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A Kisumu aspirant extends an olive branch to his opponents after his Landrover was badly ripped off.

Posted by African Press International on March 1, 2017

By our reporter.

Yusuf Ooro, an aspiring candidate for Kisumu Central constituency whose campaign team was attacked by rowdy youths at Mamboleo stage has extended an olive branch to his opponents whom he believed were behind the woes.

His Landover one ten model was badly ripped off when youths stoned his motorcade in Mamboleo. Some of his supporters were injured in the ensuing melee .police from kondele police station and others from the QRT moved in to stop the attack. One of the youths were later arrested.

Yusuf has suffered repeated election related violence in the past which left him with huge losses . in 2007 his home was invaded and his property worth millions of shillings destroyed including vehicles. He was also a victim of more election violence in 2013, his main crime was his decision to support jubilee is cord dominated area.

In 2007 he was vying for a civic seat which he lost and in 2013 he was gunning for the Senate seat in siaya on jubilee ticket. He lost to James Orengo.

This time he is running as an independent candidate and he has repeatedly told his supporters that he is behind Raila Odinga, the ODM supremo.

" I defected from jubilee and even posted my resignation letter online on my Facebook page but some of my opponents who are panicking about myentry into this race continue to brand me jubilee mole which I am not." He said.

Ooro said he has forgiven his tormentors and has pledged to carry out campaigns free of violence.

" All the people want is visionary leadership. Our people are not interested in who can sponsor violence more.they only need development and jobs for the many unemployed youths. I’ll not be intimimidated and diverted so as to lose my focus." Said Ooro.

He has conducted numerous incident free roadshows and meet the people tours in areas such as kondele, Obunga, Nyalenda and Manyatta where the other candidates had a run in with rowdy youths.

Ken Obura ,the current MP was chased away in kondele. Another aspirant met the same fate in Nyalenda.

Kisumu, just like in most parts of the country is known to witness polls related chaos. It gets hot as candidates prepare for ODM primaries which is normally hottly contested because amwin at the nomination can be as good as winning the main election.

Yusuf a business man who grew up in in Kisumu has a good network and commands a good support amongst the youths And the informal settlement dwellers who feels he is one of their own.

His entry has caused panic into most of the political camps and has an impact on seasoned politicians like Onyango Oloo who is also interested in the seat.

Although he expected that his detection into ODM would convince many of the locals to bakc him, not much has changed for Oloo.

Obura was also accused of going to bed with jubilee government and at one point he was seen to be among the young members of parliament from Nyanza who were pushing for the ODM leadership change . Together with Dalmas Otieno they even formed an outfit called kalausi which died even before it take off.

Otthers in the race include former Kisumu Mayor Sam Okelo, former MP Ken Nyagudi


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