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Who is her gynecologist? You want to cast her in a movie.

Posted by African Press International on June 12, 2017

By Kaptain Dk,

Did spend this afternoon at Java, sipping whatever that was while enjoying my novel.

Now folks, the kind of woman who sat across me- was so beautiful that it felt like a dream. You want to cast her in a movie and no matter how shitty the script is, it will be one of the most memorable movies ever made since man invented fire.

She had no makeup on. Natural hair. Slightly light-skin, though a shade darker than Victoria Rubadiri. Her hair so perfectly coiffured, and rolled backwards. She had proportionate cheeks, with the slightest hint of dimples. Eyes, slightly darker and red, making her tremendously desirable. Her dress covered her to her collar bones, but her boobs teemed with erotic promise, as they pointed at me. There is something very powerful about a good red dress on a beautiful woman.

Of course, the usual silly manly questions crossed my mind. To wit: there is a bastard tired with her, who takes three hours to reply to her messages. Or more crudely, ‘someone bangs this raw’. Who is her gynecologist? Never mind, these questions constantly buffet the minds of men, whether it is a matatu tout or your bespectacled boss in a suit in a corner office.

She would later leave for the loos. Ooh boy! You should have seen what she sat on… Good Lord!
I will skip the curvaceous hips-all wasps in the word have nothing on her-and describe her bum. I could sell my five-acre piece of ancestral land to take to Mauritius on holiday. If I live like a pauper afterwards, I would have accomplished everything in life. She stood at about 5’9, her legs so soft and tender like the inner layers of a banana plant stalk. Her floral dress, drew her bottom, you would think it was factory-tailored for her. I figured that she had specifically stood to display her goodies to me. Well played girl…. Be blessed.

In a nutshell, she was so gorgeous. The type that if your have your way with her, you will consider your job on earth done.

Whether I gathered courage to spit my vibes… is a juicy story for another day. I hope she never gets to read this…

Oops! To be continued……

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