am going to accept election results if I lose", says Uhuru Kenyatta.

Every political analyst has put forward a cocktail of explanations for this unusual admission by an incumbent facing reelection. As a rule of the thumb, presidents in Africa never entertain the idea of them losing. It’s just not in their DNA!

But why is Uhuru talking of what he is going to do if he loses?

I think I have a theory. It’s called lowering expectation. Every discerning observer is aware that building an atmosphere of an inevitable outcome often depresses turnout, resulting in a surprise win.

By consistently talking about losing, Uhuru will certainly instill fear in the hearts of his supporters, forcing them to troop to the polling boots en-masse. It’s called creating mass hysteria!



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