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Bizarre Act as a gubernatorial candidate from Western turned up for IEBC clearance

Posted by African Press International on June 8, 2017

By our investigative journalist.

Do some of our politicians seek services of witchdoctors/black magic to win political office?

This is the lingering question on the lips of many residents of a county in Western Kenya who were treated to a rare bizarre act that left them in shock.

The story has it that as the IEBC officials at the county were readying themselves to receive the candidates, the outspoken politician emerged.

Accompanied by several of his supporters, the politican stormed the venue of the exercise, a school, in full war like regalia. Brandishing a spear and ridding on a bull, the man is said to have sent everyone in the open field scampering for safety.

And the most bizarre part was when a pickup, allegedly carrying a corpse also found its way into the school’s playing ground.

The police Manning the gates to the hall where the exercise was being conducted, however, didn’t allow the politician to make his way with those paraphernalia. As he got to the hall, his supporters were out in the playing field dancing and singing.

He later reemerged after being cleared to run as a Governor but more drama was yet to be witnessed . His rowdy supporters met supporters of the rival camp and all hell broke loose. A brief street battle ensued and in the ensuing melee , it is said a lorry which was in the campaign trail rolled and two people reportedly lost their lives.

We were not able to get any clarification from the police about the said accident but the regional coordinator Mr Kangethe Thuku when reached for comment said investigations about the alleged incident, that appeared as a ritual, had began.

" I have also heard about it and we are carrying out investigation " said Mr Thuku.

This however may not be the first time Kenyans are getting information that their leaders could be consulting juju men to ascend to power.

Almost every election cycle stories become common of some politicians crossing over to the neighboring countries to consult witchdoctors.



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